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Buzz Out Loud 831: Marginalized whackjob fringe

Tom couldn't decide whether to go with the "marginalized whackjob" wall paint, or just get a marginalized whackjob fringe. Vote? In other news of the day, the McCain campaign discovers that the DMCA can be ANNOYING! Maybe they'll do something about it once they're back in politics-land! Also, EA says no one cares about DRM except an organized online cabal. We know how well that attitude worked out for the music industry.

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McCain campaign complains about takedown notice procedure more

Create your own HTML e-mail newsletter

The other day, a friend asked if I how he could spiff up the weekly e-mail he sends to the members of his bowling team. I told him the simplest way was to download an HTML newsletter template he could customize and then send from Outlook or any other e-mail program.

Start by locating and downloading a newsletter template. You'll find a bunch of free ones at Templates Box. After you download the template you like, open it in an HTML editor. My favorite is the Composer component of the Mozilla Foundation's free SeaMonkey Web suite.

You could … Read more

Mozilla launches Developer Tools Lab for the open Web

Mozilla Labs on Monday announced that it will form a new group that will focus on the research and development of Web developer tools.

According to Mozilla, the new group will create Web development tools that will help developers increase productivity, create a better user experience, and most importantly, promote the use of open standards.

"We believe that there's tremendous opportunity for innovation in tools that increase developer productivity, enable compelling user experiences, and promote the use of open standards," a Mozilla spokesperson said in a blog post. "Everything is on the table, from services to … Read more

Combine your Firefox bookmarks and IE favorites

For most people, browsing is an either-or proposition: they use either Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox. But I'm betting there's a bunch of people like me who find themselves spending time in both browsers, often simultaneously.

The problem is, my list of Firefox bookmarks bears no resemblance to my collection of IE favorites. It took all of about five minutes to solve this problem.

Move your IE favorites to Firefox Open Firefox 3 and click File > Import to start the Import Wizard. Choose Microsoft Internet Explorer and click Next. Uncheck all the options except … Read more

With 'Ubiquity,' Mozilla chooses functionality over security

How popular can a piece of software get before being in "beta" is no longer a legitimate excuse for known software flaws? Or, to put it another way, is it responsible to allow hundreds of thousands of people to install your product, when you know ahead of time that doing so opens them up to attack?

The software visionaries at the Mozilla Corporation, which makes the popular Firefox web browser, have taken the approach that creativity and functionality is king--even if security has to take a backseat. Case in point: The widely praised "Ubiquity" software add-on, which brings an amazingly rich and extensible new form of interaction to the Firefox Web browser.

The technology press has showered praise upon the developers of this software tool. However, in prioritizing functionality over security, Mozilla Labs punted complex trust choices to end users--the vast majority of whom are ill-equipped to make such decisions. The end result is that the hundreds of thousands of users of Ubiquity face a significant risk of browser hijacking by attackers, which could result in the theft of e-mail and online banking account information.

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Moziilla unleashes location-aware Geode browser extension

In a week in which Mozilla's CEO confirmed the imminent alpha release of its mobile Firefox browser, codenamed "Fennec", Mozilla was also busy talking up a cool extension to its desktop browser: Geode.

What is Geode? Perhaps the best question is "Where?" Geode makes your browser location-aware, adding intelligence to applications like search and more:

The potential here is for more than just restaurant lookups. For example, imagine an RSS reader that knows the difference between home and work and automatically changes its behavior appropriately. Or a news site whose local section is, in fact, … Read more

Roll CCleaner into Firefox

Click&Clean is yet another Firefox extension that requires you to download another program--CCleaner--first. The good news is that both this extension and CCleaner are free and worked perfectly for us.

CCleaner is a program that rids your computers of unwanted files, including temporary files, cookies, and browsing history. Click&Clean is basically an extension that allows you to access CCleaner directly from your Firefox toolbar. It adds only a single button, so it won't clutter your browser window. Clicking it opened the CCleaner interface immediately.

If you're a Firefox user, and a fan of CCleaner, … Read more

Firefox Geode: Web sites know where you are

As expected, Mozilla Labs released a Firefox plug-in Tuesday called Geode that lets Web sites figure out a person's approximate geographic location and use it in online services--as long as you grant the software permission to access the information.

Geode, a preview of technology to arrive in Firefox 3.1, taps into technology called Loki from Skyhook that deduces a computer's location from the signals of nearby wireless networks, according to a Mozilla Labs blog post on Geode.

To show the technology off, Mozilla shared an application called Food Finder that shows the user's approximate location and … Read more

Mozilla: The right attitude for a Web gatekeeper

I'm all for capitalism and bare-knuckled competition. In fact, much as I bag on Microsoft, it's precisely because I respect it as an organization that I devote any time to it at all.

However, there are some areas where I'd rather have a "public utility" running the show, and the Web browser is one of them. (The operating system is another, which is one reason I'm a big proponent of Linux.) For this reason, I loved this Seattle Times interview with Mozilla CEO John Lilly, in which he expresses the precise attitude that we … Read more

'Internet safety' may be an oxymoron

To the short list of life's certainties--death and taxes--we can now add "Web threats."

Early indications are that there will be no quick fix for clickjacking, which enables a PC to be infected with malicious software simply by clicking a disguised link on a Web page. All browsers are equally vulnerable, and there appears to be no sure solution, at least in the short term. Even disabling JavaScript and other advanced Web features won't prevent an infection.

Does this mean you should cancel your broadband account and dig out the ham radio? I don't recommend … Read more