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Firefox updates include a dozen security fixes

On Wednesday, Mozilla released Firefox 3.0.4 (download for Windows and Mac) and Firefox to address a dozen security flaws, half of which the browser maker ranks as critical. Among the critical is one that could allow an attacker privilege escalation after a session restore. Another could allow arbitrary code to execute with compromised Flash media files.

The updates are pushed automatically to current users and will take effect the next time the browser is restarted. Updates will soon no longer be available for users of Firefox 2; the update is a security update only. … Read more

New Firefox privacy mode released to testers

Late Monday a small, yet big Firefox feature was released to testers of Minefield, Mozilla's testbed application for new browser innovations. The new feature is private browsing, also known in some circles as "porn mode." When toggled, it takes your Web history, user names, passwords, searches, and cookies and bins them the second you close out the window, effectively making it appear that the session never existed.

Monday night's Minefield build included said privacy mode in all its glory, giving browser users the freedom to hide their browsing habits from others.

Similar to the implementation found … Read more

Firefox hits 20 percent market share

Mozilla Firefox usage share has topped 20% during two separate weeks in October while Internet Explorer has dropped to 71% of browser usage according to data from Net Applications.

Net Applications started reporting on Firefox in June 2008 and the browser has been consistently 18% and above. The 20 percent metric is an important milestone provided Firefox can continue to grow. And considering that IE hasn't been very interesting for quite some time it would seem that Mozilla should be able to keep taking market share away from Microsoft.

Add election results into Firefox with RSS Ticker

Yesterday, Jessica Dolcourt provided four great applications for tracking U.S. election results online. I wanted to quickly follow up with a short word about my favorite RSS ticker tool, the simply named Mozilla Firefox add-on RSS Ticker, currently at version 2.0.3.

If you want to work, chat, watch videos, listen to music, or do any other fun Internet stuff instead of tracking election results constantly on news sites, RSS Ticker provides a nifty way of keeping up with breaking election news via a nonintrusive ticker that runs across the bottom of Firefox's interface, below your status … Read more

Disable all add-ons in Firefox, Internet Explorer

I have banished the Yahoo Toolbar from my PCs. It's not that I have anything against Yahoo. I use many of the company's services.

It's just that for me, the shortcuts on the Yahoo Toolbar don't justify the lost screen space, especially on my 13.3-inch laptop display.

So imagine my surprise when I happened to find the Yahoo Toolbar listed among Firefox's add-ons. (It snuck in when another user of the machine downloaded the Yahoo IM client.)

You might be surprised by the add-ons and extensions that have wormed their way into your copy … Read more

Mozilla experiments with open security

It seems like in just about every department, Mozilla does things right. As a case in point, I was gratified to read CNET's interview with Mozilla's security maven, Window Snyder. Window's first name notwithstanding, she makes it clear that Mozilla groks security:

At a lot of companies, there's fear around security: you don't want to talk about what you're doing around security because one might deem it not enough--or might want to criticize it...We benefit from being open; it's the model for us and it's been successful for us.

It's … Read more

At Mozilla, blowing the lid off security practices

Window Snyder, Mozilla's chief security something-or-other (her official title), wants to bring open source practices to the security community.

"At a lot of companies," she told me recently, "there's fear around security: you don't want to talk about what you're doing around security because one might deem it not enough--or might want to criticize it." She said most companies have a lot of reasons to keep what you're doing in security quiet, but not Mozilla. "We benefit from being open; it's the model for us and it's been … Read more

Streaming Google results are back

When I fired up my Mozilla Firefox browser this morning, I received an unpleasant surprise. I tried my first Give Me Back My Google search of the day, only to be confronted with a 10 search results and a "Next" button for more results. What the deuce?

I haven't seen a "Next" button for Google results in a few years, ever since I installed the CustomizeGoogle extension for Firefox way back when. Along with key features such as ad blocking, secure connections for Google Docs and Gmail, and alternative search-engine results, my favorite feature of … Read more

Think Firefox 3 is fast? Try Firefox Minefield

A colleague today showed me a cool, new browser that he's been using to browse the web at blisteringly fast speeds. The browser? Minefield. The author of the code?


Yes, that same Mozilla that makes the Firefox browser. Minefield is, in fact, a way to glimpse into the future of Firefox, as it's a pre-release/alpha version of the Firefox browser.

After spending some time with Minefield, one thing is clear: the future of Firefox is fast. Lightning fast.

How fast? Some claim that it has the fastest javascript engine on the planet, which means it leaves … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 834: No like juicy cookies!

There's a new smartphone from LG called the Cookie. It has a little more juice than the Palm Centro. But Natali doesn't like juice in her cookies. But that doesn't mean she doesn't like this smart phone. We also cover the new mobile browsers and Apple's attack ads against Microsoft.

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Mozilla launches mobile browser

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