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No antiphishing feature in final Firefox 2.0 version

Updated 4:30 p.m. PST with Google comment.

There will be no antiphishing feature in the final version of Firefox 2.0 when it is released later this month, according to Computerworld.

Google asked Mozilla to disable the feature in Firefox that warns users of sites suspected of hosting identity fraud scams because the older browsers rely on an outdated SafeBrowsing protocol that Google is not supporting anymore, Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, told Computerworld.

Firefox is scheduled to ship December 16 and will be the final security update for the … Read more

Second Firefox 3.1 beta due 'very shortly'

Update 6:15 p.m. PST: An earlier version of this story said the second beta version of Firefox 3.1 would likely be the last. Firefox is planning a third beta version. Also, added a comment from Paul Rouget about when the second beta version will likely be released.

The second beta version of Firefox 3.1 is "due out very shortly," Mozilla programmer Ben Turner said Thursday.

One big change in the 3.1b2 is the addition of "Web workers," a feature that lets the browser process tasks in the background. That feature, part … Read more

China's Firefox browser has one feature the West lacks reports on one big feature that China's version of the Firefox browser has that the rest of the world still lacks: Live Margins.

What is the Live Margins feature? It's easier seen than explained, and can be viewed here. translates:

It's a new sidebar on the right, and apparently it is "a unique solution to the longstanding problem of tab browsing where only one tab is visible at any time." But it also gives "additional search results, relevant information, music, video, and much more." (It) is also localized, including … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 857: Dumber than a robot donkey

In today's show, we find out that the demise of humanity is imminent (or that all of our robot mythology is fundamentally rooted in self-hatred), the RIM BlackBerry Storm takes the world by drizzle, and Microsoft hopes that actually giving you songs will convince you to buy a Zune. Oh, and we don't care about Yahoo Glue. In case you were wondering.

Listen now: Download today's podcast EPISODE 857

RIM BlackBerry Storm arrives

Meet the first multitouch consumer laptop: HP’s TouchSmart tx2 more

Mozilla chairman unfazed by Google Chrome

Things just got a lot more complicated for Mitchell Baker, the Mozilla Foundation's chairman and "chief lizard wrangler."

Gone are the days when Microsoft's Internet Explorer was the sole rival for Mozilla's Firefox. A new open-source browser, Google Chrome, has come to town, and it's from the company that provided $66 million of the Mozilla Foundation's $75 million in 2007 revenue.

There are other browser alternatives--Opera and Safari, for example--but Chrome is likely to catch on with the same techno-savvy, early-adopter, Google-proficient crowd that's been so passionate about Firefox. Baker, though, isn'… Read more

Mozilla CTO: Firefox in neck and neck race

Eariler this month, I spoke with Brendan Eich, CTO of Mozilla and creator of JavaScript. We discussed the development process for the open-source Firefox browser, the status of Firefox mobile, and new competition.

Eich maintained that increasing competition from Google and Apple, as well as Microsoft, is good for developers and users. It also helps that the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation garnered $75 million in revenue, mostly from its search partnership with Google, which ironically just launched Chrome, a competitor to Firefox. With $33 million in expenses last year, it appears the Mozilla team is well funded to continue development at … Read more

Thanks, Google: Mozilla revenue hits $75 million

The Mozilla Foundation pulled in $75 million in revenue in 2007, the "vast majority" of it from a search partnership with Google, the Firefox backer plans to announce Wednesday.

"Mozilla is well positioned to remain vital and effective during the current difficult economic times," according to Mozilla Chairman Mitchell Baker in a blog post about the foundation's 2007 results. The revenue includes that of both the foundation and its for-profit subsidiary, Mozilla Corp., that's focused on developing Firefox and related open-source browser technology.

The revenue increased about 12 percent from 2006, when Mozilla garnered $66.8 million in revenue. … Read more

Mozilla launches super-simple Firefox customizer

You and your geek friends may love trolling the Mozilla site for Firefox add-ons, but the lineup on the site can be overwhelming. To simplify the add-on market, Mozilla has just launched Fashion Your Firefox, a tightly edited version of the add-on library with a very simple installer.

The catalog contains nine categories, such as "Finder and Seeker" and "News Junkie," each with fewer than five add-ons. If you want products in the list, you can select several. When you're done making choices, you can install them all at once, instead of one at a … Read more

New Mozilla Ubiquity spec brings mashups to the desktop

Mozilla has put out a road map proposal for the next version of Ubiquity, the company's user interface project that aims to mash up user-controlled shortcuts with information from the Web. Besides the promise of an interface overhaul, the plan's big hope is to integrate Ubiquity with Mozilla's Firefox and Thunderbird products, along with user desktops.

In Firefox's case, Ubiquity integration for everyone (not just testers) could come as soon as version 3.2, due sometime next year. According to the road map specifications, the upgraded Firefox implementation would integrate Ubiquity into the "awesomebar," … Read more