Samsung Galaxy S III knows your voice

In today's show, it's time to teach your phone new tricks, get creeped out about privacy settings, and tag up the office:

Samsung unveiled it's newest Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S III, and it's got some serious specs that could challenge the iPhone. It's fast, with a quad-core processor, and will be loaded with latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich). But the most notable highlights are new photo and voice command features. The phone will first roll out to Europe within the month, and eventually make it's way to the U.S. this … Read more

Toyota RAV4 EV to make public debut next week

Toyota will officially unveil the RAV4 EV next week, an all-electric SUV that could be an important indicator of electric vehicles sales overall.

The company earlier this week sent out a notice that it will debut the RAV4 EV on Monday May 7 at the International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26) in Los Angeles, an important conference for EVs.

Toyota has shown off concept RAV4 EVs already, but important details such as price and availability have not yet been disclosed.

The all-electric SUV is the fruit of a partnership between Toyota and Tesla Motors, which is supplying the electric powertrain for … Read more

The hybrid premium: How much more does a hybrid car cost?

Ever since hybrids became popular, with the second generation of the Toyota Prius, the question arose of whether the fuel savings justified a hybrid car's higher price. The extra expense for a hybrid car has been called the hybrid premium.

The extra cost for a hybrid car comes from the additional equipment in the driveline. Along with the gas engine, hybrid cars have an electric propulsion motor, a high-voltage battery pack, and a power control module, this latter component determining how to feed electric power into the drive system.

Now, with many automakers offering some type of hybrid car, … Read more

Best tech: Ivy Bridge rigs, slim iPad keyboard case

Sometimes, CNET goes weeks without bestowing an Editors' Choice award. We give the badges only to tech that we love so much, we'd personally buy these devices. There must be some magic in the air (or our drinks) this week, because we doled out not one, but three CNET Editors' Choice awards.

But before I walk you through our award winners (a surprising and diverse group in their own right), I'd like to point out two non-winners that deserve your attention. These two four-star computers, the Origin Genesis and the Origin EON17-S are a desktop and a laptop … Read more

2012 Toyota Prius C: Fuel economy champ

It seems like the Prius C model should come after the Prius B, and before the Prius D. But Toyota shows no interest in alphabetical naming when it comes to its Prius lineup. Toyota recently expanded the cars it calls Prius, adding to the standard model the Prius V, a plug-in version, and now the C.

The C means City, which explains the smaller dimensions of the car. The Prius C is a nice, modern little hatchback a foot and half shorter than the standard Prius. Its size makes it easy to park and maneuver through narrow lanes.

But its real virtue is fuel economy.… Read more

Seeing red? Future Toyotas will sense your mood

Toyota is working on a mood-sensitive electronics system that's part safety net, part backseat driver. According to an article on, the prototype system customizes the safety system's alert times based on the driver's mood. And how can it tell what mood you're in? Cameras mounted inside the cabin are focused on the driver's position and recognize emotions by interpreting 238 points on the face.

Sad or angry drivers may be distracted or have delayed reaction times, and they may not be able to avoid an accident. If your car thinks you've woken … Read more

Rumors and teasers from the New York auto show

The New York auto show follows Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Geneva, making it the last of the big international shows of the season. This is the show for automakers that have been pulling their punches, waiting to make a splash against fewer new model launches. And this year sees some tantalizing details of new models from Nissan, BMW, and Subaru, and mystery cars from Acura and Toyota. … Read more

Car Tech Live 256: New York auto show preview and the last live show ever! (podcast)

The Feds want to ban navigation systems, a preview of the New York auto show, we take a ride in not one, but two very fast cars, and finally we say goodbye to Car Tech Live.

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Fed driver distraction guidelines make navigation unusable

Piece the 2013 Nissan Altima together from this trio of teasers

BMW X1 in New York heralds U.S. introduction

Toyota new sedan

New Acura Flagship to Debut at the New York International Auto Show

Geneva auto show plays host to exotic power and futuristic frugality

Switzerland has set itself as neutral ground in Europe, a role it plays every year between the automotive manufacturing powerhouses of Germany and France. The International Motor Show in Geneva gives equal time to not only the regional automakers, but interlopers from the United States and Asia.

Geneva's proximity to the wealthy gearheads of Monaco also assures a good mix of exotic and specialty carmakers. CNET will be covering the show's press days, sending back photos, video, and stories during the week of March 5.

Here are some of the cars we expect to see. … Read more

Car Tech Live 252: Is your car poisoning you? (podcast)

Not all the toxics in your car from from the tailpipe. There's a new ranking out this week that finds the worst polluters inside the car and offers some hint of how you can shop to avoid sitting in a toxic chamber when you buy a new car.

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