American football juke moves and a challenging soccer game: iPhone apps of the week

Apple released an update today for iPhone which addresses some issues and fixes some crashes in specific situations. According to Apple, iPhone 3.1.2 resolves a sporadic issue that may cause the iPhone to not wake from sleep; an intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart; and fixes a bug that could cause an occasional crash during video streaming. If you've experienced any of these issues (or even if you haven't), make sure to plug your iPhone into iTunes to get the latest update. Be aware that the update is over 200MB so will … Read more

EA's FIFA Soccer 10 hits the iPhone

EA Sports is one of the few game companies that's managed to successfully charge $9.99 for a game in Apple's App Store. Madden NFL 10, priced at 10 bucks, remains a top seller, and now FIFA Soccer 10 has hit the App Store for $9.99 and seems destined to make a run for the top spot in the games category.

While we thought Madden didn't play quite as well we'd hoped it would on the iPhone (and iPod Touch), we think soccer, with its top-down view and simple control scheme, should make a better … Read more

Clunky sports card database

Sports Card Organizer Deluxe is a database program that allows users to keep track of the contents of their sports card collections. Although the program works fine, there are likely more sophisticated options to accomplish this task.

The program's interface looks very dated and is reminiscent of Windows 95. Not surprisingly, it's not particularly intuitive, and in general its layout feels somewhat cluttered and clunky. To its credit, the program does open with a brief explanation of its features, allowing users to get started without too much trouble. The program offers three different database templates for users to … Read more

Soccer stat keeper

LeaguePad helps users keep track of their football statistics and teams with a complex system of statistics. The program offers a lot of options, but ultimately fails to simply following teams online.

The program's interface looks as if it should be natural, but users will find themselves stuck in the mud more often than not. The simple graphics and layout will require a trip to the Help file and several experimental run-throughs to get a feeling for where information must be entered and how it can be extracted. Setting up leagues was the simplest part of this program. Users … Read more

Off-topic: Why can't I have this job?

I wake up at 5:30 AM to write this blog, then spend the rest of the day (and sometimes evening) working my day job at Alfresco, an open-source applications company.

Meanwhile, my brother-in-law, Josh Robbins, taunts me by sending pictures of him chumming around with Thierry Henry (FC Barcelona), Ryan Babel (Liverpool FC), Alessandro del Piero (Juventus), Mathieu Flamini (AC Milan), Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns), Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs), and others at a Steve Nash Foundation event. His job? He's director of finance at Calle, a cool street soccer sporting goods manufacturer that he helped found.

Yes, … Read more

Virtual reality game

3DWorlds offers to let users live in a fictional world where they walk around and interact with others just like the real world. With a simple design and fun options, this is an exciting getaway for nearly all users.

This program's interface is surprisingly simple, considering its wide-open play style. Control buttons are clearly labeled and users are constantly given tips via the chat screen. Even those unfamiliar with role-playing software should feel a certain comfort level after only a few minutes of toying with the program. In addition, the Help Desk is always open and offers several tutorials. … Read more

UEFA Champions League final: What brands can learn from 'Barca'

I’m nervous, seriously nervous. In a few hours, in the Olympic stadium in Rome, FC Barcelona (or “Barca,” as its supporters call it) will face Manchester United, the other soccer superpower, in the game of all games, the final of the UEFA Champions League, the most important club competition in Europe (and the world, for that matter). Both teams have already won two trophies this season (their national leagues and national cups, respectively), and a victory in Rome would see either one clinch the “treble.” For Barca, it would be a historic accomplishment–no other Spanish soccer team has … Read more

Facebook death threats for soccer referee

I understand that not everyone loves soccer.

However, Wednesday saw one of the most important events in the annual soccer calendar--the UEFA Champions League semifinal between Chelsea and Barcelona.

Barcelona prevailed with an excellent goal in the very dying seconds. Which, unfortunately, has resulted in many Chelsea fans turning to Facebook and other media in order to suggest that the Norwegian referee, Tom Henning Ovrebo, should be doing some dying too.

In their somewhat warped view, he refused to award four penalties to Chelsea. And he should, therefore, suffer the consequences.

Here is a sample from just one of the … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 940: The legend of black fart

Rafe coins a new name for a port of the iFart application for the BlackBerry. But really the show is much more about variable pricing coming to iTunes, The Pirate Bay rolling out VPN for you, and robot soccer teams one day killing us all.

Listen now: Download today's podcast EPISODE 940

Report: variable pricing comes to iTunes Apr. 7

New Microsoft ads attack Apple on price

WWDC in June

The Pirate Bay to roll out secure $5 per month VPN … Read more