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Over half of Americans still head to TV for news, poll says

Television is still your favorite way to absorb the news, according to a recent poll from Gallup.

The survey revealed that 55 percent of Americans took to their televisions to get their news fix in June. A quarter of the respondents provided no specifics on where they obtained their news from television networks, but Fox was the top vote-getter among viewers, with 8 percent news market share. CNN was close behind with 7 percent share, followed by 4 percent for local news.

The results were based on a poll of 2,048 U.S. adults conducted June 20 to June … Read more

Review: Stitcher Radio offers little more than other Podcast apps

Stitcher Radio is a sleekly designed, fun-to-use app that, despite its high production value, only offers a handful of advancements over other apps in the category. This is not a bad thing, however. Podcast apps, in general, are notoriously buggy and unresponsive while Stitcher Radio is fast, responsive, and loaded with options for how to organize your subscriptions--all of which add up to a finely made app that any podcast and radio lover should download.

Despite its claim that Stitcher Radio will revolutionize radio, the app is more or less a glorified podcast tuner. However the culture and style of … Read more

Review: Apple iTunes for Mac revamps its interface and improves performance

Apple iTunes for Mac continues doing its thing, managing and playing your media, constructing playlists, selling music, and renting movies; but the interface is always evolving.

We updated Apple iTunes for Mac via Apple's Software Update, upgrading 10.7 to 11.0.4 without any issues. A dramatically redesigned interface was apparent right off the bat. The sidebar was gone--it can be restored--and all our albums were displayed in a grid of album covers. We scrolled through our 2,231 albums, smoothly and precisely, but iTunes 10 could not handle a library of this size very well, making browsing … Read more

RadioShack tries out new concept store

RadioShack, the electronics retailer particularly popular with hobbyists, is testing out a new design for its stores.

The new look is intended to help the company buck the trend that has decimated Circuit City (RIP, at least as a physical entity) and has pained Best Buy.

In the Shack's own words: "The store aims to attract tech-hungry shoppers who will find a new level of products, service and excitement in a store that makes the buying experience fun."

How, you ask? With displays that highlight "in-demand brands" like Apple, HTC and Samsung, with arrangements that … Read more

Apple envisions an iTunes Radio with more advanced features

A future version of Apple's iTunes Radio could let you reveal why you liked or disliked a certain song in your playlist.

Published Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, an Apple patent application called "Playlist Configuration and Preview," describes some handy ways to customize and manage your playlist of streaming songs.

Most streaming music services let you vote thumb's up or thumb's down on a certain song to gauge your musical tastes. But they don't give you the ability to explain why you voted the way you did.

The service described … Read more

Apple said to be enticing indie labels for iTunes Radio

While Apple has sealed the deal with the three major music recording labels for its upcoming iTunes Radio service, the company is now looking to lure independent labels.

The tech giant has reportedly been talking to various indie music labels, letting them know how the royalty pay scale will work on the new service, according to the Wall Street Journal. Labels will be paid on how many listens each song gets, along with ads that Apple sells.

According to the Wall Street Journal, labels will get 0.13 cent every time a song is played and 15 percent of ad … Read more

Pink Floyd to Pandora: Shut up, you crazy cubic zirconium

The wrangling between those who'd like to be paid for creating music and those who would like to pay them a shoelace and a Mars bar may never end.

In the latest edition of "Oh, No You Don't," Roger Waters, David Gilmour, and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd have buried the hatchet, then together picked it up and embedded it into Pandora's (Voice) Box.

They are royally miffed at what they see is Pandora's attempt to hoodwink artists into supporting a reduction on their royalties of 85 percent.

So in a USA Today editorial aimed squarely at Pandora, … Read more

Review: Fit Radio provides numerous thematic radio stations for your workout

Fit Radio takes one of the more popular features of other radio curation services and builds an entire app around it. The result is a stripped-down music discovery and radio app that works perfectly for those who are heading to the gym and don't already have their own playlists.

The purpose of Fit Radio is to create and curate playlists of songs that are perfect for anyone going to the gym or working out at home. It combines a number of features in terms of DJ-supported playlists and custom songs to give you a choice among dozens of possible … Read more

Yes, iTunes Radio could crush Pandora. That's just for starters

iTunes chief Eddy Cue unveiled Apple's iTunes Radio at the company's big developer conference in San Francisco this week, and it didn't take long before a chorus of rivals and pundits dismissed the product as, well, no big deal, especially considering that so many streaming-music services already exist.

The current king of Internet radio, Pandora, made sure the press was aware of how large it was, with 200 million registered users, 70 million of whom are regular listeners, and 5 billion stations created. Even Nokia -- that's right, Nokia -- trotted out a VP who suggested … Read more

Justin Timberlake's Myspace releases iPhone app -- with GIFs

Five months after launching the new Myspace to the public, Justin Timberlake and friends are making their social service for creatives, artists, and their fans available on the iPhone, perhaps where it was meant to be all along.

In 2011, Specific Media co-founders Chris and Tim Vanderhook and their music-mogul pal Justin Timberlake acquired what was left of the forgotten social network for $35 million. Since then, a Los Angeles team has set about rebuilding Myspace into a destination people actually want to visit -- not for traditional social networking per se, but for streaming music and connecting to everything … Read more