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Report unwanted messages sent from iMessage

Spam is nothing new. But if you are getting spam when using Apple's iMessage service, you can help tackle the problem. Apple has implimented means for you to report iMessage spam. To do this, you will simply need to take a screenshot of the spam message, and send the image to Apple in an email.

The steps for doing so are relatively simply, and only require you to take the screenshot on your Mac or your iOS device and then include the shot in an email attachment. Apple has outlined this process in a recent knowledgebase article.

With the … Read more

BlackBerry 10 users: Update ate our text messages

BlackBerry users seem to be struggling with missing messages in the wake of the latest OS update.

Following installation of a new maintenance release for BB OS 10.1, many users say their text messages have vanished, blog site N4BB reported on Wednesday. Others say the messages appear but the message thread shows no history, while some say that text messaging no longer works at all.

Several tweets uncovered by The Next Web reveal the problem among BlackBerry smartphone owners.

"A small number of customers have reported an issue with their SMS message history after updating to BlackBerry 10.… Read more

Syrian Electronic Army hacks into Viber database

The Syrian Electronic Army sent out a warning over Twitter earlier Tuesday that said, "If you have 'Viber' app installed we advise you to delete it."

The hacking group was claiming responsibility for both breaching Viber's database and defacing its Web site, according to The Hacker News.

Right after the breach, Viber's support page on its Web site displayed a banner that said "Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army" and a note that said "Dear All Viber Users, the Israeli-based 'Viber' is spying and tracking you." As of this writing, the banner is … Read more

Messaging app Line passes 200 million users

Two-year-old messaging application Line said Tuesday that it now has more than 200 million registered users, which puts it alongside WhatsApp and Viber in the top tier of mobile messaging and VoIP services amassing massive audiences.

Japan-based Line launched in June 2011 and initially developed a huge following in Asian countries, but has been branching out to other regions, including Spain, India, and South America.

The application supports messaging and voice over Internet Protocol calling, but is known for popularizing digital sticker packs, or character-driven emoticons, which it sells for about $1.99 a piece. The sticker business is actually … Read more

Verizon offers pricey way to upgrade early

CNET Update rather take the contract:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn why Verizon's Edge early upgrade plan isn't worth the cost in the long run.

- See the shows on Netflix getting Emmy buzz.

- Measure up the HTC One Mini -- which really isn't that mini at all.

- Keep an eye on popular instant-messaging apps that work for multiple devices, including WeChat, KakaoTalk, Line and Path.

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WhatsApp to charge iPhone users annual subscription

iPhone owners who use WhatsApp for their instant messaging needs will now have to pay 99 cents a year for the privilege.

Following a new version of WhatsApp for iPhone released on Tuesday, the developer unveiled the new pricing scheme.

Previously, iPhone users made a one-time payment of 99 cents for WhatsApp with no annual charge. Folks on Android and other mobile platforms enjoyed free service for the first year and then had to pay 99 cents each year. Now, everyone is on the same page.

WhatsApp now has more than 250 million active users.

In a blog posted Wednesday, … Read more

You can now back up WhatsApp conversations to iCloud

Getting a new device and losing out on past conversations when you reinstall apps is frustrating. WhatsApp Messenger is arguably the most popular cross-platform messaging application on the planet. I honestly can't remember the last time I didn't see it in the top ten paid apps in the App Store.

Today WhatsApp Messenger for iOS received an update adding a few new features. iPhone users can send multiple photos in the same message, use custom URL-schemes for third-party apps, and back up conversation history to iCloud.

To back up a conversation to iCloud you'll first need to … Read more

Review: Gmail for iPhone is a near-perfect mail app for iOS

Gmail for iPhone offers a self-contained alternative to the Mail app built into every iOS device, and for those with Gmail accounts, it is a very good experience, all but eliminating connection issues and delays. While the core functionality is roughly the same between Gmail and Mail, the added features that have been part of Gmail for the better part of a decade are on full display here and they make Gmail for iPhone one of the best all-around mail apps on the App Store.

Gmail for iPhone is a self-contained app that doesn't require integration with any of … Read more

Pirate Bay founder creating surveillance-free messaging app

In the wake of people learning about the National Security Agency's massive surveillance program, it's become clear that phone records and text messages are not entirely private.

The Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde and a couple of app developers have decided to do something about it. They are working on creating a messaging app that is spy-proof, according to GigaOM.

"All communication on today's networks is being monitored by government agencies and private companies. The politicians are not going to stop it, they're actually asking for more," Sunde said in a video about the … Read more

Apple's iMessage goes dark, affecting 30 percent of users

Those users looking to get on Apple's iMessage earlier this afternoon were out of luck.

According to the tech giant's system status page, the instant-messaging service for iOS and Mac OS experienced an outage for 40 minutes, between 12:35 p.m. and 1:11 p.m. PT.

A quick glance at Twitter, however, shows that some users are claiming to still be affected by the outage -- nearly two hours after Apple posted the service being restored.

According to 9to5Mac, 30 percent of iMessage users weren't able to use the service during today's outage. Apparently, … Read more