Keep track of your TV shows with a Chrome extension

When is "Homeland" on again next? When will your DVR pick up the next episode of "Modern Family"? Is "SNL" a repeat this Saturday? Get these answers and more with My Episode Guide. This Chrome extension keeps you posted on how many days remain until the next episodes of your favorite TV shows air.

My Episode Guide adds a small button to the right of Chrome's URL bar. After you install the extension, the button's icon is a yellow smiley face with sunglasses. After you add your favorite shows, the button shows … Read more

Getting started with SparkNotes for Android

SparkNotes started out as a Web site called The Spark in 1999, and was developed by a group of students trying to make it easier to understand literature. Known today as SparkNotes, the site features hundreds of guides to help aid students, teachers, and those wishing to brush up on a subject.

According to SparkNotes, its intent was not to have students skip out on their reading assignments and just read the SparkNotes instead. Instead, it wanted to create a fun and educational Web site that helps give further explanations on topics.

So far just the literature guides are available … Read more

Snapguide lets you share your expertise with the world

We all have an expertise or passion we love sharing and teaching others about. The Internet has made it extremely easy to teach people all over the world, be it through YouTube or a personal blog. But, an elaborate video setup can get expensive, and managing a blog can be time-consuming. The next time you want to create a guide, grab your iPhone and give Snapguide a try. You'll be surprised how easy it is to create and publish a guide, using only your iPhone.

Snapguide has an iPhone app, as well as a Web site. The iPhone appRead more

Here's who should buy the new iPad

These are the times that try men's souls.

Never has a tablet purchase so vexed the collective nerd consciousness of this great nation. And Apple doesn't make it easy, does it? Its "new" tablet looks a hell of a lot like the old one, only heavier! It's like Apple is toying with us.

But have no fear. Using a bracing mixture of logic and cheapskate wisdom, I'll walk you though this paralyzing first-world dilemma.

For the first-timers If you've never owned a tablet and you're considering the new iPad for your first … Read more

Windows 8 on ARM will lack certain manageability features

Businesses looking to support Windows 8 ARM tablets may find a few features missing in action.

Ahead of today's launch of the beta dubbed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft has revealed that certain features used to manage Windows-based devices won't be available for the ARM platform.

"ARM-based tablets running Windows 8 are ideal for workers who are constantly on the go and need a long-lasting battery, Microsoft said in its Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business document released today.

"ARM-based tablets use less power than 32-bit and 64-bit devices and workers can rely … Read more

What's the best portable gaming system?

Yes, it's a loaded question, but a necessary one with the PlayStation Vita finally making its U.S. release. There's no denying that platforms like iOS and Android have changed the face of portable gaming forever, but do they provide the best experience?

Just like choosing which home console to buy, this is a decision that needs to be made on a personal level, depending on what exactly your budget and preferences are.

In my opinion, the best "gamer's" games are the ones experienced with actual tactile buttons. While touch gaming might be more accessible and ultimately more affordable, I do believe if you limit yourself to that specific medium, you're missing out on a lot that the world of portable gaming has to offer.

With that said, let's look at the current portable gaming landscape.… Read more

Guide the water to Swampy!

Where's My Water? is a charming physics puzzler, in which you funnel clean water to the bathtub of a fastidious little alligator named Swampy.

Where's My Water? ranks among the better arcade puzzlers, sharing some similarities (fast-paced levels, an intuitive interface, and a winningly cartoony protagonist) but with a central schtick that's mostly all its own: you dig paths through dirt, creating channels for liquid to flow from one place to another. Ideally, you'll get enough clean water into a pipe to fill Swampy's tub, but along the way you have to contend with various … Read more

Peel app updates to make TV social

A popular TV show and movie discovery app just got a major update during CES that adds social components to its already full-featured cable listing arsenal.

Peel Personal TV Show Guide (free) is an app that changes the way you watch TV by gathering your personal preferences and giving you recommendations on your iPhone based on the data.

The polished interface of Peel asks you a few questions upon launch so it can deliver the type of shows you'll want to watch and tell you when they will show in your area. On first setup, the app has you choose your cable service, and then lists out several categories like Drama, Comedy, and Kids, and asks you to reorder the list by your personal preference with your favorites at the top. You'll then reorder a list of sports in the same fashion. When you're finished, you'll see the main interface of the app, with recommended shows that are currently playing in your area based on your preferences.

What we really like about Peel is how it lays out movies and shows by category so you can browse based on your mood at the moment.… Read more

Fix faces with Cosmetic Guide Lite

Cosmetic Guide Lite cosmetically corrects portraits, especially full-face portraits, with graphics editing tools instead of makeup. The Lite version is a freeware release of a premium tool. Unfortunately, it contains few of the cosmetic-specific features of the paid version, making it of little use beyond demonstrating the paid tool's capabilities with video demonstrations.

Cosmetic Guide Lite is essentially an image editor, like Photoshop and many others, but with reduced and simplified features. The Lite version includes the standard Smudge, Brush, Crop, Resize, and Text tools, as well as the Smart Patch and Bleach Teeth tools from the premium version. … Read more

Best tech gifts under $100

Budget tech is one of our favorite categories here at CNET, so that's why we're running not one, but two budget tech gift roundups this year.

My compadre John Falcone put together a list of the 10 best el-cheapo tech products out there with his Best tech gifts under $50 feature.

I get a little more wiggle room with a $99.99 budget, which is why this list should really be called "Best tech gifts between $50 and $100." But more people are looking on Google for "best tech gifts under $100," so we'… Read more