Run a tab on your folders with Watch 4 Folder

Software does more stuff automatically than ever before, and few users have the time (or energy) to check every folder for changes. Watch 4 Folder from LeeLu Soft is a free tool that monitors your folders and files for changes and other activity. It can track up to 15 different events, execute programs and batch files, and generate live alerts. It's portable freeware that runs from any directory without having to be installed.

Watch 4 Folder's user interface is the size of a typical Windows dialog box, with two tabs, Settings and Live Log. The Settings page is … Read more

Lock up your photos on iOS

Now that just about everyone has high-quality cameras on their phones, people's smartphones have become the main repository for all their photos. This can be great for showing off photos of your kids or reminiscing about an event in the past. But what about when you leave your phone on your desk or coffee table--do you really want people to have access to all your pictures?

This week's iOS app collection provides a way to create a locked folder on your phone. The first is free and offers just the basics for added security. The second adds a few more features for managing photos. The third snaps a picture of would-be intruders in addition to having a secure folder.… Read more

iOS 5 Newsstand is one small, small step for digital magazines

I've been reading magazines on my iPad for months. I didn't need iOS 5 to do it. I keep these apps--The New Yorker, Wired--in a separate folder on my iPad, called Reading. With iOS 5, that's no longer the case. A new baked-in app (or, rather, a type of smart folder) called Newsstand has now absorbed these apps into an iBooks-like wooden bookshelf.

Newsstand was one of the iOS 5 features that I'd been long awaiting, because I dreamed it would be a way of integrating books, periodicals, and all reading material into one destination. Alas, that's not the case here. Instead of being slotted into iBooks, Newsstand is a separate app. This means two icons to manage instead of one.

Also, I hoped that Newsstand would become a digital way of discovering not just magazines, newspapers, and journals, but a means of browsing covers and headlines from current issues. I browse real newsstands on the corner of 28th and Park, or at a bookstore, and based on what I see, I actually might buy an issue. A football preview came out this month? A cover story on a dinosaur discovery? Sure, I'll bite.

Newsstand on the iPad does none of this.… Read more

AppleScript Fun: Automatically changing Safari's downloads folder

While the various programs and services on a computer are meant to offer you convenience, there are times when you may need to do repetitive tasks using the various tools and programs on the system. In these cases, the use of scripting tools can be exceptionally useful. Unlike programming, scripting is when you take a set of current tools and utilities and automate their interactions with commands. For instance, with Javascript you can tell a browser to change the way it renders HTML content, or with Automator you can tell the Finder to organize files in a certain way.

Recently … Read more

Bare-bones folder remover

We are constantly installing and uninstalling software, and as we're sure you can imagine, that leaves us with a whole lot of empty folders and other junk on our computer. For that reason, we were quite excited about trying FMS Empty Folder Remover. This utility promises to scan your machine for empty folders and then delete them, tidying up your hard drive after multiple installations and uninstallations.

The program's interface is bare bones and not entirely intuitive. We clicked the Open Folder button since it seemed like the most logical starting place, and an Explorer window opened that … Read more

Windows compression utility made just for Mac

WinZip for Mac brings one of the oldest names in Windows compression utilities to the Mac, and we think they did it right. Featuring a clean Mac-like interface, WinZip for Mac lets you compress and secure your files for both sharing with others while keeping them away from prying eyes. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly add files to an archive, then compress them in the standard .ZIP format or create .ZIPX files--a format WinZip says is its smallest compression format to date. Both worked great on our test machines and the ability to password protect even just … Read more

Ogni Free Folder Locker & Hider: Lackluster locker

All kinds of sensitive information can end up stored on your computer, from trade secrets to medical information, financial records to love letters. There are plenty of utilities out there that are designed to keep private files private, protecting users from identity theft, fraud, and embarrassment. Ogni Free Folder Locker & Hider is one such program. Although it seems to work--sort of--it didn't seem as easy to use or as secure as similar programs we've encountered.

When we first opened Ogni Free Folder Locker & Hider, the program prompted us to choose whether we wanted to use regular … Read more

Organize your app drawer with GoToApp

GoToApp gives you a more organized, tab-based alternative to the default Android app drawer. You can create any number of tabs, and rearrange your apps among them as you see fit.

When you first run GoToApp, it does a bit of housekeeping for you by creating Main, Game, Tools, and Others tabs and dividing your existing apps among them. Of course, it doesn't categorize every app perfectly, but it's really simple to move things around and create new tabs as necessary. You can also create child folders within tabs to further organize your apps. And you can choose … Read more

Folder combining in Lion appears to be buggy

One of the more than 250 new features in Lion is an enhancement to the Finder that supposedly allows you to combine the contents of folders. In Snow Leopard and prior versions of the Mac OS X, if you placed a folder into a directory alongside another folder of the same name, then the system required you to either cancel the operation and change the folder name or replace the existing folder. Now Lion should offer an option to combine the contents of similarly named folders; however, depending on the way you perform this task the process may not always … Read more

How to manage folders in libraries in Windows 7

Windows 7 provides users with several libraries that consolidate different types of files, such as music or video, into one easily accessible location. But what if you want to add your own folders to these libraries or remove them? Follow these four steps to find out how!

Step 1: Launch Computer from the Start menu.

Step 2: In the pane to the left, expand the Libraries folder by clicking the small triangle next to it if the list is not already visible.

Step 3: Right-click on the Library you want to modify and select "Properties" from the menu … Read more