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Extension lets you switch Firefox tabs with mouse gestures

You are either a keyboard shortcut person or a mouse/touch-pad person. If the latter describes you, I have a Firefox extension that may be of some interest. TabFlip lets you switch tabs with a flick of the mouse.

After installing TabFlip, you can immediately get to the flicking or, as the developer calls it, flipping action -- no restart is required. To switch tabs, hold down the right mouse button and give the mouse a flick horizontally. Flicking to the right moves you to tabs to the right, while flicking to the left does the reverse.

The same action … Read more

Firefox to deactivate most plug-ins by default

Mozilla has dealt another blow to those who want to use plug-ins to extend the browser's capabilities. It's keeping all but Flash Player deactivated by default in a version of Firefox now under development.

With the click-to-run plug-in feature, announced in January, plug-ins such as Silverlight and QuickTime won't run unless the user authorizes it when a Web page using them loads. That feature now is built into the Aurora version of Firefox that will grow into the final release in coming weeks. The plug-in hurdle doesn't apply to Adobe Systems' Flash Player, by far the … Read more

Guest browsing coming to Android Firefox

A slew of new features are being readied for the Android version of Firefox that will bring it closer to its more popular desktop counterpart.

Firefox for Android 25 Beta introduces the recent security addition to desktop Firefox called mixed content blocking, to help tighten mobile browsing security, and adds a guest browsing feature.

Guest browsing protects the primary user's history, open tabs, and bookmarks, while allowing the guest user to take advantage of browsing data that Private Browsing mode doesn't record. When the guest session closes, the browsing data gets deleted and the primary user's session … Read more

iCloud can now sync bookmarks with Firefox and Chrome

iCloud users can now sync their bookmarks across all of the major browsers used in Windows.

Released on Wednesday, the iCloud Control Panel 3.0 for Windows can keep your bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome synchronized with your Safari bookmarks on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and the Mac. Previously, iCloud supported only IE.

To turn on the new feature, download and install the 3.0 version of the iCloud Control Panel. After launching the program, click on the checkmark for Bookmarks if it's not already checked. In the Options pop-up up menu, you can then choose … Read more

Firefox-based ZTE Open completely lacks spark

ZTE's Open is many things: attractive, significantly inexpensive, frustrating, underpowered, and extremely targeted to a specific audience. Apart from being one of the first commercially available phones running the inchoate (and understandably incomplete) Firefox-based operating system, the Open achieves another rarity for a band of phones targeted to developing regions: selling directly to the U.S. market by means of eBay.

In the US, ZTE and Firefox aim the $80 unlocked device at new Firefox OS developers, who they hope will buy the purposely basic, affordable handset as a testing ground for their own browser-based apps. The duo also … Read more

Sharing is caring in Firefox for Android

On Tuesday, Mozilla released a major update to Firefox for Android, bringing over many of the sharing services from its older-brother desktop version.

Version 24 adds a Share menu that lets you add your most frequently-used sharing services like Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail for quick sharing. If you prefer a more physical approach, the new version also adds bump sharing, which lets you fist-bump your friends with other Android handsets to quickly send open tabs, news articles, or just about any page from the Web. This works via Near Field Communications technology so both devices must have an NFC chip.… Read more

New Android Firefox simplifies mobile browser sharing

From features to speed, mobile browsing isn't quite what its desktop sibling is, but if Tuesday's Firefox 24 update is any indication, the gap between them is quickly shrinking.

The new, stable version of Firefox 24 for Android focuses on tying the mobile browser to several quick sharing tools.

Among the list of options in the Android menu button while using Firefox is now a "quickshare" button, based on your most commonly-used sharing tools. It lets you share with one tap and automatically picks up on your preferred sharing tools.

"Bump sharing" will also … Read more

Microsoft buys Nokia handset unit: It's an end-to-end world after all

Remember when Apple lived and died by vertically integrated software and hardware, while Google and Microsoft stood their philosophical ground and created open and not-very-open software (respectively) in order to proliferate across myriad devices and gobble up market share in the doing?

So, that seems over now. Suddenly Google and Microsoft are intensely in the hardware game. Google creates custom hardware to show off and expand its Android and Chrome OS powers, buys Motorola Mobility and risks all kinds of partner wrath to put Google bells and whistles on the new Moto X. And then Microsoft goes and drops $7 billion on Nokia's device and services divisionRead more

Firefox for Android gets new 'awesomescreen' interface

Firefox years ago helped unlock the potential of the browser address bar with its "awesomebar," and now its developers hope to do the same thing for mobile browsing by revamping the "awesomescreen" in Firefox for Android.

Mozilla has accepted a new awesomescreen design into its early-stage "nightly" builds, user interface engineer Lucas Rocha said in a blog post Wednesday. Features in nightly builds typically make their way to beta and final releases after weeks of testing, debugging, and refinement, so it will be awhile before ordinary users see the feature.

The new approach effectively … Read more

First batch of Firefox phones sell out in U.S., U.K.

The ambitious Firefox phone may face a long, uphill road to success, but the first batch of phones up for grabs in the U.S. and U.K. has sold out after its first weekend of availability.

Less than 1,000 units of the low-powered ZTE Open were sold in each locale, with the American eBay tapped out at 985 phones for $80 and 990 phones on British eBay sold at 60 pounds. Both offers came with free shipping.

A Mozilla representative said the company wasn't sure when eBay would be able to get more phones in stock.

While … Read more