Review: Change folder icons and colors with Folder Marker Pro

Lots of productivity tools promise to help you look after your folders, but few go as far as Folder Marker Pro, or in such a basic yet effective way. Folder Marker Pro lets you change any folder's icon or color to indicate its contents, priority, hierarchy, or even loyalty (team colors, anyone?). Color-coding looks great and works great, too. It's much easier to learn than any other "personal organizer" or folder manager, because it's your own scheme.

Such a basic and intuitive idea deserves a basic and intuitive interface, and Folder Marker Pro follows through … Read more

How to remove public home folder share points in OS X

When you create a user account in OS X, the system will create default share points for the account, so if you enable file sharing you can access your data with little additional effort, if any. Most of these shared locations, such as the home folder, are specific for the user itself; however, in addition to these the system will make the user's Public folder and its enclosed "Drop Box" folder more openly available to other users on the system.

While access to these folders is limited to the users on the system by default, if you … Read more

Shake your iOS device to undo actions in Mail

Erasing a lot of text by shaking an iOS device to undo typing has been around as long as I can remember in iOS. You can even shake a device to redo any text you accidentally erased.

When it comes to iOS 7, it seems Apple decided to give the shake gesture one more use by implementing it in the Mail app.

With iOS 7 on your device, you can shake to undo the archiving, filing, and deletion of e-mails in the Mail app.

Here's how it works:

Shortly after filing an e-mail, archiving, or deleting an e-mail in … Read more

Set a file's default application from the OS X contextual menu

A specific file type may open in one application when you double-click it in the OS X Finder, but there may be occasions for which you want to have files of that type open in another program. One option for doing this is to open it directly using that program's Open dialogue box, but you can also right-click the file and choose the desired program from the "Open With" contextual submenu.

If you wish to permanently change the program with which this file is associated, you can do this as well.

The general method for changing the … Read more

Prevent OS X FileVault keys from being stored in standby mode

If you have FileVault encryption enabled on your Mac and your system goes into standby mode, it will save the FileVault encryption keys in the memory so the system can be quickly woken and resume work without needing to unlock the volume again. This feature is convenient, but some people may wish to prevent it from happening in order to ensure maximum security for their systems.

To prevent the system from storing the keys, you need to change a small setting in the system management controller (SMC), which can be done by running the following command in the OS X … Read more

Review: Convert media files faster with Media Buddy's GPU acceleration

Ramka's Media Buddy offers several advantages over freeware media converters, especially if your PC has a CUDA-capable NVIDIA graphics card. Media Buddy can utilize your GPU's processing power for super-fast file conversion, especially with large files and high-quality formats. But ATi isn't left out of the mix, either: Media Buddy is also optimized to take advantage of your ATi card's codes, or your Intel CPU's built-in graphics' processing power. Media Buddy handles a wide range of audio and video formats, including HD formats. It also burns CDs and DVDs. Media Buddy is free to try, … Read more

Google spruces up its iOS Google Drive app

Google rolled out a major design refresh of its iOS Google Drive app on Thursday. The app now has a choice of layout -- card-style thumbnails or list -- and a host of other new features that make file search and storage easier on iPhones and iPads.

"One of the features you've told us you want on Drive for iOS is the ability to effortlessly browse and preview files, just like you can on Android," Google software engineer Kelvin Chan wrote in a blog post. "You can toggle between the new thumbnail view and the traditional … Read more

Review: Rename and organize file batches with Quick File Renamer Lite for Mac

Quick File Renamer Lite for Mac offers all the basic features needed to alter the names of a large number of files for better sorting and use. The program is available to try with a 30-day time limit, but users can explore all of its features before purchasing the full version.

The program initially starts into a small window where the user can enter a log-in to access the program. As an alternative, the trial version can be used, and the top of the window displays the amount of time remaining. The main window lacks any advanced menu design, but … Read more

Review: Documents 2 Free File Manager is a rich mobile document creation/sharing tool

Documents 2 Free File Manager is a very well-made, feature-rich document creation, management, and sharing tool for the iOS platform. It is easily one of the most useful currently on the App Store. Using a proprietary file format to ensure speed and accuracy, Documents 2 uses the power of the iOS devices on which it runs to provide exceptional value at every step. Whether you are creating new documents filled with notes during a meeting or need to edit an important report while on the go, this is an app you should have on your phone and tablet.

What makes … Read more

Review: NonCompressibleFiles tests behavior of different compression programs

NonCompressibleFiles quickly makes test files for archiving software, but it won't compress anything for you as it's strictly a way to make a file of any size for the purpose of testing your current methods of compression. If you need that, then this quick, free utility is a lifesaver.

NonCompressibleFiles installed in seconds thanks to its very plain, old-school layout. It isn't much to look at, but the program runs like a dream. It gives you a generic file of the size you want with a click. You can make the file impossible to compress or a &… Read more