Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet arrives as HP departs

As Hewlett-Packard retreats from the tablet market, Lenovo continues its assault. The first ThinkPad Tablets are now available for purchase, the company said today.

The 10.1-inch ThinkPad may have a better shot at success than HP's now-defunct webOS-based TouchPad. It is built around Android, the most popular alternative to Apple's iOS, and is aimed at business, not the dicey consumer tablet market.

Part and parcel of Lenovo's appeal to business is the pen-based handwriting recognition technology to "digitally write, draw, and create content," according to Lenovo.

In the productivity department, typically a tablet weak … Read more

iPad, iOS adoption heating up the business world

Both Apple and Android have been capturing more mobile customers in the enterprise arena, but Apple's iOS has been the dominant force thanks to growing demand for the iPad, according to mobile-software provider Good Technology.

Released yesterday, Good's latest quarterly data report (PDF) found that more smartphones and tablets in general have been flooding the workplace. But Apple's iOS has led the way, grabbing 80 percent of all device activations in the enterprise seen by Good during the second quarter. That marks an increase from just less than 70 percent in the first quarter.

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Mozilla offers olive branch to Firefox business users

Mozilla today did its best impression of a mea culpa in response to the corporate backlash following recent comments that the company doesn't care about its enterprise customers.

In a blog post today, Mozilla tried to justify its recent fast-paced upgrade cycle by saying that such updates help secure users and provide a richer Web experience. The company once again explained that its focus has been on the individual user but admitted that Firefox has carved out a niche in the corporate world.

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Mozilla: Enterprise has never been a focus of ours

Enterprise deployments have never been a key market for Firefox, Mozilla's director of the browser, Asa Dotzler, has said.

Dotzler's comments were made yesterday, in response to criticism from IT managers who said the newly accelerated Firefox release schedule was causing problems for businesses trying to keep up with the rapid pace of the browser's development. Firefox 5 launched on Wednesday, just three months after the release of Firefox 4.

"We get about 2 million Firefox downloads per day from regular user types," Dotzler wrote, describing enterprise downloads as "really just a drop in … Read more

Panasonic Toughbook Android tablet due this year

Panasonic is creating a 10-inch Android tablet under the Toughbook brand, due out in the fourth quarter of 2011. Panasonic's aim is to create a tablet for commercial and government use that is both secure and durable. Pricing has yet to be announced.

The exact specs detailed in Panasonic's press release are a little hazy, but we know the screen will be a 10.1-inch XGA multitouch panel and that GPS will come standard. An embedded 3G/4G modem is optional. Hopefully Panasonic will take a cue from Toshiba and offer a swappable battery, as well.

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Dell: Enterprise revenue up, consumer revenue falls

Dell beat expectations on its earnings per share for its fiscal first quarter 2012 earnings, but its revenues did not.

Dell today reported revenue of $15 billion for the most recent quarter, up 1 percent from a year ago, but below the average of $15.4 billion Wall Street was looking for. Its earnings per share of 49 cents just beat the 48 cents that was anticipated. It's also a 188 percent increase over the 17 cents per share reported a year ago.

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RIM takes aim at work-life balance

The idea that a BlackBerry is for work and an iPhone or Android-based device is for play is an idea that Research In Motion wants to take on.

The company today announced a new technology called BlackBerry Balance that it says allows users to engage in both personal and work-related activities without compromising the safety of corporate information. For example, IT managers could create policies that will disable the ability for work information to be copied to e-mail accounts or Twitter, as well as lock down corporate data or files, so they cannot be used on personal applications. When an … Read more

Google launches Earth Builder for the cloud

Google's mapping-related announcements this week weren't limited to its expansion of MapMaker to the U.S.: On Wednesday, Google announced a new enterprise product called Google Earth Builder, which it says will help businesses process and handle geographic data so that they don't have to do it on their own servers.

"It lets you upload, process, and store your geospatial data in our cloud," a post on the Google Enterprise Blog explained. "Your employees can use familiar tools--Google Maps and Google Earth--to easily and securely share and publish mapping data. No technical expertise or … Read more

Storage start-up Tintri launches with $17 million

Tintri this week is coming out of stealth mode with a new storage system designed to solve the unique storage problems of virtual machines (VMs). Founded by the former head of VMware R&D, the company is also announcing it raised $17 million from venture firms NEA and Lightspeed Partners.

Storage has long been a lucrative market, heavily dominated by just a few players. The introduction of a virtualization-oriented solution brings new blood and a new approach to a rather stagnant industry. And, considering the enormous growth of virtualization, an approach that IT staff should certainly be interested in. … Read more

Seagate unveils new enterprise SSDs, hard drives

Seagate today announced its latest enterprise solutions, including two new members of the Pulsar solid-state drive (SSD) family, two Savvio 15K and 10K hard-disk drives (HDD), and the latest Constellation ES.2 3TB HDD.

The company says these drives "raise the bar in enterprise storage" by collectively offering the best of their class in terms of throughput speed, endurance, and storage space.

According to Seagate, both the Pulsar.2 and Pulsar XT.2 SSDs are the result of more than 200 years collectively of development and offer a 2 million-hour MTBF rating. The Pulsar.2 SSD comes with … Read more