As Chromebooks catch on, 2014 promises more models

As Chromebooks gain in popularity, device makers are gearing up for new entries in 2014.

Both Asus and Toshiba will enter the market, according to a report on Friday from Digitimes.

That report is backed by plenty of supporting evidence. The Toshiba Chromebook leaked when a review was posted prematurely. And the Asus Chromebook has been rumored for a while now.

And the list of Chromebooks for sale on Amazon is getting longer every month.

Dell will be offering a Chromebook later this month for the first time.

How popular are they? Well, Chromebooks, such as the Acer C270 and Samsung offering, … Read more

IE 11 snares 10 percent of desktop browser traffic

Internet Explorer 11 continues to catch on with Web surfers.

The latest version of IE grabbed 10.4 percent of all desktop browser traffic recorded in December by Web tracker Net Applications. That number revealed a huge bounce from the 3.2 percent seen in November and the 1.5 percent in October.

IE 11 initially popped up as part of the Windows 8.1 preview that debuted in June. A version for Windows 7 finally appeared in early November as an "important" update, paving the way for its adoption by a much larger audience. The December stats … Read more

Nginx upgrade funded by fans of Google's SPDY Web protocol

SPDY, Google's technology for speeding up Web browsing, is set to advance a step next month with support for the latest version in widely used Web site software called Nginx.

Three companies that like Google's approach -- Automattic, MaxCDN, and CloudFlare -- are funding Nginx developers to update its SPDY support to version 3.1, CNET has learned. Under the deal, SPDY 3.1 should arrive in Nginx 1.5 in January, a source familiar with the partnership said.

Nginx declined to comment on the plans, but its software supports an earlier version of SPDY and an upgrade … Read more

Google kicks toolbars out of Chrome Web Store

Google is kicking toolbars and other "multipurpose extensions" out of the Chrome Web Store in an effort to keep its browser's interface uncluttered and to protect users from unpleasant surprises.

The change will be disruptive to many extension programmers, but Google is giving them until June 2014 for existing extensions. New ones must abide by the new rules immediately, said Chrome engineering director Erik Kay.

"Extensions in the Chrome Web Store must have a single purpose that is narrow and easy to understand," Kay said in a blog post on Thursday. "While this has … Read more

Chromebase: LG's all-in-one desktop that runs Chrome OS

LG Electronics has officially jumped into the Chrome OS market. The electronics giant announced Tuesday that it would be unveiling its all-in-one Chromebase desktop computer during the upcoming 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

"Simple to operate for all types of users, the award-winning LG Chromebase computer represents the successful combination of simplicity, power and great design," LG's head of IT Business Hyoung-sei Park said in a statement. "LG Chromebase is the wave of the future for desktops, expected to be widely adopted not only at home, but especially in schools, hotels, call centers and other business settings.&… Read more

Google, HP recall Chromebook 11's original charger

Google and Hewlett-Packard have officially confirmed a recall of the original charger for the HP Chromebook 11.

Google announced on Tuesday that it will replace customers' original Chromebook 11 chargers for free. Customers who purchased the laptop before December 1 can fill out an online request form for a new charger. Google said it will mail qualifying customers a new charger along with a prepaid shipping package to return the original charger to be properly disposed. Google also reiterated that Chrombook 11 owners should "stop using the recalled charger."

HP and Google halted sales of the Chromebook 11Read more

Google Dart target: Chrome soon! Other browsers...someday

Minecraft is one of the most widely used games around these days. So it was notable when the programmer who wrote it, Markus "Notch" Persson, embraced Google's Dart programming language for Web apps.

"I love it," Persson tweeted in November, shortly after Google released Dart 1.0.

That's music to the ears of Google developers who created Dart to rewrite the rules of Web programming and, as they see it, to overcome shortcomings of the JavaScript language at the foundation of Web apps today. To fully succeed, though, Google will have to persuade a … Read more

Google convinces standards group to take on Dart

Just a month after Google decided that its JavaScript replacement language Dart was ready to be used by developers, standards group ECMA announced Thursday that it had created a committee with the goal of publishing specifications for the language.

The task now is for the committee, TC52, to create standards for Dart that developers can all agree to. Google said in its blog post announcing the Dart evaluation committee that it would collaborate with the "broader Web community" on Dart standards via TC52.

Getting ECMA to take on Dart is nothing to sniff at. ECMA is the standards … Read more

Google emulates 1980s-era Amiga computer in Chrome

The Amiga 500 lives again -- in Google's browser.

Google developer Christian Stefansen on Thursday resurrected a version of the venerable computer system from the 1980s in the form of a Web app that runs in Chrome. Forty-year-olds who want to relive their childhoods or younger people who want to see just how hard their elders had it can visit the Amiga 500 emulator for Chrome online, boot the machine, and play some games.

Chrome emulates the old operating system by a Chrome-specific version of the Open Source Universal Amiga Emulator. Stefansen brought its 400,000 lines of code, … Read more

Chrome Apps mosey on over to Macs

Google filled in a missing piece of its Chrome Apps puzzle on Wednesday when it announced it finally has added Mac support for its new app-ification of the Web.

Chrome Apps are Web apps that function even without an Internet connection, and they must be run in Chrome. They can display desktop notifications, they have access to Bluetooth and USB, and they can interact with digital cameras and other peripherals like native apps. But they also act like Web sites, with cross-platform syncing and in-app payments.

The ecosystem has faced criticism for "breaking the Web," an accusation that … Read more