Finally, HP announces a 27-inch Windows all-in-one

More than two years after Apple introduced its 27-inch iMac, HP will offer the first large-screen Windows-based competitor with its new Omni 27 all-in-one.

Available in the U.S. on January 8, the Omni 27 will start at $1,200. Configuration options will include Intel CPUs ranging from the Core i3 to the Core i7 series, with 4GB and 8GB memory variants discrete graphics chip options from both AMD and Nvidia, and up to 3TB of hard-drive capacity.

Respectable specs aside, the 27-inch display is the main attraction. HP is not using the same high-resolution, 2,560x1,440-pixel display as … Read more

Get an Epson all-in-one printer for $19 shipped

Update: Sorry to say that this deal is invalid. Apparently Epson never meant for this promo code to be released to the general public. My apologies for the confusion.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, if you wait for the Cheapskate newsletter to arrive in your inbox, it may be too late: the deal of the day might be over or sold out. I know this can be frustrating, but it's beyond my control. As always, your best bet is to visit the site in the morning, typically around 9-10 a.m. ET.

I mention that … Read more

Epson WorkForce 845 printer review: They should call it the WorkHorse

For $200, the Epson WorkForce 845 isn't meant for light-duty use; such would be a waste of its features.

On top of the standard printing, scanning, faxing, and copying you get with most all-in-one machines, this guy also packs in an 8-inch touch-screen control panel and two adjustable input trays that can hold up to 500 total sheets of paper (photo or otherwise), and you can connect it to a computer via USB or a wireless network.

You'll get the most use out of that last function, because it means you'll also be able to use Epson's e-mail print feature. Each WorkForce 845 has a unique e-mail address, so when you're away from the printer you can just attach a document to a message and send it off to that e-mail address, and it'll be waiting for you in the printer.

It works for office-friendly documents like presentations, Web sites, and spreadsheets, but don't take the "WorkForce" name too seriously--it's just as good for family members who want to send quick photos to Grandma, and you can use any device with an Internet connection to send print jobs.

None of those features would prove useful without the printing horsepower to back it up, and the WorkForce 845 certainly performed well in our speed and quality tests. No surprise there, as it's powered by the same print engine as the Editors' Choice Award-winning Epson WorkForce 840.

The WorkForce 845 topped the competition in three out of the four print speed tests we put it through, and we'd put its print quality up against any of the other devices on our Best 5 Printers list.

Still unconvinced? Check out our full review of the Epson WorkForce 845.… Read more

Samsung enters U.S. desktop market with Series 7 all-in-one

Update: Samsung informs us that it has updated its pricing breakdown for the Series 7 all-in-one, and it will offer only two models, a $999 Core i3 model that is exclusive to Best Buy, and a widely available Core i5-based unit for $1,199.

We didn't know what to expect from Samsung when it told us it wanted to meet to show off its first U.S.-bound desktop, the Series 7 all-in-one. Toshiba, the other newest player in the U.S. desktop market, introduced its by-the-numbers DX1210 all-in-one earlier this year, so we dreaded another commodity play. We also think of Samsung in terms of its battle with Sony in the high-end TV market. That left open the possibility that Samsung might run its desktop against those of its familiar competitor, and come to market with something like the woefully overpriced Sony Vaio L Series 3D Edition.

Imagine our relief when the 23-inch Samsung Series 7 all-in-one turned out to be neither of those things.… Read more

Toshiba expands all-in-one line with 23-inch DX730

Former laptop-exclusive Toshiba has introduced its second all-in-one desktop this year, debuting the 23-inch, touch-screen-equipped DX730. This new unit joins the 21.5-inch DX1210 which Toshiba introduced this past August.

Based on its specs, the $956.99 DX730 sounds like a competitive-enough all-in-one compared with other Windows-based touch-screen models in its price range. Toshiba offers a choice of second-generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs, a 1TB hard drive, 4GB of RAM, and an HDMI input for connecting external media components. Toshiba also highlights the DX730's Onkyo-provided speakers, giving this system a point of comparison against HP's … Read more

HP announces 15 new printers for consumers and small businesses

HP held its annual Imaging and Printing Conference in Shanghai today, where the company announced plans to build out its business imaging division with 13 new printers designed to grease the workflow for small to midsize businesses. Along with hardware announcements, HP also unveiled new consumer features like ePrint Wireless Direct that lets users print with a smartphone without the need for an Internet connection; an advanced HP Printer Control app (PDF) for iOS devices; and a twist on HP ePrint called SocialID, which lets you assign a custom e-mail address that makes it easier for multiple users to print in the cloud.

One of the new product offerings you'll see soon is the HP LaserJet M275 (PDF), a multifunction printer with new TopShot Scanning that's essentially the reverse of 3D printing: the scanner bed can capture a 3D image of any object placed on the top-mounted tray.

This workhorse laser targets SMBs, so it can only hold up to 150 sheets of paper, but it also features ePrint and is fully compatible with Apple AirPrint so you can output images and documents directly from your iOS devices.… Read more

HP expands its TouchSmart, Omni all-in-one desktops

HP has updated all of its consumer and business all-in-one desktops today, with new configurations of its Omni and TouchSmart lines. It is also the first new round of desktops since HP said it intends to "evaluate strategic alternatives" for its PC business.

The consumer all-in-one updates fill out HP's desktops across price bands. The TouchSmart touch-capable all-in-one line was previously limited to the high-end, $1,000 TouchSmart 600-series, and more-affordable TouchSmart 300 models. The new 20-inch TouchSmart 320 will start at $600 when it hits the market in October, and it will be joined by the $… Read more

HP Officejet 7500A e-All-in-One

Editors' note: CNET editors have not reviewed this printer, but as a service to readers we offer this compilation of experiences other publications and individual users have had with this product.

The HP Officejet 7500A is a wide-format, multifunction printer that can print, fax, copy, and scan documents larger than legal size (up to 13 inches wide by 19 inches tall). At $299.99 or less, several reviewers from tech publications consider it to be an affordable option for a small business or at-home office. The machine features Wi-Fi connectivity, a 2.4-inch LCD screen for previewing and selecting options, … Read more

Get an Epson WorkForce 840 all-in-one for $179.99

I didn't think I could love a printer. I mean, sure, I thought I might like the Epson WorkForce 840, what with its speedy printing, copying, scanning, and faxing and all.

But then, during my review, I kept discovering surprising and unexpected features. It has a 7.8-inch touch-screen interface? Two paper trays with a combined capacity of 500 sheets? 802.11n Wi-Fi?

Already, that's mighty impressive for a multifunction printer Epson has on sale for $179.99 shipped (after applying coupon code WELCOME9F at checkout). The list price on this model is $299.99.

So, yeah, I … Read more

Get a Brother wireless all-in-one printer for $49.99

I'll cut right to the chase: the Brother MFC-J270w all-in-one printer has a list price of $99.99, but Best Buy currently has it for $49.99. Shipping adds another $15, but you can save that cost by picking it up in-store. (What you probably can't escape, however, is sales tax.)

Even with those surcharges, that's a downright awesome deal on a device that prints, scans, copies, and faxes, and does so without wires. Yep, like all printers should, the MFC-J270w rocks Wi-Fi.

It also comes with a 1.9-inch color LCD (small, but acceptable for navigating … Read more