Report: Fujitsu to sell hard drive unit to Western Digital

Fujitsu is in talks to sell its hard disk drive business to Western Digital, according to a Japan-based report.

Western Digital is the second-largest hard disk drive maker in the world behind Seagate Technology. Fujitsu's HDD unit is ranked sixth.

Fujitsu would sell all of its plants--including those in Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines--for between 70 billion yen and 100 billion yen (approximately $660 million to $944 million), according to Japan's Nikkei news service.

This would be one of the largest business unit sell-offs for a Japanese electronics company, Nikkei said, adding that Fujitsu's hard disk drive … Read more

Western Digital Passports get bigger...in capacity

On Monday, Western Digital introduced its new 500GB capacity portable USB drive for its My Passport Elite and Essential lines.

Features for both of the USB-powered Elite and Essential lines include synchronization software that lets users sync their changes and protect their information with 128-bit encryption, as well as plug-and-play capability with gaming consoles to make it easy to play music and view photos and video files on a TV.

My Passport Elite portable drives are available in bronze, titanium, westminster blue and cherry red. Additional features include:

Capacity gauge that enables users to know at-a-glance how much space is … Read more

Dell has the Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop Computer (Intel Core 2 Duo T5750, 320GB HDD, 2GB RAM) for $1099, after a $400 Instant savings.

Dell has the Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop Computer (Intel Core 2 Duo T5750, 320GB HDD, 2GB RAM) for $1099, after a $400 Instant savings. >> Regular price is $1499 >> Sale price is $1099 >> Savings $400 (26.68%) >> Offer ends 9/15/2008 >> Click here for deal

Intel finally delivers a SATA solid-state drive

Intel finally announced its own SATA solid-state drive for notebook and desktop clients, and our secured lab has become a feeding frenzy of folks geeking out on the X25-M, just one of the SSD drives Intel introduced Tuesday at its Developer Forum in San Francisco.

The mainstream SSDs will come in 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch models and both will use standard multilevel cell NAND flash memory that will hopefully translate to a lower cost-per-bit for the consumer.

As of the time of this announcement, Intel hasn't released pricing. We're crossing our fingers that the company will eventually … Read more

Hard drive industry shows resilience

Despite industry leader Seagate's poor showing earlier this year, analysts say there's still plenty of demand for hard disk drives.

In the first quarter of 2008, HDD vendors shipped 137 million drives, which is 21 percent higher than the same quarter the year before, according to iSuppli, a market research company which keeps track of the industry. Those drives are primarily being snapped inside notebook PCs, other portable devices, desktops, and external drives.

Things weren't looking so good when Seagate reported its earnings in April, and revenue was below what analysts were expecting. But the demand for … Read more

The Iomega eGo portable hard drive can take a serious beating

It's been awhile since we've seen a ruggedized external hard drive come to the market. The last one we reviewed was the LaCie Rugged All-Terrain Hard Drive; it scored well in the speed tests and even withstood a 30-inch drop off a desk in nonoperating mode.

Iomega's eGo camo portable hard drive takes it a step higher and bumps the maximum drop height to 60 inches (5 feet), or so they report. Along with the standard read and write tests, we also took the liberty of performing a drop test to prove its toughness. The day we … Read more

Maxtor Black Armor: The Fort Knox of external hard drives

We first caught a glimpse of the Maxtor Black Armor back in January at CES 2008. Since then, we've been excited to get it into our labs for testing to see if it measures up to the rest of the market. After a few months of waiting, we finally got it and...not so much.

The Black Armor's No. 1 concern is data security. Like a little digital lockbox, everything inside the hard drive is protected by 128-bit government grade encryption that's built into the hardware itself, rendering the drive useless in the wrong hands. The owner … Read more

Toshiba's smallest, fastest hard drive is now bigger

Today, Toshiba announced a 1.8-inch hard drive that combines high capacity with high performance. The drive (model MK617GSG) gives you 160GB of storage spinning at 5400rpm. Other 160GB 1.8-inch drives have been chugging along at 4200rpm, until now. Expect to see this drive--and the single platter 80GB version of it--in mininotebooks in August. No details yet on how much of a discount these drives will offer over similarly sized solid-state drives.

Review: 2009 Dodge Journey

Crossover vehicles are all the rage. There is nary a midsize sedan on the market that isn't in line to be redesigned as a small wagon or SUV loaded with family-friendly options and sold as a minivan substitute. Into this fray comes the 2009 Dodge Journey R/T AWD, riding on a stretched Avenger platform and squeezing a third row of seats into the bargain.

So how does Chrysler, inventor and ongoing proponent of the minivan, fare in its effort to de-minivan the minivan? A lot about the Journey is good, especially the available interior electronics. It's available … Read more