Review: Fisheye Camera Lenses gives your photos a fisheye effect, or at least tries to

Fisheye Camera Lenses lets you create distorted images using one of the five different fisheye lens effects. While the end result is indeed a distorted image, the effect doesn't seem to be anything resembling the fisheye effect.

At around 500KB, Fisheye Camera Lenses installs in just a few seconds. The application features one large ad, but as it's on the top, it won't annoy you too much. The app gives you the autofocus option; you just need to touch viewfinder to focus. You can also zoom in or out using the slider to your left and change … Read more

Review: Knitting Chart Maker provides numerous tools to create knitting charts on iOS

Knitting Chart Maker allows you to create knitting charts and guides on your iPhone using a very accessible paintbrush tool. Combined with saving and sharing tools, this app allows you to put your knitting ideas down onscreen, quickly and easily with your iPhone. The screen size will prove to be a bit of a limitation for those that have trouble visualizing beyond what they can see, but it works well for those micro-adjustments you need to make to specific sections.

After installation, open the app and you'll be presented with an empty chart. Tap the paintbrush icon and you … Read more

Review: Zombie Yourself is a cute novelty, but is difficult to use

Zombie Yourself has some worthwhile creepy fun, but it will reject almost all of the pictures you try to use with it. If your picture isn't absolutely perfect, the app won't even try to turn it into a zombie. That, combined with the abundant ads, makes this sticker app tough to like.

This app lets you take a picture or use a picture already on your camera and cover it in wounds that make you look like a zombie. Unlike other zombie-making apps, you can't choose the marks; the app picks them for you and only lets … Read more

Apple 12 Days app offers 'Hugo' or 'Home Alone' for free

iPhone and iPad users able to tap into Apple's 12 Days of Gifts app can score a free film as Monday's treat.

Through the app, Apple has been doling out free downloads since December 26 and will continue playing virtual Santa until January 6. The gifts vary based on your country.

People in the US or Canada can download "Hugo," a 2011 film from renowned director Martin Scorsese. Folks outside the US and Canada instead get "Home Alone," the 1990 Christmas comedy directed by Chris Columbus and starring Macaulay Culkin.

The 12 Days app … Read more

Apple conjures up 'Once Upon a Time' pilot for free

Apple is sprinkling a little fairy dust for the second day of its 12 Days of Gifts app.

The app offers a new free digital gift every day from December 26 to January 6. Launching it today grants you the pilot episode to the ABC show "Once Upon a Time." Just open the app, tap on the button to View Gift, and then select the pilot episode to download it on your iPhone or iPad.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, "Once Upon a Time," or OUAT as it's known to fans, imagines … Read more

Review: Folder Factory for Mac makes folder customization as easy as drag and drop

Folder Factory for Mac allows you to drag and drop images and folders onto the app screen to customize the folder almost instantly on your desktop or in your file folders. While the app doesn't offer a lot of options or features beyond the image customization, it makes up for the lack of variety with sheer speed. This is a very quick app, allowing you to customize nearly any folder on your computer in just seconds.

After installation, open the app and you can immediately start customizing folders. There will be three empty spots onscreen. One is for the … Read more

Review: Kawaii Photo Booth offers cute stickers and a supporting editing suite

Kawaii Photo Booth is a great example of an app effectively using the ubiquitous Aviary editing tools to augment an original feature -- in this case a number of high-quality stickers. The stickers included in Kawaii Photo Booth are expertly drawn and very cute, a perfect fit for anyone that wants to customize their images to some degree. To supplement those stickers, the app uses Aviary's editing suite, which offers plenty of options for cropping, trimming, filtering, and customizing your photos when done with the stickers.

After installation, you can take a photo or load one from your device … Read more

Google Glass adds Hangouts, YouTube, iOS support in XE12

Google continued its promise to update Glass on a monthly basis by releasing XE12 on Tuesday. The last update of 2013 is packed full of features Glass Explorers have been requesting, and in some cases begging for, the last few months.

The update includes full support for Hangouts conversations with a single person or a group of contacts. Glass users can now share photos through Hangouts, something that was previously only possible with social networks.

Beyond Hangouts support, the ability to upload videos recorded with Glass directly to YouTube was added. A lock screen, Play Music improvements, and the return … Read more

Apple's 12 Days of Gifts starts a couple of weeks early

Apple might have promised 12 days of gifts starting the day after Christmas, but that hasn't stopped the company from going for lucky No. 13.

Apple on Monday released a free offer to those who have downloaded its 12 Days of Gifts app, giving consumers a free download of musical artist Lorde's "No Better" single. The offer also includes a music video for her breakout hit "Royals."

The 12 Days of Gifts app launched earlier this month with Apple promising that it'll give away 12 free gifts between December 26 and January 6. … Read more

Artist's 3D-printed shoes tell tales of past girlfriends

If you ever date artist Sebastian Errazuriz, be warned. He may turn you into a shoe one day.

Well, a shoe sculpture at least. In "12 shoes for 12 lovers," an exhibit now on display in Miami, Fla., Errazuriz reminisces about former lovers through 3D-printed high heels that convey a bit about each past inamorata. Apparently, there have been quite a few over the past 15 years, ranging from beloved girlfriends to one-night stands. … Read more