Prevent unauthorized use of material you share on social networks

"Going viral" is a sure sign of success for a video, image, or other post to a Web sharing service. But what happens when someone starts making money from the unauthorized use of your creation?

You establish your copyright on the material you create the moment you publish it. The simplest approach to enforcing your copyright on your creations is to send the infringing party a cease-and-desist notice. That's usually all that is required to have the item removed from the offending site.

However, if you seek to recover damages for the unauthorized use of your copyrighted … Read more

How to password protect your iWork documents

Apple on Thursday released updates for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. The update included a bug fixes and feature enhancements to the iOS, OS X, and iCloud.com versions of the apps.

One such feature included in the update was the ability to password protect specific documents. By adding an extra layer of protection to a document with a password, it ensures sensitive information will only be viewed by those it's meant for.

Adding a password to an iWork document -- no matter the platform -- is extremely simple, taking just a few taps or clicks.

Setting a password on … Read more

How to find and clip Amazon instant coupons

Have you heard? Amazon.com has coupons. You may have seen a random coupon here or there while shopping for toothpaste or sunblock, but there's actually an entire section of Amazon that's dedicated to coupons and it's not just for groceries and household goods. You can find coupons for electronics, pet supplies, toys, and other items.

No scissors are necessary to clip Amazon coupons and you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring them with you either.

To get started with Amazon coupons, go to Amazon.com, then click on the link at the top … Read more

Chrome: Save tabs to a pop-up window with Tab Killer

Admit it, you are as guilty as me when it comes to leaving tabs open -- sometimes for days at a time -- as temporary bookmarks in order to read or watch something later. These tabs make your browser a mess and occupy system resources. There are many tab managers but Chrome extension Tab Killer might be the easiest of the bunch to use, which means you might actually use it. It's not the most polished extension you'll come across, but it solves the problem it sets out to address and does so with minimal fuss.

After installing … Read more

Turn photos into reminders or links with Shoots & Leaves

Shoots & Leaves is a clever app with a clever title. Odds are your iPhone's camera roll is littered with photos that are not destined for a scrapbook or worthy of being included in your next iTunes sync. If you are like me, then you snap pictures of book covers in book stores as reminders to to investigate them further for potential purchase. Or you snap a picture of an empty ink cartridge so you know which kind to buy the next time you are in Staples. Or you snap a picture of a particularly good bottle of wine … Read more

How to control remote PCs for free now that LogMeIn Free is dead

Sad news: LogMeIn Free is no more.

For nearly a decade, it was my go-to tool for remote PC control -- not just my PCs, but also those of far-flung family members needing occasional help.

Alas, LogMeIn announced yesterday that, effectively immediately, there's no more free lunch. The next time you sign into your LogMeIn Free account, you'll have just 7 more days to use it. After that, plan on paying for a subscription.

Or not. LogMeIn wasn't the only free-remote-control game in town. Here are two other solutions for connecting to PCs from afar.

1. Join.… Read more

Use Launch Center Pro and Foursquare to speed up your check-ins

Launch Center Pro, the popular iOS automation app, takes advantage of third-party apps that have URL schemes. These schemes are nothing more than ways for apps to talk to one another in iOS, sharing information between one another.

Previously, Foursquare was listed as a supported app for Launch Center Pro, but it was removed after a recent update removed the URL scheme setup Launch Center Pro had been using.

By looking at the Foursquare developer documentation you can see that URL schemes are still part of the app, but they need to be more specific than in the past. Instead … Read more

How to watch the Super Bowl live

The high-octane Denver Broncos will take on the defensively strong Seattle Seahawks in this year's Super Bowl. The big game looks to be one of the best, and not just because it's the first time it is being played in a cold weather environment. Will Peyton Manning finally get that second ring, or will he fall to Russell Wilson and company? You will have to tune in to find out.

Super Bowl XLVIII will take place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., on February 2. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:25 p.m. ET, with Fox'… Read more

Send a breakup letter to your carrier, courtesy of T-Mobile

There's no question John Legere and team have done a tremendous job with helping to change and reshape the wireless industry as we once knew it. During CES, T-Mobile announced as part of it's Uncarrier movement, Uncarrier Part 4 to be exact, that it would start paying early termination fees for customers currently under contract with another carrier.

A brilliant marketing campaign has followed, with T-Mobile offering to help you "break up" with your carrier. If you're on Twitter and follow Legere, then you have seen the amount of photos he retweets from various customers … Read more

How to filter Google image searches by usage rights

Looking for an image online that you can legally and safely use on your own Web site? Google now makes it easier to find one.

A new Usage Rights filter is now easily accessible on your search results page, as tweeted by Google software engineer Matt Cutts. Here's how you can tap into it:

Run your search at the Google Images page, or just use Google's default search page and then filter the results by image. Click on the Search tools menu and then select the dropdown menu for Usage Rights. That menu offers five choices: Not filtered … Read more