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Apple unloads torrent of patches, plus the first iPhone update

If you own a Mac or an iPhone, chances are you'll need to download at least one of the security updates issued by Apple late Tuesday.

Dozens of vulnerabilities and bugs were covered by a total of six downloads for Mac OS 10.3.9 (Panther), Mac OS 10.4.10 (Tiger) on PowerPC, and the Universal version of Mac OS 10.4.10, as well as the server versions of each of those operating systems. Each download contains several patches to correct flaws, and Apple is recommending that all users of those operating systems download the updates.

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Apple shares drop--yet again--on rumors

I'm starting to wonder how many people are taking advantage of the Internet age, and the volatility around anything to do with Apple, to make some money.

Apple's stock fell $9.71, or 6.87 percent, to $131.72 during today's trading on the Nasdaq. The stock was up early in the morning, but started to fall around mid-morning Eastern time, apparently after rumors started flying that Apple was cutting its iPhone production goals in half.

At around 12:30 pm in New York, TheStreet.com came out with a report saying that financial analyst firm Miller TabakRead more

Kwality analysis.

Who else could it be but Rob Enderle!

AT&T has been cited as the primary reason people return the iPhone. The combination of being unable to get people into service in a timely way and how they treated the customers who were left waiting was one of the worst execution practices I've ever seen.

Well, it was pretty bad, but the Macalope knows you'll give AT&T a run for its money, Rob!

The other problem -- and likely more problematic if the iPhone is going to continue to set an industry pace -- was … Read more

AT&T and eMusic launch over-the-air music store

Today, AT&T and eMusic introduced a new mobile music service that will allow customers to use their cell phones to preview and purchase songs from the second largest online music seller, without having to deal with pesky PC transfers. The eMusic Mobile service gives AT&T customers access to a catalog of 2.7 million tracks from independent labels, and in addition to an over-the-air (OTA) download, a DRM-free MP3 file will also be available for download to your PC at no extra charge. Pricing starts at $7.49 for five tracks, which is about $1.50 … Read more

Another fix for stuck sliders

We previously reported on an issue where the iPhone's unlock slider gets stuck. That is, when attempting to unlock the iPhone -- as is necessary when waking the device manually, or when receiving a phone call -- the slider does not respond to touch, refusing to move across and properly perform an unlock. Our previously posted solutions include resetting, restoring and closing applications before locking.

It now appears that the fix, in some cases, is to simply press the Home button once before attempting to move the slider. Though the iPhone is ostensibly awake when the screen activates and … Read more

Worst lawsuit ever

You'd think that lawyers would be trained in the art of correctly interpreting the fine print.

Larry Drury, an Illinois lawyer, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of iPhone owner Jose Trujillo that claims Apple defrauded his client by failing to reveal that the iPhone battery was not user-replaceable, and that it would die after 300 charges. (Thanks, Gizmodo.)

"This case arises out of Defendants' purposeful and fraudulent concealment to purchasers of its iPhone cellular telephone that they will be required to incur an annual fee of $85.95 as part of Defendants' battery replacement program," Drury … Read more

Verizon and AT&T compete for wireless subscribers

A heated battle is brewing between AT&T and Verizon Wireless, the No. 1 and No.2 cell phone operators in the U.S., as they duke it out for new cell phone subscribers. And things will likely only get more intense as AT&T ramps up iPhone sales.

On Monday, Verizon Wireless, which is jointly owned by Verizon Communications and European cell phone company Vodafone, announced it had added 1.3 million net customers to its roster for the second quarter of 2007. Meanwhile AT&T, which reported earnings last week, racked up 1.5 million … Read more

Wii dominates iPhone in crane game war

The iPhone is one of the most lusted-after gadgets, but if the size of their respective crane games is any indicator, the Nintendo Wii is still the most coveted tech--at least on the Point Pleasant Boardwalk at the Jersey Shore. When I saw the iPhone crane game images on JoeyGadget last week (via Gizmodo), I couldn't help but think of my own summer Jersey Shore trip a few weeks ago, where I saw this incredibly large Wii crane game. While the Wii game clearly dominates in size, the iPhone game costs more per play--$5 per try for an iPhone and only $2 per try for a Wii. I also spotted some Xbox 360 and PS3 crane games during my visit, but they were the same size as the iPhone game and didn't get front-of-the-arcade treatment like the Wii game. And as you'd probably guess, I didn't see anyone come close to actually winning a Wii.

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