Keep your eyes on the windshield

We at Crave would never advocate speeding or any other illegal activity on the road, but we do think it's only fair that motorists get a fighting chance against overzealous, quota-driven traffic cops (this is America, dammit). Besides, this windshield speed projector can actually help you keep your eyes on the road, making it easier to dial a cell phone phone or watch a DVD while behind the wheel.

GlobalTop Technology's "GPS HUD Speed Meter" projects your miles per hour on the windshield so your eyes don't need to drop down to the dashboard for … Read more

A radar detector that yells at you

With so many distractions on the road these days--inside the car, as well as out--how is a person supposed to notice the flashing lights on the radar detector? Rocky Mountain Radar has found an answer to the sensory-inundated driving experience with the "C-450 Laser Detector."

Not only does it detect and scramble radar guns and beams, but Gadgetizer says the C-450 also issues a voice alert when police vehicles are within range. Does it help promote road safety? Of course not. But neither do cell phones and DVD players.

GPS or hockey puck?

Until GPS phones become commonplace, it will still be necessary to carry two devices if you want both capabilities. So Motorola apparently figures it will try to cash in on this inconvenience while it can, offering its T815 navigation device to work with your smartphone. Gizmodo says it puts maps on your phone and spits out directions, though it appears to be designed more for the car than for your pocket. We're going to hold out for a combo phone--with our luck, one of our kids would grab this thinking it was one of their hockey pucks.

RIM and Cingular announce BlackBerry 8800

Warm up those thumbs, kids: Research in Motion finally has announced the RIM BlackBerry 8800 that we've been hearing about as of late. Available through Cingular/AT&T, the BlackBerry 8800 is a full QWERTY device, and taking a page from its slimmer sibling the BlackBerry Pearl, it sports a new, sleek black casing, a trackball navigator, and a built-in media player for music and videos. The BlackBerry 8800 also has built-in GPS, so you can use it in conjunction with the carrier's TeleNav GPS Navigator service to get 3D maps and turn-by-turn driving directions right on … Read more

The Shadow knows hybrid tech and Rat Patrol styling

From Basra to Kabul, no environmentally aware burkha babe is going to be able to resist this 4x4, turbo-charged, hybrid, diesel-electric recon hotrod.

Created by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS,) the Shadow RST-V (Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Targeting Vehicle) boasts stealth, survivability and low mileage. That's big, considering that about half the military's money--and a third of its manpower--is devoted to hauling stuff around, 70 percent of that stuff being fuel.

The aluminum-bodied RST-V seats four (seating by Oregon Aero), does 70 mph and has a 470-mile range. Bulletproof windows and armor are optional. Weaponry includes your standard machine … Read more

Let Navy SEAL gear improve your golf game

The gnomes in the itty-bitty Swiss hamlet of Ibach have come up with yet another Swiss Army essential, the GolfTool. It features 10 tools, including a tee puncher ("for the frozen ground"), a groove cleaner and the perennial toothpick and tweezers. Of special interest is the accompanying range finder;good for up to 1000 meters.

Of course the Crave crew won't settle for that. So we asked ourselves, what would a US Navy SEAL use? Well, that would be the PLRF15C Pocket Laser Range Finder, also by Vectronix. This model, while lacking a toothpick and tweezers, will … Read more

GPS shoes redefine track

We're not all that big on the high-tech apparel trend, but if clothing can help save our lives, it'll get our attention every time. The GTXC "Xplorer" is a line of running shoes equipped with GPS transmitters. Beaming constant signals to show their location, they were designed to track the whereabouts of children and patients, according to Electronista. The shoes can send signals to cell phones and relay text messages if they stray beyond predetermined boundaries that form "virtual fences." Maxwell Smart would be proud.

XM gets into weather

XM Satellite Radio continues to branch out. It first went beyond its original remit of offering dozens of obscure radio stations with the introduction of XM NavTraffic, a service to drivers providing real-time information on congestion and traffic conditions. Now the company is getting into weather forecasting with its XM WX weather data service. The first standalone device to feature the new service will be the ONIX400, a joint collaboration between XM and Bushnell Outdoor Products that will let you listen to death metal tracks while checking the outlook for your weekend picnic.

The waterproof handheld device, which features a … Read more

Free real-time traffic reports? We wish

We've often thought that real-time traffic reports was an obvious use of interactive technologies, but for some reason they're still not universal. (These thoughts typically come to us while stuck on a freeway, which is often.) But a German GPS software company called Navigon says it will "radically change" this sluggish pace of development with a free service that will be offered with GPS services right out of the box, according to Twice.

The company, which is working with ClearChannel's Real Time Traffic, has made a deal with the Porsche Design Group as the first … Read more

Harman finds its way into navigation

Harman Kardon is best known in the automotive world for its audio equipment, but here at CES 2007, the company has taken a leap into the crowded world of portable GPS devices with the unveiling of its Guide + Play GPS-500. Like most portable navigation devices on the market nowadays, the GPS-500 is more than a digital wayfinder: it can play a range of audio (MP3/AAC/WMA) and video (MPEG-4/WMV9) media formats and will even display album artwork in glorious Technicolor. Media is played from a 4GB SD card that slots into the top of the bezel. Maps and … Read more