PS4 software update adds support for Sony's wireless 7.1 virtual surround headsets

Late tonight PS4 owners can download a new system update (version 1.60) that delivers support for Pulse and Pulse Elite Edition wireless stereo headsets to the PS4. At the same time, Sony announced the imminent arrival of its new Gold Wireless Headset, which launches "early this month," and like the Pulse headsets, offers 7.1 virtual surround sound.

The new headset also includes developer-created custom audio modes for specific for PlayStation games (the free Headset Companion App hits PlayStation Store in February), a noise-cancelling microphone for voice chat, and customizable faceplates. Sony says the Gold Wireless Headset … Read more

Windows 8.1 leaked update reveals PC-friendly changes

An update that could hit Windows 8.1 in March should prove more friendly to plain, old-fashioned PC users.

The update already had been revealed in January, courtesy of screenshots from Windows leaker Wzor. But now that update is making the rounds of file-sharing sites, allowing more people to peek at it.

One major change spotted by The Verge is a new title bar for Windows 8 apps. Clicking specific icons on the bar lets you close, minimize, and snap apps side-by-side, just as you can do with regular desktop applications.

Right-clicking on the Start screen displays a popup menu … Read more

Windows 8.1 Metro: Start or stop?

The Metro screen certainly has had its detractors. Is Microsoft now one of them?

The touch-friendly tiled start screen, aka Metro, that greets everyone in Windows 8.1 may be in danger of being demoted, if reports are to be believed this week.

One report claimed that Microsoft is testing a scenario where the OS boots to the desktop by default (not as an option), bypassing the touch-centric Metro screen.

Of course, it's merely a rumor at this point because no one really knows if Microsoft will in fact implement this when the Windows 8.1 Update 1 is … Read more

Microsoft could be ready to name new CEO

CNET Update won't forget to try Forgotify:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn more about the man who is expected to be named the new CEO of Microsoft.

- See why an Amazon Prime price hike could be good for Netflix.

- Change your Yahoo password after an attempted e-mail attack.

- Give love to neglected Spotify songs with Forgotify.

- Keep your iPhone screen covered with the Moshi SenseCover.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps, … Read more

Windows 8.1 update may default to desktop on startup

(Update: ZDNet is calling the report into question, saying, "if Microsoft did make skipping the Metro Start screen a default option, the company would give developers even less of a reason to write Windows Store/Metro Style apps.")

The expected update for Windows 8.1 could bypass the touch-centric tiled start screen and jump directly to Windows desktop, according to a fresh report.

The latest build for the Windows 8.1 update indicates that devices will boot to the desktop UI by default, according to Wzor.net, which has been leaking screenshots over the past several weeks.

This … Read more

Facebook unwraps Paper news reader app

CNET Update needs a Facebook app to manage all the Facebook apps:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn what Lenovo buying Motorola means for Google. Dive deeper with analysis on how it changes things for Lenovo and Samsung.

- Digest a blend of status updates and articles from Paper, Facebook's news reader app. (And along with Messenger and Instagram, there are more Facebook apps to come.)

- Get the first look at the PlayStation Vita Slim, coming to the UK on Feb. 7.

- Taste a sample of SwiftKey's keyboard on iOS with the note-taking app SwiftKey Note. … Read more

Xbox One rumors abound: March update, white console, and more

The Xbox One rumor mill is on overdrive. Word has it that the console could come in white, might get an update in March, will arrive in more markets, and could soon be available without a Blu-ray drive.

These speculations come via a report from The Verge, which has been checking out online forums and talking to inside sources. Chief among the rumors is a possible major update to Xbox One's dashboard. Apparently, Microsoft is working to fix various issues with the console's Live service. This update release could come as soon as March.

The Verge has also … Read more

Headphones fit for the Super Bowl

CNET Update is doing The Super Bowl Shuffle:

In this episode of Update:

- Keep score on the AT&T and T-Mobile war as the carriers throw cash at customers.

- Learn how much the Super Bowl-themed Beats by Dre headphones cost.

- Shazam songs and listen with Rdio in more countries.

- Stream songs on-demand with Spotify on Last.fm.

- Subscribe to Scribd's e-book service on Amazon's Kindle Fire.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, … Read more

HTC: Android 4.4 will come to HTC One, but a little late

You'll have to wait a little bit longer for that KitKat goodness to come to the HTC One.

In a letter to customers posted on its site, HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie said that the company would be a week or two late in delivering Android 4.4, known as KitKat, to the HTC One.

The company had a self-imposed deadline of updating its flagship smartphone with KitKat 90 days after the official release of the software. With those 90 days almost up, Mackenzie provided an update.

HTC previously said the update was being certified by all four of the major US carriers. … Read more

Google Glass adds prescription lenses, frames

CNET Update is wary of leaky apps:

In this episode of Update:

- Check out the new frames available for those that want to use prescription lenses with Google Glass. However, it's not available for those needing prescription lenses beyond +4 or -4. (I wear contacts with a -6 prescription. So that excludes me and many of my other bespectacled friends.)

- Get the latest report on the NSA, revealing how it collects personal user information from popular smartphone apps. (But one app maker denies it shares data with spy agencies.)

- Learn the new tricks on Twitter's Android app. (… Read more