Troubleshooting Apple's MobileMe Gallery app

We published a report last week about the release of Apple's new MobileMe Gallery app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now shortly after that, Apple has released a series of knowledge base articles that you might have missed. We'll go over those here and discuss some other problems users have encountered with the app.

Removing the Gallery app from your iPhone/iPod Touch

Apple advises that removal of the Gallery app from your mobile device will only remove the app, its cache of files, and its settings. Data in your MobileMe Gallery, located at… Read more

Browse safely with Internet Explorer

Unless you're brand new-to using computers, the recent news that an Internet Explorer hole was exploited in China-based attacks against Google Gmail users and dozens of high-tech companies was no surprise.

Lately, malicious software has increasingly targeted holes in media players such as Adobe's Flash Player and Reader PDF software, so the Chinese attack on IE is in some ways a throwback. Many tech pundits have responded by recommending against using Internet Explorer at all. The free and easy availability of alternative browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Apple's Safari, and Google's own Chrome would appear to … Read more

Fast fixes for two common copy-and-paste failures

Like many people who work for a company that's located hundreds of miles from their home, I rely on remote-access programs, specifically the Remote Desktop Connection utility built into Windows. I recently encountered a relatively common bug in the program: in the midst of a remote session, I lost the ability to copy and paste.

Closing and restarting the remote connection fixed the problem temporarily. A more permanent solution is described by Pinal Dave on the SQL Authority blog. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and click Start Task Manager. Choose the Processes tab, select rdpclip.exe, click End Process, and close Task … Read more

Troubleshoot MobileMe sync on Mac, Windows

If you ever need to troubleshoot a MobileMe sync problem, you'll need to access your MobileMe sync logs. While Mac OS X actively logs MobileMe sync data, Windows does not. Either way, this guide arms you with some good information to help troubleshoot MobileMe syncing problems on both platforms.

Mac OS X 10.6

You can find the MobileMe sync log file mobilemesync.log in the following location: ~/Library/Logs/Sync ("~" represents your Home folder).

You can always view a log file by using the Console application, like so:

Launch Console by double clicking its icon, located … Read more

Troubleshoot Microsoft Word printer problems

A colleague contacted me the other day with an odd problem: Microsoft Word 2003's default paper size was stuck on A4. Every time he changed the paper-size default back to Letter, it reverted to A4 with the next print job.

My first thought was that his printer driver needed an update. But driver updates often spell trouble, so I recommended that he look for the fix first in Word itself, then check Windows' print settings, and install a new printer driver only after the first two options come up empty.

Try a new template One potential cure-all … Read more

Troubleshoot Windows 7 upgrade woes

The consensus of experts is that Windows 7 is the best operating system Microsoft has ever released. I managed to perform a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate on an XP PC with no problems whatsoever, but not all Windows 7 upgrades go so smoothly.

In fact, I was getting ready to install Windows 7 Home Premium on a blank partition of my Sony Vaio laptop so I could dual-boot Vista and Win7 but was scared off by a handful of reports of serious upgrade problems. Call me chicken, but I count on my notebook PC and don't want … Read more

How lower Mac price points and Windows 7 will affect Apple troubleshooting

Rumors around the Internet continue to make mention of the possibilities of Apple initiating a deft attack, targeting the pending Windows 7 release. Advertisements are just the first step with Senior Apple VP Phil Schiller stating that the Microsoft OS upgrade process presents a "very good opportunity for us", which could very well include price reductions in Apple's lineup to better compete with low-cost PCs. Business Week reports that Apple is gearing up to lure PC users facing the daunting task of upgrading their machines to Windows 7 into Apple Stores to purchase a shiny, new Mac that "just works".… Read more

Apple releases iPhone Configuration Utility 2.1

Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility 2.1, released last month, isn't designed as an end-user troubleshooting tool--it's really meant to help enterprise users create configuration profiles for device deployment--but it provides three functions that can be very useful for troubleshooting or security.

1. It can uninstall applications directly from the host computer, which can be useful for removing stubborn apps that cannot be deleted directly from the iPhone. Some third-party applications can cause systemic issues, which can be resolved through their removal via a host computer.

2. It allows easy access to the iPhone's console log, which … Read more