Study finds passive 3D TVs superior to active

A new study comparing the two current types of 3D TVs available for sale, active and passive, finds that passive 3D TVs had superior image quality to their active counterparts. I was personally surprised by the finding, since I've found the opposite in my reviews comparing the two types of 3D TVs.

The author of the study, Raymond Soneira, is the man behind the DisplayMate evaluation and calibration software. I've found his past work generally on target and well-researched, with plenty of supporting labs-based observations. This study, encapsulated in an article called 3D TV Display Technology Shoot-Out, is … Read more

Use your Android to scope out and snipe enemies from afar

Army Sniper puts you behind the scope of a standard-issue U.S. Army sniper rifle, which you must use to pick off enemy troops from afar. Without your long-distance support, your unit has no chance of accomplishing its critical counter-terrorist mission.

Army Sniper's controls are extremely simple. Tap anywhere in the vicinity of an enemy to engage the scope. Then, tilt your mobile device around in space to adjust your aim. Tap the button on the right to shoot, the button on the left to slow your movements and make finer adjustments in your targeting, or anywhere else to … Read more

Ice-breaking game

Shooting Blocks is a free logic game from Adore Games. Its play and objective are deceptively simple, and the game becomes more challenging as players progress through the levels. In addition to helping polish your logical and spatial skills, it tunes the reflexes.

Shooting Blocks has the colorful look and smooth action of an up-to-date game, with a fantasy-based background image that we could replace with free images downloaded from the Adore Games site. Playing the game is as easy as clicking your mouse: Imagine stacked ice blocks, some of which are empty and others filled. You must click on … Read more

Fun video apps for iPhone

It doesn't seem that long ago when we would have to lug around a VHS camera to capture video of family events, vacations, and other memories we could relive later by inserting the VHS tape and hitting the play button on our VCRs. While it was a workable solution for capturing memories in motion, lugging around a video camera everywhere we went wasn't exactly practical.

Fortunately these days, there is no longer the need for fresh VHS tapes or making sure to pack the digital video camera because we have the ability to shoot reasonably good video right on our smartphones. With the iPhone 4's front- and rear-facing cameras, we have even more options for shooting videos, and with hundreds of cool video apps in the App Store, we have tons of interesting (and sometimes strange) options.

This week's collection of apps gives you some options for shooting good-looking videos. The first app lets you film the action from before you hit the record button, the second makes retro-looking videos using effects you control, and the last app gives you some professional options for shooting more-serious movies.… Read more

Shoot video like a pro

The hardware and HD capabilities behind the iPhone's video camera are impressive, but its built-in controls for shooting video are frustratingly primitive for more-experienced filmmakers, and the iPhone isn't always smart about handling factors like exposure and white balance. Filmic Pro gives your camera a new front-end for shooting higher-quality video, with professional tools for controlling exposure, focal point, and more.

Filmic Pro offers an interface that is clean and simple, and all of its controls run along the bottom of screen, making it perfect for keeping a steady thumb grip on your camera. On the left, you … Read more

Ready, aim, fire!

Bowmaster HD is the iPad adaptation of Bowmaster for the iPhone and iPod Touch, in which you fire arrows from a virtual bow at moving targets while competing against Robin Hood's "Merry Men."

Bowmaster's 3D, first-person arrow-firing interface works fairly well: you control the position of your bow with your left thumb, pull back on the string with your right thumb (lifting to release an arrow), and adjust your view up, down, left, and right by tilting your device. The game's premise is that you're trying to win a series of archery competitions against … Read more

Design a battle robot for Demiurge's new game

Aspiring game designers and robot aficionados unite!

One of the most prominent independent game developers in the Boston area, Demiurge Studios, is getting ready to launch its newest downloadable game, Shoot Many Robots, but not without seeing a few of your ideas first.

Announced to implore budding concept artists to show off their skills, the contest "Design Many Robots" asks creative minds to sketch their own vision of the ultimate battle robot by April 4.

The most creative and all-around awesome entries will earn a free trip to Demiurge Studios to see their creations come to life--not literally, of course.

But the victorious robots do get to appear in an expansion pack of the game, which is set to launch later this year. Assemble the full details and rules at … Read more

Get a Canon SD1400 IS camera for $149.99

In my experience, digital cameras generally give you 2 to 4 years of service before something breaks--and trust me, they're not worth fixing. (Usually the repairs cost nearly as much as a new camera.)

So if you're looking to replace a busted point-and-shoot or maybe just upgrade your clunky old 4-megapixel model, you've come to the right deal.

An outfit called eCrater has the Canon SD1400 IS (silver) for $159.99 shipped. It sells for $199 most other places, and I've also seen it as high as $229. And if you're into pink, Amazon has the SD1400 IS for $149.99 shipped.… Read more

Sony patent shows foldable grip for slim compacts

A common problem with slim point-and-shoots is that users with larger hands may find it difficult to hold and operate the camera. A recent Sony patent (PDF) for a foldable grip may just resolve this issue, and I have to say it is quite clever.

According to the diagrams, it's possible to increase the grip's surface area by pulling the front plate out sideways so it folds and becomes a grip. Presumably, this will also expose the lens and turn on the snapper, much like the Cyber-shot T-series shooters.

But as with all patents, this apparatus will remain … Read more

Quick! Behind you!

Clay Shooter Mania is a clay-pigeon shooting game that uses the iPhone 4 accelerometer and gyroscope features to make for a unique gaming experience, but you're going to need room to move around to play it.

One of the more-amazing features of the iPhone 4 when it came out was the gyroscope, which enabled users to move the device and view an object as though the iPhone screen were a window into a different world. There have only been a few apps so far at the iTunes App Store that take advantage of this feature (Eliminate: GunRange, for example).… Read more