Manage your family's schedule

Cozi Family Organizer helps you stay on top of your responsibilities by letting you access your calendar, journal, and to-do lists from the Web site. The idea behind was to create a place where you could map out your busy family schedule, keep appointments, and make your family life easier. On the site you have access to Living Simply articles about family life and tools to help you maintain your home, plan meals and grocery shopping, and much more. The iPhone app ties the experience together, giving you access to to-do lists, grocery lists, and a … Read more

Manage family schedules, play a 2D arcade game: iPhone Apps of the week

If you've been reading this column for any length of time, it should come as no surprise that I decided to buy an iPad last week. After reviewing the iWork apps on the iPad Apple loaned us for review purposes, I found that I could use it for both work and play. Now that I've had it for a week, I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

To me, buying the iPad was a pretty easy decision knowing that I would already be reviewing iPad apps for iPad Atlas, and (as I wrote in an earlier post) I … Read more

Shutdown solution

Have you ever found yourself waiting for your computer to finish a process so you could shut it down? Or do you find yourself leaving your computer on all the time, even though you know a healthy system needs to be restarted periodically? Auto Shutdown is a simple utility that allows users to schedule times for their computers to shut down or restart automatically. It's nothing fancy, but it's easy to use, and the scheduling is surprisingly customizable.

The program's interface is quite plain and intuitive, with a couple of tabs containing drop-down menus. Users simply select … Read more

The Vancouver games: Here's the app for that

After tonight's opening ceremonies, the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games will get down to business: skating, slaloming, bob-sledding, and all the rest of it.

Of course, it's always a challenge keeping tabs on the various events, which is why I'm tickled to have the free NBC Olympics app on my iPhone. Among other things, it serves up a complete interactive event schedule.

That schedule includes a scrolling TV guide so you can easily see what events are being aired during any given day--and on what station (NBC, CNBC, or Universal Sports). The app provides online listings as … Read more

Outlook PM Add-In

IQ medialabs' InLoox is a professional business utility that integrates sophisticated project management capabilities directly into Microsoft Outlook, the business world's standard e-mail client. It supports and enhances standard business-oriented Outlook features such as project planning, scheduling, and monitoring. Where it shines is in project management. It improves your ability to manage project resources, documents, and budgets with time, cost, and activity recording and enhanced team coordination capabilities.

Calling Outlook an "e-mail client" is a bit of an understatement since it's essential for planning as well as managing contacts and projects. Calling InLoox an Outlook Add-In … Read more

Things to organize your life

Things is a powerful, easy-to-use task-management app that can help you enter, organize, and act on items in your to-do list. Based on the popular Getting Things Done productivity method, Things gives you an elegant, streamlined interface--a classic, Mac-style multipane setup that doesn't require a lot of additional windows for its work flow.

Its clean interface even dispenses with columns, and you can use the app's flexible tag system for priority, task duration, or any sort of categorization that works for you. You can quickly enter new tasks from anywhere, using a system-wide shortcut, and you can include … Read more

Time-intensive timesheets

The publisher's description of Senomix Timesheets claims that it's designed for "engineering or project-based offices." We think this is a good thing, as it will likely take an engineer to figure out how to use it.

It's not that the program lacks instructions. The problem, in fact, is that the publishers have gone to the opposite extreme. Who has time to read a 31-page "getting started" guide? Better yet, who has time to read the full 84-page user guide, or the admin user guide, which weighs in at a staggering (and ridiculous) 256 … Read more

Project management program

Multi Project Planner offers a vast array of tools to manage complex projects. It has all that you need to oversee any project, but its overwhelming options may hold some back.

The program's interface is clean and useful but a bit disorienting from the start because of an embarrassment of riches: Multi Project Planner offers so many details that its commands are difficult to memorize. Even the tutorials are confusingly dense with instructions and examples. In the end, Multi Project Planner produces readable, multicolored charts showcasing every aspect of a project, from daily responsibilities of individuals to total man … Read more

Dear iDailyDiary

Keeping a diary was once something that all educated people were expected to do, but these days diaries are most often seen as small, ornate books with locking covers that are solely the possession of tween girls (and, occasionally, their little brothers). That's a shame, because there are a lot of reasons to keep a diary, both personal and for posterity. Owning a PC makes keeping a diary too easy, especially with excellent free diary programs like iDailyDiary from Splinterware.

The program's main page bears a strong resemblance to a word processor or a full-featured e-mail client such … Read more

Schedule helper

Scheduler for Excel is an adequate program designed for school scheduling. Though the developers claim that Scheduler for Excel can be used for any type of schedule, it really isn't set up for anything other than classroom teachers and administrators.

The program opens with a lengthy instructional file that was difficult to use. We wish the instructions were in a more user-friendly format for quick reference, such as an FAQ file or step-by-step guide with screenshots. The program's toolbar features a series of colorful smiley faces, each one corresponding to a particular school subject. This toolbar would be … Read more