The 404 742: Where we need to talk to our agent (podcast)

We're signed! That's right, Tim Geisenheimer is now our agent, so we trust he'll have our and not CBS' best interests at heart. With that in mind, we're asking Tim to get New York City's first chief digital officer, Rachel Sterne.

Boy, did New York City luck out. Sterne, a 27-year-old Columbia University adjunct professor, now leads the efforts to bring Gotham City into the 21st century. Sterne will focus on how city government uses digital technology to better communicate with citizens. We're thinking she's going to be tweeting and Facebooking all day long. She'll also handle the city's Wi-Fi password, so DM her when you visit and you need Internet.

In more tech news, word has leaked that Sony will be releasing details of the next-generation PSP2 this Thursday. Rumors thus far point to a touch OLED screen and 3G connectivity. All this makes us wonder how different the PSP2 will be from the plethora of smartphones out there.

In more video game news, Duke Nukem Forever, the video game that has been in development since our grandparents were growing up, finally has a release date and trailer. Gearbox, the game's developer, says the game will be released on May 3 in the U.S. and May 6 worldwide. Personally, we think the trailer has a few laughs but disappoints when it comes to graphics.

Finally, we've got some media news. Angry Birds will reportedly get an animated series, according to its CEO. WikiLeaks and Google are also reported getting movies after the success of "The Social Network"! Julian Assange seems like a character, but I don't know if Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be all that entertaining to watch in the basement of their garages.

If you've got a free moment, leave us a voice mail at 1.866.404.CNET (2638). Apparently, Wilson G. Tang and Jeff Bakalar did a pretty good job, along with Scott Stein and Dan Ackerman, hosting Friday's Buzz Out Loud. We know... shocking.

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Buzz Out Loud 1392: There is no Matrix (podcast)

Brian Tong returns from the islands in time for us to get collectively punked by a surprisingly elaborate rumor about Keanu Reeves and two more Matrix sequels. But that's nothing compared to the punking that is AOL's subscription service, which generates 60% of its profits and isn't needed by pretty much anyone who pays for it. Ouch. Plus, the tech bubble is our new drinking game and the white iPhone ... never mind. We're not talking about that damn thing anymore. --Molly

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Report: PSP2 to sport 3G, OLED touch screen

Sony could announce a PSP2 as early as this week, and if it does, the device could offer 3G connectivity and an OLED touch screen, Japanese news giant Nikkei reports.

According to Nikkei, the upcoming follow-up to the PSP will use its 3G connection to help people download content and play online games. However, the publication said that Sony is simply trying to "accelerate the convergence of mobile and gaming" and will not make phone calls.

Nikkei didn't say whether the 3G connectivity would be available outside Japan or how much it may cost. However, Nikkei said … Read more

GameStop: Buy two used video games, get one free

This is an update of a post I wrote a while back.

It's the weekend, so why not stock up on some new games (well, new to you, anyway) for your Xbox, PS3, Wii, or other system? GameStop is offering a buy-two-get-one-free deal on used (sorry, "preowned") games (and accessories!) for all consoles.

To take advantage of said deal, add three items to your cart, then apply coupon code BUY2GET1. Shipping will run you $2.99, unless your cart total tops $20, in which case shipping is free. (Sales tax may still apply.) The deal ends January … Read more

More reports PSP2 is coming next week

It's never official until it's really official, but there continue to be strong indications that Sony will unveil its next-generation PlayStation Portable game console on January 27.

This time Bloomberg News is reporting that two sources who have knowledge of the company's plans say the new handheld will be announced next week. At the press conference, Sony will also "outline a strategy to use its networked entertainment services to share games, movies, and music among handheld products, TVs, and other devices," according to Bloomberg, once again citing a source who wished to remain anonymous.

And … Read more

preGame 37: Dead Space 2

Today's preGame demo is for mature audiences only.

This week on preGame we're very pleased (and terrified) to bring you a live demo of Dead Space 2 a week before it hits store shelves. Isaac Clarke finds himself up against a horde of Necromorphs, this time while aboard the space station Titan.

But before we get into the gory details of Dead Space 2, we'll have first looks at two trailers for games about to hit, Mortal Kombat and Bulletstorm. We'll reveal the special surprise inside the Mortal Kombat trailer, a treat for PlayStation 3 owners. … Read more

Sony PSP2 concept designs (roundup)

With rumors heating up that Sony may soon unveil its next-generation PlayStation Portable gaming console, the PSP2, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the various concept designs folks have been posting on the Internet over the last couple of years.

Of course, some of the concepts are pretty far-fetched, but hey, give credit to the artists for letting their imaginations run wild. However, to keep things in context, here's a roundup of rumored features the new PSP2 (code name Veta) may have. As always, take these with a grain of salt, and you should also take into account that Sony is also rumored to be on the verge of releasing a PlayStation phone (may be named Xperia Play). The PSP2 and PSP Phone are supposed to be two separate products, but it's unclear whether Sony will unveil the phone or PSP2 first and whether they're indeed different products (they most probably are).

Either way, the Sony portable game console franchise is need of a boost after having a lackluster year and seeing sales drop off dramatically. Also, Nintendo is already showing of its new 3DS, which will be released in Japan on February 26 (March for the U.S.), so it behooves Sony to announce new PlayStation Portable products sooner rather than later. … Read more

The 404 738: Where we hit our first Milestone (podcast)

Natali usually guest-hosts with us on Thursdays, but issues with Miles' babysitter means she can only stop by for the first few minutes of today's episode. Today is Miles' second appearance on the podcast, so he's already following in his parents' footsteps, and Natali tells us he's even started using an iPad for games! He's acting more and more like Wilson every day...

Speaking of things we love, Chatroulette may have finally found a way to monetize the exhibitionists who expose themselves on the site.

The service just introduced a content control system that lets you flag anyone engaging in indecent behavior, and a user is banned if he or she gets warned too many times in a short space of time, which Chatroulette hopes will cut down on all the random genitalia marring the experience.

On the other hand, the service has also started redirecting flagged users to an adult Web site that gives Chatroulette a cash reward for every referral, netting the company $100,000 in monthly revenue. With only three people actually working the site, it sounds like Chatroulette's going to be around for a very long time.

After a long wait, the PSP2 might finally debut at a Sony event in Tokyo at the end of this month. Two gaming sites have reported that Sony will lift the curtain on its next-generation handheld gaming device that could feature a rear-mounted touchpad, an HD display, and a larger screen than legacy models.

No word yet on pricing, but we're hoping Sony will use the press conference to address the leaked images of a fabled PlayStation Phone as well! OK, fine, only Jeff and Wilson care; I'm still deciding whether to go with AT&T or Verizon for my next iPhone.

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Space love

Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded:

Spotify and Shazam team up to help you find and purchase music

Sony may be announcing a new PSP soon

Facebook teams up with the Amber Alert system

Google will start selling ads on music videos in mobile YouTube

Google launches Google Places for iPhone

Microsoft launches a Web and app building site called WebMatrix

A new report in the Journal of Cosmology discusses the specifics of mating in space

Reports: PSP2 to be announced January 27

The long-awaited PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP2) could be unveiled at a special Sony event in Tokyo later this month, reports claim.

Citing unnamed sources, gaming sites VG247 and MCV say Sony will unveil the updated portable on January 27. Details are slim so far, and Sony won't say for sure that it will show off the PSP2 at the event. It would only tell CNET's sister site GameSpot that it would be "sharing [its] business overview and strategy."

Rumors surrounding the PSP2 have been swirling for quite some time. In October, reports surfaced claiming the device would feature a touchpad on the back. It's also been reported that the device could feature an HD display and offer a slightly larger screen than current PSP models.… Read more