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Get a free year of Xbox Live Gold when you subscribe to Office 365

I've been an Xbox 360 owner for years, but I've never once purchased an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Know why? Because I don't play online multiplayer games, and I refuse to pay extra just so I can watch premium services like HBO Go and Netflix (which I'm already paying for, thank you very much). For that same $60, I could buy a Roku box and stream HD video to my heart's content.

Make no mistake, I love the Xbox, love the Kinect, love using it as a Media Center Extender. I just won't pay … Read more

Droid Maxx boasts two days of battery life

CNET Update takes it to the Maxx:

In this episode of Update:

- Examine Verizon's new Droid lineup and new software tricks from Motorola.

- Get discovered by Russell Simmons and his new label on YouTube.

- Score an Xbox Live deal as a reward for being productive on Office 365.

- Console the Candy Crushers, who may start to see ads for games in Facebook notifications.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps, and what's ahead. … Read more

Review: Documents Free is a fast, easy-to-use mobile office tool

Documents Free bridges a major gap for many iOS users, allowing you to create and open documents and spreadsheets quickly on your mobile device. With cloud integration, Wi-Fi transfers, and a universal app that will open your files on any device, you can easily work on the fly without having to transfer files into and out of numerous formats over and over again.

One of the smartest things the developers of Documents Free did was to strip it down to basic parts without removing every function. Apps like the iWork Suite take away too many options, while Office imitators have … Read more

Microsoft Office holds off on 'Metro style' till 2014

Microsoft officials are showing off a quick sneak peek of one of the coming "Metro-Style" Office applications today, during the opening keynote of its Build 2013 developer conference.

During the June 26 keynote, Microsoft officials are showing an alpha version of the Windows Store version of PowerPoint as a way to demonstrate that developers can build powerful "Metro-Style"/Windows Store business applications. The Metro versions of PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneNote are codenamed "Gemini," as I've blogged previously.

A Microsoft spokesperson told me this week that the new Gemini apps will be available … Read more

Get Kingsoft Office Professional 2013 for free

A couple weeks back I suggested that Kingsoft Office Free 2013 might just be the best Microsoft Office alternative you can get, especially if you need only the core elements: word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Kingsoft offers a Pro version, of course, one that includes more goodies. A one-year license normally sells for $29.95, but today only, Giveaway of the Day has Kingsoft Office Professional 2013 (Win) absolutely free.

Let me note right here that this version has just a few key benefits over its free counterpart: a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) editor, support for macros in the … Read more

Office for iPhone? Not without a subscription

CNET Update wonders if Clippy can help:

In this episode of Update:

- Get disappointed with the new Mobile Office app for iPhones.

- Practice saying the names of new Android-based video game consoles: M.O.J.O., Ouya, & GamePop.

- Bid farewell to ads in your Facebook search results.

- Double check your Android downloads for malware app impostors.

- End nagging notifications with updates to Google+.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps, and what's … Read more

A brief primer on Microsoft Office for iOS rumors

We can now safely say that rumors that Microsoft was working on a version of Office for Apple's iOS platform weren't false. They were just early.

But boy has it been a long road to Friday, when Microsoft made it official by releasing its Office Mobile for iPhone app -- which is officially dubbed "Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers" in the iTunes Store.

Reports that Microsoft was aiming to bring a version of its productivity software to Apple's mobile platform date all the way back to February 2010, just a few weeks after the … Read more

Microsoft brings Office to iPhones but limits its use

Microsoft inched a bit closer today to bringing the one app to the iPhone that's long been missing: Office.

The software giant on Friday released Office Mobile for iPhone in the iTunes Store. But don't get too excited, Office fans. While it's a free download, Office Mobile for iPhone will only work for subscribers to Microsoft's Office 365 Home Premium and ProPlus service. And it's optimized for the iPhone, not Apple's larger iPads.

"We don't view this as a standalone app," said Chris Schneider, a marketing manager in Microsoft's Office … Read more

Microsoft patches critical vulnerability in Office 2011 for Mac

Microsoft has issued an update to Office 2011 for OS X, which closes a critical vulnerability that may allow remote code execution from an attacker.

With this vulnerability a maliciously crafted Word document or e-mail message in Outlook (with Word configured as the e-mail reader) could give an attacker the execution rights as the current user, allowing them to arbitrarily run code on the affected system.

While this update is a run-of-the-mill closure of identified vulnerabilities, be sure to keep your system fully updated. While there are undoubtedly other undocumented vulnerabilities in software, malware developers often use known and patched … Read more

Google says it can predict movie hits based on search data

Curious about how well "The Lone Ranger" will fair at the box office? How about whether "Star Trek Into Darkness" will do alright overall?

This is information that Google now says it can predict with up to 94 percent accuracy.

The Web giant released a study (pdf) on Thursday that examines the correlation between Google searches and box-office performance. And, with people using search at an increasing rate (56 percent more in 2012 than 2011), it seems that Google's predictions will only get better.

"Moviegoers are now more actively discovering and exploring their film … Read more