E3 buzz much louder this year, says Nielsen

According to media ratings and research company Nielsen, E3 is generating online buzz at a level 59 percent higher than last year. The key driver is interest in Nintendo's successor to the Wii console, which is expected to be revealed on Tuesday, June 7.

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The buzz level was measured by counting the number of messages from blogs, Twitter, and message boards during April and May of 2010 and 2011, and Nielsen says that 22 percent of this year'… Read more

Android users download the most data

Users of Apple's iPhone typically do a bit more with their phones, but Android owners are grabbing the largest amount of data each month, according to a study released yesterday by Nielsen.

Analzying almost 65,000 cell phone bills in the U.S. during the first quarter of the year, Nielsen found that Android users on average gulped 582MB of data each month, compared with iPhone users, who grabbed 492MB of data.

The difference in data usage is significant because iPhone users seem to do slightly more with their phones.

The study discovered that 79 percent of iPhone owners … Read more

Nielsen: Tablets are hot, but few actually own one

Led by the iPad, the tablet market has taken off with a bang, but even with all the hoopla, less than 5 percent of U.S. consumers polled by Nielsen actually own one.

Tablets represent a huge potential money maker for the industry based on what consumers will pay not just for the device but all the content they need and want. Yet Nielsen's data, presented at the paidContent Mobile conference this week, shows that it's a market with considerable room to grow.

Adoption of tablets has risen over the past year to 4.8 percent in this … Read more

Android Atlas Weekly 46: Desire and the Cute Girl Index

Nielsen thinks that Android phones are finally more desirable than iPhones, but Antuan could have told you that based on less than scientific observations. Justin shows us a phone that he does not desire, the HTC Droid Incredible 2. The unlikely Barnes & Noble Nook Color is rapidly becoming the most desirable Android tablet thanks to a new firmware update. Meanwhile, Motorola plans to give hardcore users what they truly desire, quad-core processors and more hacker friendly Android phones. All of that plus more news and the answers to your emailed questions on this week's episode of Android Atlas … Read more

Nielsen: Desire for iPhone slips as Android gains

Last year, the iPhone was easily the most desired smartphone on the market. But during the first quarter of 2011, that wasn't necessarily the case, a new study from Nielsen has found.

According to the research firm, 31 percent of U.S. mobile consumers plan on buying an Android-based smartphone in the next year. Nielsen found that 30 percent of respondents plan to get their hands on an iPhone in the next 12 months. RIM's BlackBerry smartphones and Windows Phone 7-based devices were desired by 11 percent and 6 percent of the respondents, respectively. Surprisingly, 20 percent of … Read more

Android is No. 1 OS, but Apple, RIM rule devices

Google, Apple, and RIM are all vying for the top spot among the smartphones. But which one is dominant depends on whether you look at operating systems or devices, according to new data from Nielsen.

Among mobile operating systems, Google's Android has surged into first place in the United States, grabbing 29 percent of the market, compared with 27 percent for Research In Motion's BlackBerry OS and 27 percent for Apple's iOS.

That left a 10 percent share for Microsoft's Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 combined, 4 percent for HP's Palm WebOS, and 2 … Read more

Netflix's shares soar on Android, Nielsen news

Today is one of those days when investors who sensed Netflix's potential years ago but didn't buy in may be kicking themselves.

The Web's top movie-rental service today saw its shares soar 7 percent to $247.55, and set a new all-time high for the company. Netflix shares have steadily risen since January 26, when the company posted fourth-quarter earnings that featured big gains in profits and subscribers.

Since then, Netflix shares have climbed more than 30 percent.

Sure, the news today about how Qualcomm will help enable Android handsets to playback Netflix's streaming video had … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1389: Steve says Comcast/NBCU will be ok (podcast)

On today's show, we've got a new meme, new details about the Comcast/NBCU merger, and new comments from Apple dismissing Android tablets as both "bizarre" and "vapor." Ok, guys, whatever you say. Verizon offers $200 off iPhone 4 upgrades, in case that takes the sting out a little, and we discuss the rise of universal app stores, consumer confusion over 4G, and sharks in the streets of Australia. It's a wide-ranging show, folks. --Molly

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Apple, Android 'most desired' smartphone systems

It should come as no surprise that Apple and Android are the two "most desired" smartphone systems, according to a new Nielsen survey of mobile phone users. But the results vary a bit based on the people who were surveyed.

Among current smartphone owners questioned by Nielsen, the survey results out today show that 35 percent are looking to buy an iPhone as their next device, while 28 percent plan to go for an Android phone. But among those who currently own a feature phone and want to upgrade to a smartphone, 25 percent are eyeing an iPhone … Read more

The 404 717: Where we don't call you Shirley (podcast)

Before we get into today's Cyber Monday madness, we're taking a moment to pay tribute to Leslie Nielsen, who passed away yesterday at age 84 from pneumonia complications. His repertoire includes some of our favorites, like the "Naked Gun" series and of course "Airplane"--RIP to one of the most influential comedians of our time.

Today is Cyber Monday, the magical post-Thanksgiving day when online stores slash their virtual prices to give shoppers a hint of what happened in person on Black Friday.

According to Coremetrics, online sales on Black Friday went up 15.9 percent from last year, thanks to social-networking Web sites spreading the instant word on shopping tips and real-time inventory updates. The company also noticed a rise in "surgical shopping," with people focusing on specific products instead of randomly browsing.

Check out CNET's Cyber Monday Gift Guide to stay updated on today's best deals, including $89 Amazon Kindle e-Readers, console and computer games starting at 90 cents, and more.

Wilson also surprises us with a 4Loko that he picked up this morning for breakfast. The FDA actually banned all eight flavors as of this week after several kids died from alcohol poisoning, also called the Four Loko "aftereffects." Think we're kidding? Check out what happens to the dude who goes on a 24-hour Four Loko Diet.

Plenty of voice mails to play today, with special thanks to Blake Stevenson for making us this poster featuring MC TerrorByte and the Yu Tang Clan! Blake became the unofficial 404 artist after winning our 404 logo competition, so be sure to add him on Twitter and fan him up on Facebook!

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