Super Bowl to be streamed live in U.S.

The Super Bowl is coming to a computer near you. Live.

The NFL announced today that for the first time, it will stream the broadcast of its championship game--said to be the most-watched TV event in the world--making it possible for anyone with an Internet-connected computer or a Verizon mobile device to watch the game as it happens.

The Super Bowl, which is scheduled to be played between the winners of the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference on February 5, will be available on both NFL.com and NBCSports.com, the league said.

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The 404 961: Where we've got a Twitch in our eye (podcast)

There's plenty of live video broadcasting platforms to choose on the Web these days, but today we're chatting with one of the pioneers.

Justin Kan is one of the co-founders of Justin.TV, and he drops by our studio today for a full episode about the origins of life streaming and how the site paved the road to Justin's new project for live video gaming, TwitchTV.

We'll also talk to Justin about his participation in Y Combinator, a start-up incubator that helps green entrepreneurs through the first three months of genesis.

The boot camp gives founders the seed funding they need for general living expenses, allowing them to focus on the business idea. YC also guides them through the media pitching process and how to grab the attention of venture capitalists and seed investors.

Some of the headline-grabbing companies to grow from Y Combinator include Scribd, Loopt, Grubwithus, and Justin.TV itself.

Tune in to hear about how TwitchTV is bringing competitive gaming to a much larger audience, not to mention a few tips on what it takes to earn a spot in the next Y Combinator batch!… Read more

The 404 901: Where the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows (podcast)

Remember the "Tourist Guy" meme that popped up on the Internet after the attack on September 11? After 10 years, we finally have a name of the guy who started the hoax--35-year-old Hungarian Peter Guzli visited the World Trade Center back in 1997 and Photoshopped himself in front of the oncoming plane, fooling a lot of people into believing his lie.

On today's 404 Podcast, we'll explain all of that and dig into some tech stories that surfaced this weekend, like the NBC Twitter page hack on Friday, video game manufacturers getting huge tax breaks, and a study that claims "Spongebob Squarepants" may be dangerous to your children's mental development.

The 404 Digest for Episode 901

NBC News Twitter hacked! Hungarian apologizes for 9/11 hoax. Rich tax breaks bolster makers of video games. Science says Spongebob is killing your kids' brains. Video Voice Mail: Alessandro and his wife brushing their teeth in bed! Video Voice Mail: Kokesh will do anything to get on the air! Justin's Daily Bathroom Entertainment: Tickling a camel.

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Watch free full-length TV episodes with NBC, TNT iPad apps

Your iPad just took two big steps closer to replacing your TV--or at least your Hulu Plus subscription. Last week, NBC released an updated version of its iPad app, allowing users to view full-length episodes of pretty much every show in its lineup.

That means you can stream "30 Rock," "America's Got Talent," "Community," "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," and, when they debut, new shows like "The Playboy Club" and "Whitney." All this happens totally free of charge, and with surprisingly minimal commercial interruption.

For example, I … Read more

NBC News Twitter account hacked

Hackers compromised the NBC News Twitter account today and sent several fake tweets from the account about an attack on Ground Zero reminiscent of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

"Breaking News! Ground Zero has just been attacked. Flight 5736 has crashed into the site, suspected hijacking. More as the story develops," was the first tweet this afternoon. It was followed by two others, including one that started "This is not a joke."

The fourth tweet said "NBCNEWS hacked by The Script Kiddies."

An e-mailed NBC News statement said: "The NBC News twitter … Read more

The 404 891: Where we are total losers (podcast)

Writer Caprice Crane joins us in the studio today to tell us what it's like writing for shows like "90210" (2.0) and "Melrose Place." She also gets life-changing news halfway into today's preshow, so tune into Monday's show to find out how to win a copy of her book, "Little Luck."

Caprice also has a new Web site for self-deprecating stories called I'm A Total Loser, and she sticks around in the second half to give us her take on stories about social networking leading to drug abuse, a peer-to-peer alarm clock that smells like Chatroulette, and how social networking is blowing the cover of covert police officers.

The 404 Digest for Episode 891

Huffington Post named Caprice Crane the top 50 funniest on Twitter. I'm a Total Loser Newsflash: Social networking leads to drug abuse. Social media could render covert policing "impossible." National Lampoon names Caprice Crane " Twitter Queen." Follow Caprice Crane on Twitter.

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Comcast gets boost from NBC Universal

NBC Universal gave Comcast a boost in the second quarter as the cable operator announced a 16 percent jump in profits.

Comcast also said it lost fewer pay-TV subscribers and saw broadband subscriber growth surge, besting its phone company rivals.

Net income rose to $1.02 billion, or 37 cents a share, from $884 million, or 31 cents a share, a year earlier, Comcast said in its second quarter earnings statement. Excluding certain costs, profit was up about 17 percent to 42 cents a share.

The company got a boost its NBC Universal unit. The second quarter was the first … Read more

Netflix, NBC renew contract; more shows for streaming

While everyone continues to go mad over the Netflix price hikes, at least the online rental service is holding on to some of its Hollywood studio contracts and adding more content.

However, some of that new content will likely not be enough to please subscribers who are upset over the fact that unlimited DVD rental plus streaming plans start at almost $16 now.

Netflix recently lost a whole slew of Sony-owned content from its digital library, and it's had issues with other studios and networks, namely Showtime, in the last year. Considering many subscribers and the media can now … Read more

Reports: Hulu mulls sale after receiving buyout offer

Hulu apparently has a suitor and the video portal is considering whether to sell, according to reports from CNBC and The Wall Street Journal.

CNBC added that whoever the prospective buyer is, it isn't Google.

The LA Times, meanwhile, says that Yahoo has approached Hulu about a possible acquisition. It also reports that Hulu's board of directors has not met to consider any offers.

Originally founded by News Corp. and NBC Universal, Hulu later saw Disney become a partner. The service streams TV shows and movies over the Internet.

Hulu was an instant hit when it launched in … Read more

Comcast delivers solid first quarter

Cable giant Comcast reported solid first-quarter results as it continues to add high-speed Internet customers at a good clip.

Comcast reported first-quarter earnings of $943 million, or 34 cents a share, on revenue of $12.13 billion, up 31.8 percent from a year ago. The results include two months of NBC Universal results. Excluding transaction costs related to NBC Universal, Comcast reported earnings of 36 cents a share. The earnings were 2 cents per share ahead of Wall Street estimates.

High-speed Internet revenue showed solid growth as revenue surged 8.8 percent to $2.1 billion. Comcast's video … Read more