iWork for iPad adds iOS 4.2 support: Multitasking, AirPrint, more

Coinciding with Apple's release of iOS 4.2, iWork for iPad gets an update, adding support for iOS 4.2 features such as multitasking, AirPrint, and several other enhancements.

iOS 4.2 fixes a font compatibility issue when exporting PDF formatted documents from Numbers, Keynote, or Pages for iPad which should help when sharing documents to Windows-based systems.

Keynote 1.3 now includes a Presenter Display option, allowing presenters to display the current or next slide or their presenter notes on the iPad when it is connected to an external display or television. Keynote also received performance updates when … Read more

Macs get more like iPads

A few months ago, we wondered how iOS could make its way into OS X. Apple was clearly thinking the same thing, because the summer 2011 release of OS X Lion looks like it's going to make Macs very iPad-like indeed.

First and foremost, an App Store will be hitting the Mac "within 90 days" according to today's Apple keynote, with software updates and much of the same look and feel as what exists on the iPad. It looks as if the Mac App Store will focus on Mac-specific apps, but it can't require too … Read more

Game Center finally arriving in iOS 4.1

Ever since Apple's spring run-down of iOS 4, we've been curious about Game Center, Apple's attempt to add an across-the-board social gaming dashboard for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple left it out of iOS 4's release, but it will finally be available for free next week as a download after the release of iOS 4.1, and will appear on iOS 4.2 on the iPad.

Game Center was given a quick demo at today's Apple music event, and it seems to offer some actually useful features. While social multiplayer services such as OpenFeint … Read more

Making the switch to Apple? Get the perfect setup

With the undeniable popularity and success of the iPhone 4 (despite the antenna debacle), iPad, and ever-increasing Mac sales, Apple is gaining customers faster than ever. If you're thinking about making the switch, this could be your perfect setup.

Component one: iPhone 4 Now in its fourth iteration, Apple's iPhone has forever changed the mobile phone landscape by thrusting touch-screen technology to the tips of every tech geek's tongue and every consumer's wish list. Despite its early and somewhat overblown issues, iPhone 4 has had record-setting sales. With the exception of the complaints from a vocal minority regarding its antenna, … Read more

The 404 597: Where we're getting FaceTime with the Apple iPhone 4 (podcast)

Don't call it the 4G or the 4HD. The Apple iPhone 4 is here and Gizmodo ruined the surprise. As predicted, the new handset has *almost* all of the rumored features, including a 960X640 resolution display, a bigger battery, HD video recording and editing, a three-axis gyroscope, an upgraded 5MP rear camera, and a front-facing camera for use with Apple's new video chat program FaceTime.

Apple's new Retina display promises 4X improvement over the current screen, and Steve's demo screenshots show significant improvements to text and images, but CNET's own TV expert David Katzmaier takes issueRead more

3D projectors

It's a slightly slow news day, considering Monday was the Apple keynote.

As anyone who loves technology knows, an Apple keynote is like the Super Bowl. No one expects to make much noise in the sporting world immediately following the biggest game of the year.

Nevertheless, there are still news stories moving and shaking. From Tuesday morning's edition of Loaded:

• Apple launches Safari 5 for Mac and Windows PCs

• Adobe partners with Greystripe to bring Flash to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in a roundabout way

• Sanyo shows off 3D projectors

• Nike launches … Read more

iWork apps unveiled for the iPad

Today's Apple event obviously had the new iPad (latest news, screenshots, and specs here) as its main focus, but there were also hints of new software releases optimized for the iPad. We saw the unveiling of iBooks, a book reading software connected to Amazon for book downloading and reading on the nearly 10-inch touch-screen interface. But Apple had another software surprise as well, with downloadable iWork apps made specifically for the iPad interface.

During the presentation, Steve Jobs demonstrated new iWork apps optimized for the iPad's unique interface. All three of the main iWork apps will be available … Read more

Annotation, subsidies could and should be Apple's 'killer apps'

Though everyone has been thrilled about the possibilities of today's Apple tablet announcement, the functional purposes and affordability of such a device could be the biggest sticking points.

How much people will pay for a tablet seems predicated on how many devices they already own, and more importantly, how much an additional 3G data plan could cost for a device that wouldn't act as a phone for most people.

To this point, we wonder: could a publisher offer a subsidized Apple tablet to long-term subscribers of normally higher-cost publications such as newspapers or weekly magazines? If Apple's … Read more

Would you share your tablet?

This week's Apple tablet rumors are incessant and ever-mounting, but a big rumor rundown from the Wall Street Journal that posted late last night introduced several new wrinkles to the expected Apple tablet, the most notable in my eyes being the use of the tablet as a "shared media device."

According to sources, not only will the tablet (or iWhatHaveYou) aim to reinvent the concept of shared media, but the device will focus on multi-user sharing, with concepts such as sticky notes and a camera that could identify the user and, possibly, bring up their personalized content. … Read more