How to recover your iTunes account ID

If you have regularly used iTunes to purchase music and movies, then you may have a significant collection of titles that are tied to your specific iTunes account. However, if you have used more than one iTunes account, then you may run into trouble if you cannot remember the account ID you used to purchase the items.

At the very least, if the songs are DRM-protected and you have not authorized your system to play them, then iTunes will present you with a notice to log in to your account before it will play them.

While Apple offers a quick … Read more

My iPhone 5's got a V-8

For the last week, my iPhone has been sporting a case designed to look like an engine's head gasket. The maker, Id America, calls it a V-8, but as I've only got one phone, it's a four-banger.

The Gasket V8 case, as Id America calls it, is a nice variation on the competition, usually plastic or rubber with decorations consisting of simple prints and decals. This one is made of metal stamped through with four cylinder holes and apertures for cooling, oil, and bolts.

For variation, it comes in silver, charcoal, red, yellow, or blue. You will … Read more

Apple's two-step ID verification expands to more countries

Apple expanded the reach of one of its strongest security features to more users this week, following a limited rollout earlier this year.

Apple's two-step verification for its Apple ID account system is now in more than a dozen additional countries beyond the five it launched with in late March, 9to5Mac reports. Some of those newer countries include Canada, Mexico, Russia, and Italy.

The system sends a four-digit passcode by text message to a user's phone and must be used on top of a regular password. In practice, this could keep an account from being compromised by an … Read more

Phishing for Apple

To paraphrase an old expression: Give a man an apple and you feed him for a day; teach a man to phish apple IDs and you feed him for a lifetime -- with stolen data. That's what some bold phishers are hoping for, according to a new report by security intelligence company Trend Micro, which documents a major phishing scam that has already compromised 110 sites in a plan to steal Apple IDs.

According to Trend Micro, all of these sites are "hosted at the IP address, which is registered to an ISP in … Read more

Device ID 1.0 Review

Do you know how to find your Android ID? Do you know what it is? It's not your serial number, IMEI, or Build number. It's a unique device identifier that can be harder to find than your car keys, if you don't know where (and how) to look for it. We're well aware that most developers pride themselves in being able to do things the hard way, but if for any reason you should need your Android ID, by far the simplest way to obtain it is to run Android Device ID. This free app extracts … Read more

Microsoft rolling out two-factor authentication

There have been hints for the past week-plus -- courtesy of -- that Microsoft was poised to roll out two-factor authentication for its Microsoft Accounts. On April 17, Microsoft did just that.

The company is calling this security process "two-step verification." Microsoft is making available two-step verification across all products and services accessible via a Microsoft Account. This includes Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox,, SkyDrive, Office, and more. The rollout will be happening over the "next couple of days," according to the company.

(Microsoft Account is the new name for Microsoft's Live … Read more

Track blocked calls and texts on Android with Current Caller ID

When someone can't take the hint and keeps calling or texting you, it might be time to disable their ability to do so. The Android contact app allows you to send callers directly to voice mail, which is fine in most cases; however, if you're still getting flooded with voice mails, or even texts, Current Caller ID can help.

The app's new blocking feature -- suggested by users to WhitePages -- will let you quickly send callers to voice mail without fumbling through the contacts app, or perform a pickup and hang up operation when they call. … Read more

Apple ID password reset exploit reportedly in the wild

A new exploit lets anyone who knows your birthday and e-mail address reset your Apple ID password, according to a new report.

The exploit, described by The Verge though not posted publicly, makes use of a special URL that gets around the need for a security question, a security measure Apple put in place on all Apple ID accounts last April.

The reported exploit does not work on accounts with two-step verification enabled, which Apple introduced yesterday, and does away with the security question in favor of sending a four-digit PIN code to a cell phone that needs to be … Read more

How to set up two-step verification for your Apple ID

Apple took a big step in helping Apple ID users in securing their accounts this week with offering two-step verification.

Two-step verification (or authentication as it's commonly referred to) adds an additional barrier of security between would-be hackers and your account. The extra barrier comes in the form of a four-digit code, which will be sent to a device of your choosing via the Find My iPhone app or SMS, after you've entered your password.

Step one: To add the extra layer of security to your account you'll need to visit the Apple ID settings page on … Read more

Apple adds two-step verification option for Apple IDs

Apple today added an extra layer of security to its Apple ID system that can harden the password people use to log in to various Apple services.

Users with an Apple ID can now sign up for two-step verification of their password, a system that sends a four-digit passcode by text message to a user's phone, and must be used on top of a regular password. In practice, this could keep an account from being compromised by an attacker, unless that person had access to the mobile device too.

The move comes a little less than a year after … Read more