Create folders with Desktop Groups

Desktop Groups is a simple app you can use to create folders on your desktop that can contain any number of files. Designed to help clean up the clutter on your desktop, Desktop Groups lets you create as many folders as you wish, add or delete files in a folder, and move the folder and all its contents around as you need. There is a free version of the app called Desktop Groups Lite, while the full version is sold for $5.99.

Installing Desktop Groups is easy and the app runs cleanly. You can create folders with any title … Read more

Folders for your desktop, made easy

Desktop Groups Lite is a free version of a paid ($5.99) app that lets you create folders on your Mac's desktop. Desktop Groups Lite lets you create a folder and drag and drop files into it, or drag them out, to manage the folder's contents. The app installs quickly and easily, but the free app is limited to five folders total.

A clean desktop is a necessity for some; others like a wild collection of icons scattered all over. If you fall into the first category, Desktop Groups Lite is for you. You can assemble all your … Read more

Foxconn denies report of strike at Zhengzhou iPhone factory

Last updated: 7:50 a.m. PT

Foxconn is denying that an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 workers at one of its factories in Zhengzhou, China, went on strike yesterday, as reported by China Labor Watch, a nonprofit advocacy group based in New York. In an e-mail statement sent to CNET, a Foxconn Technology Group representative wrote:

We can confirm that there were two disputes between a small group of production line workers and Quality Assurance (QA) personnel at our manufacturing facility in Zhengzhou, China on October 1 and 2 but these were isolated incidents and were … Read more

E-book glitch leaves new J.K. Rowling novel unreadable

Update, 3:21 p.m. PT: Updated with comment from Amazon.

E-book readers who were excited about reading Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling's first adult book, "The Casual Vacancy," were met with an unpleasant surprise today -- the text delivered to their e-book readers was unreadable.

A glitch on the publishing end caused the book to be viewed into two formats: oversized letters that took up the screen or tiny, illegible font, paidContent reported, which first noticed the problem on Amazon's Kindle models.

It left the eager fans who shelled out $17.99 for the … Read more

Facebook groups gets Dropbox file-sharing option

Facebook users can now share their Dropbox-stored files from inside their Facebook groups, the cloud storage service announced today.

The two companies have partnered up to roll out the new integration today. Soon, all users will have the Dropbox option in their groups.

"Now you can share notes with your study group, add the latest game schedule to your basketball team's group, or post a birthday video to your family's group at lightning speed from wherever you are," Dropbox engineer Chris Varenhorst wrote in a blog post.

To share a file, users can click on the &… Read more

Microsoft reportedly asks China to stop state-run software pirates

Microsoft wants China to curtail the use of pirated software at four of the country's state-run companies, according to a story out today from Bloomberg.

Microsoft has reportedly already issued complaints against China National Petroleum (CNPC), China Post Group, China Railway Construction, and TravelSky Technology, all of which are run by the Chinese government.

Redmond believes that more than 40 percent of Office and Windows Server client software used by CNPC is pirated, Bloomberg reported, citing information from "three people familiar with the situation."

A spokesman for CNPC declined to comment to Bloomberg on the allegation. A … Read more

The 404 1,130: Where Wii play with power (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Ho-hum. The iPhone 5 isn't going to wow anyone

- Don't kid your selves, Apple's dock connector change is awful

- Planning for winter: the worst accessory for your new iPhone

- "Tupac hologram" maker Digital Domain files for bankruptcy

- Emoticon creator says emojis are "ugly"

Bathroom break video: 770 pounds of eggs spill onto the road in China, gets lootedRead more

Publishers to pay $69 million over e-book price-fixing allegations

Three major U.S. e-book publishers have agreed to a deal that will see them pay a significant sum for alleged e-book price-fixing.

Connecticut State Attorney General George Jepsen yesterday announced that he, "along with 54 attorneys general in other states, districts, and U.S. territories," have signed a $69 million deal with Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers, and Simon & Schuster (which is owned by CBS, the same company that publishes CNET) to settle antitrust claims over an alleged conspiracy to artificially inflate e-book prices.

"While publishers are entitled to their profits, consumers are equally entitled … Read more

The Windows 8 'kick me' sign

Look on the flip side of Microsoft's new logo and it says "kick me."

I'm sure Microsoft knew there would be plenty of pushback from bloggers and early adopters in regard to its new operating system. That said, Windows 8's abrupt shift to touch does make it an easy target.

Add a usability expert to that group of Windows 8 skeptics.

That would be Raluca Budiu, a User Experience Specialist at the Nielsen Norman Group.

After reading her comments in an article at, I decided to follow up directly and ask her about … Read more

Stop Facebook from marking messages as 'Seen'

Remember when you could read a Facebook message and ignore it, without thinking twice about replying? Then Facebook rolled out read receipts for Facebook Messages, thus forcing your hand to reply. Luckily, there's now a browser extension to disable the "Seen" notification on messages you've read, as reported by The Next Web.

The browser extension is called Chat Undetected, and was developed by Crossrider. It's compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. I was unable to install the extension in Safari, even though The Next Web report lists it as a compatible browser.

To install … Read more