Fitbug brings personalized fitness plans to Orb tracker at CES 2014

Any fancy fitness tracker worth its salt can measure your activity but helping you stay motivated to exercise is another matter entirely. Fitbug, the company behind the Fitbug Orb device, feels it has what you need to keep on track. At CES 2014, Fitbug has unveiled targeted twelve week plans designed to push users toward the specific results they want. … Read more

Tinke brings wireless health tracking to Android

LAS VEGAS -- According to Zensorium, a company showing off its wellness sensor at CES on Sunday, the best time to track fitness is when you're at rest and your body isn't keyed up.

With its Tinke sensor device, which is available for both Android and iOS, users can keep constant track of their respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, heart rate, and heart rate variability.

Although Tinke has been available for iOS for a couple of years, the sensor for Android is new. And, while the iOS version plugs into an iPhone or iPad, the Android version connects … Read more

Basis Band's sophisticated sleep tracking gets slicker at CES 2014

Startup Basis Science says it will bring better sleep tracking to its advanced fitness monitor, the Basis Band. No doubt in an effort to get the jump on other wearable tech companies traveling to CES 2014 next week, the company says its device will soon flaunt light and deep sleep tracking, plus notice when you drop into the mentally restorative REM dream state.… Read more

Pact app pays you to exercise and eat right

Need a little extra incentive to stick to your New Year's resolution? You know, the one about eating less and exercising more?

Perhaps you've heard of GymPact, an app that rewards you for hitting the gym on a regular basis and charges you a fee if you don't. Just in time for the new year, GymPact is now Pact, and it now applies its payment/penalty system to dietary goals as well.

The app (Android|iOS) offers three different kinds of "pacts": food, gym, and veggie. The food pact requires you to log your daily … Read more

Staying healthy with technology

Hundreds of thousands of people make resolutions to start the new year off right. Given today's society, which puts a lot of emphasis on appearance and self-image, the most popular resolution deals with losing weight or living a healthier lifestyle. Every January the treadmills and ellipticals are filled with eager gym-goers. Like clockwork, however, after a couple of weeks the gym returns to its normal state of isolation.

Resolutions are hard to keep (I didn't maintain any of mine from last year) and living a healthy lifestyle is even harder. With the demands of work, raising a family, … Read more

Tech to keep your resolutions on track

CNET Update is making goals:

In this special edition of CNET Update, learn how technology can help with your New Year's resolutions.

- Need an extra push to get fit? Wear a fitness-tracking bracelet like the Fitbit Flex or Fitbit Force for a constant reminder to stay active.

- Turn gym time into game time with the Goji Play and an iPad.

- Workout at home with personalized videos on the FitStar app.

- Keep things tidy with the Neato XV Signature Pro robot vacuum cleaner. And stay on top of household chores with reminders and tips on the … Read more

Training with the Adidas MiCoach Smart Run

Adidas is the latest company to throw its hat into the ring of wearable devices. Unlike recent products from Samsung, Fitbit, and Nike, however, Adidas didn't create a smartwatch per se. Despite being powered by Android, the company's MiCoach Smart Run doesn't have access to apps and games, and it can't receive notifications from your phone. Instead, Adidas has created a standalone fitness tracker with an assortment of sensors and impressive features.

The heavily skinned version of Android is displayed on a 1.45-inch 184x184-pixel resolution color touchscreen. A 410mAh lithium ion battery delivers up to … Read more

Wearable tech at CES 2014: Expect the unexpected

Wearable tech often feels like either a wide-open horse race or the Star Wars cantina of consumer electronics, and at January's CES in Las Vegas things should get a whole lot crazier. After a year in 2013 where tons of gadgets emerged but none dominated, expect a lot more players into a multifaceted landscape that's still not all that well-defined.

What is wearable tech, for instance? We give it that name because these gadgets are generally small and body-worn: watches, wristbands, clip-on devices, or glasses. They have sensors and possibly screens. They connect with other devices, or phones, … Read more

Smart socks give runners data most fitness trackers don't

We live in an age of smart. We talk on smartphones, ride smart bikes, chill beer in smart refrigerators. And soon we'll be wearing smart socks. At least that's what Redmond, Wash., startup Heapsylon hopes.

"The vision for the company is that the garment, whatever we wear, is going to eventually turn into a computer," Heapsylon CEO David Vigano said. Heapsylon is incorporating the sensors it's developed into various textiles for its Sensoria product line which will include T-shirts, sports bras, and socks.

Why socks? "Our feet are constantly under pressure," Vigano said, &… Read more

Hapifork revisited: Bluetooth vibrating smart fork aims to coach you back to health

Remember the Hapifork? Back in January, it was one of the more notable -- and offbeat -- products to be introduced at CES 2013. The little vibrating fork, which aimed to help you control your eating by measuring the time between bites, ended up on a lot of TV shows and news blurbs. But where did it go? At last, as 2013 comes to a close, we have one here at CNET to try out.

Hapifork, which launched on Kickstarter earlier this year and now is available exclusively at Brookstone, is, well...a vibrating Bluetooth fork. And it's an … Read more