Turn your iOS device into a killer Craigslist companion

I'm a bit of a Craigslist junkie. I've used it to buy everything from a piano to a loft bed to a go-kart, and to sell or give away a host of unwanted items.

But despite its spartan interface--or perhaps because of it--the service isn't particularly user-friendly. For one thing, it doesn't let me save individual listings. And adding photos to my own listing means copying them over from my camera, resizing them, and on and on. Hassle city.

That's why I'm jazzed about apps like Lifelike Craig HD, which can turn an iPhone, … Read more

Don't tell noobs: Site for gently used Android gear

Buying a used smartphone online can be a little bit like looking for a used car by walking down random streets in a bad part of town.

Actually, it might be a little bit worse. These days everyone knows how to use eBay or Craigslist, but there's no guarantee that any of those people know how to use the phone they're selling, let alone provide the vital specs..."Does it have a Snapdragon process what? Hold on, I'll see if the wife has any in the flower garden..."

The antidote? Last we checked, the online marketplace for gently used, functional Android devices was a one-man show, started in December by Ben Edwards of Kansas City, Mo.

Edwards was in love with Android, sick and tired of eBay, and needed something to do when he wasn't busy learning obscure scripting languages.

As you might expect, Swappa is a bit of a geek-out. If you aren't serious about smartphones, you're probably better off hanging out on eBay and sorting through the hundreds of used flip-phone chargers to find what you want. But if you're looking for a rooted Evo, or a Droid that's overclocked to 1100MHz, then Swappa is going to be a much better bet than slumming the e-resale ghetto. … Read more

How to get the best price for your iPad trade-in

Apple's new iPad 2 is certainly a nice upgrade from the original, but it may not be revolutionary enough to convince owners of the original iPad to shell out for a second tablet. One way to justify an early upgrade is to sell or trade in your current iPad, to at least cover some of the cost of a new model.

Searching online for the best deal for my 32GB Wi-Fi iPad (which originally cost $599), I found the offers ranged from under $200 to nearly $400, although some required more effort on the seller's part than others. … Read more

Teacher who blogged about her stripping quits

We live in a world of free expression. It's just that sometimes we pay a large price for it.

I give you--for she is now free to express herself however she wants--Melissa Petro.

Petro was an elementary school teacher in the Bronx. She taught art. And it just so happened she used to be paid for performance art. Yes, Petro used to be a stripper and a prostitute.

You can imagine that, when her school found out, it wasn't overcome with pleasure. Indeed, it suspended her, which, according to CBS New York, drove her to a resigned state. … Read more

Congressman quits after shirtless-photo flap

This is a story with whose protagonist, I feel sure, many men will sympathize.

Especially if those men are politicians or NFL quarterbacks.

I refer, with sad, troubled eyes, to the demise of Christopher Lee, a Republican congressional representative from New York.

The 46-year-old Lee announced his resignation on his Web site after he allegedly sent a photograph of his rather fetching upper half (rather than his better half) to a woman he encountered on Craigslist.

It seems, according to Gawker, that the congressman was in need, as are so many male politicians, of female company.

So he reportedly scoured … Read more

Craigslist cuts off adult services worldwide

Craigslist's adult services section is now out of business around the world.

The ouster of the controversial section was confirmed by Craigslist to the office of Connecticut Attorney General General Richard Blumenthal yesterday, according to the Associated Press. The removal of the section from dozens of countries follows a similar action that saw it taken down in the U.S. four months ago.

Responding to the global takedown, Blumenthal called it "another another important step in the ongoing fight to more effectively screen and stop pernicious prostitution ads," the AP reported.

No date was specified as to … Read more

IE9 beta takes a bow

  Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded: Microsoft releases beta version of Internet Explorer 9 Craigslists rules out reopening adult services Facebook competitor Diaspora releases source code Apple iOS 4.2 brings the iPad up to par Playstation 3 firmware update includes 3D Blu-ray support

Buzz Out Loud 1309: The telcos are a poison pill (podcast)

Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing shows up on Amazon UK, and it's well over a thousand dollars U.S., presumably to force you toward subsidized prices so you'll end up paying the same amount or more for with-contract tablets. Which ... seriously? No. Also, Craigslist says the adult services section is gone for good, and Google's music service appears to be imminent--much to Spotify's demise--er, dismay.

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Craigslist: We won't reopen adult-services section

Facing concerns that it's facilitating child prostitution, a representative of personals listing site Craigslist confirmed in remarks prepared for a congressional hearing Wednesday that it will not be reopening the "adult services" section that it shut down earlier this month after pressure from lawmakers.

William Clint Powell, Craigslist's director of customer service and law enforcement relations, said in the hearing, held by the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, that going after Craigslist would do little good and that "those who formerly posted adult services ads on Craigslist will now … Read more

Craigslist urged to shut erotic-services ads worldwide

A hundred organizations fighting sex trafficking have joined the chorus of voices asking Craigslist to remove its erotic services section worldwide as the company has in the U.S.

In a letter sent Tuesday (PDF) to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster and founder Craig Newmark, human rights groups throughout the world thanked the company for bringing down its adult and erotic ads in the U.S. But the groups said that these services, where trafficked children and women are sold for sex, remain open in 250 cities worldwide. And in not making the same improvements globally, the groups told Craigslist that … Read more