How I got T-Mobile's CEO kicked out of AT&T's CES party

LAS VEGAS -- Well, that was a surreal series of events.

I was on my way to AT&T's developer party, held as a cap off to its developer conference held in conjunction to the Consumer Electronics Show, when I ran into a familiar face at the Palms taxi line: T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

Legere, wearing a leather jacket over his trademark pink T-Mobile T-shirt, was accompanied by an entourage, including Chief Financial Officer Braxton Carter.

Their goal: Crash AT&T's party and watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform.

After getting in without any problems, Legere … Read more

Xperia Z1S a lifeline as Sony treads water in US

LAS VEGAS -- Sony is back at the Consumer Electronics Show with a waterproof phone. Sound familiar?

It was roughly a year ago when Sony showed off its Xperia Z, which was the first time the company corralled the strengths of its various business units, taking expertise and technology from its television and camera divisions and wrapping it all up in a waterproof body. The phone was supposed to be the start of Sony Mobile's comeback story.

It only sort of happened.

Over the past year, Sony switched from one exclusive US carrier partner to another and, yes, slightly … Read more

AT&T says it still has BlackBerry's back

LAS VEGAS -- AT&T has not abandoned BlackBerry.

In fact, the Dallas telecom giant continues to lend its help to the struggling company, which is in the middle of transforming itself into a more business-focused company.

"We're supporting their efforts to continue being a viable supplier," said Ralph de la Vega, head of AT&T's mobility business, in an interview with CNET.

AT&T continues to work with BlackBerry, and de la Vega said he was meeting with BlackBerry interim CEO John Chen while in town during the Consumer Electronics Show.

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AT&T to launch HD voice this year

LAS VEGAS -- AT&T says it will launch HD voice later this year.

AT&T's head of mobility, Ralph de la Vega, made the announcement at the company's developer press conference. De la Vega was announcing a new Asus smartphone, the Padfone X.

The phone will be the first to get access to AT&T's LTE Advanced network, as well as HD voice.

AT&T is the third carrier to talk up HD voice, following Sprint, which first spoke about the feature two years ago, and T-Mobile, which touted HD voice at … Read more

AT&T's connected car push shifts into high gear with Drive

LAS VEGAS -- AT&T is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to its drive to turn cars into smartphones.

The Dallas-based telecommunications company on Monday unveiled AT&T Drive, a platform that allows automakers to add connected services such as in-car entertainment systems, over-the-air diagnostic systems, and other cellular-enabled features.

In addition, AT&T will open the 5,000-square-foot Drive Studio, where automakers can bring in vehicles and test out services and components. The company told CNET that it has invested several millions of dollars on the construction of the facility.

It'… Read more

AT&T dials up toll-free 'Sponsored Data' as CES starts

LAS VEGAS -- AT&T is shaking up how it will deliver and charge for specific kinds of data.

The company on Monday introduced "Sponsored Data," or data that is paid is for by a business that wouldn't count against a subscriber's capped plan. Think a toll free 1-800 number or free shipping for the delivery of data.

The notion of subsidized data crops up at a time when subscribers are wrestling with more limitations on how much data their phones and tablets can consume each month. AT&T and Verizon Wireless in particular … Read more

AT&T takes a flier with the curvy LG G Flex, Padfone X

LAS VEGAS -- AT&T continues to take chances on intriguing devices.

The latest is LG's G Flex, which made headlines for its curved, slightly bendable design and self-healing back cover. The company later announced the Asus Padfone X.

AT&T would only say the G Flex would come in the first quarter. The company said pricing and more detailed availability would come at a later time. LG, meanwhile, said separately that the G Flex would also come to Sprint and T-Mobile, but not Verizon Wireless.

In LG's press event at CES 2014 on Monday, the … Read more

GM unveils app platform, partners with AT&T for in-car LTE

It's been a year since GM and OnStar opened up their app development platform to the masses -- and two years since the company's first LTE-enabled car, powered by Verizon. At the 2014 International CES, GM and OnStar are showing some fruit from that app platform and a new partner providing that sweet LTE bandwidth: AT&T.

Connected by OnStar is an HTML5-based platform and suite of components for developers to use in crafting their apps. In a move that's unlike the platforms offered by Toyota, Ford, or BMW, all app connectivity here relies on an … Read more

T-Mobile CEO: AT&T 'bribing customers, but they won't be fooled'

T-Mobile is firing back at AT&T with words now, but it could launch a larger broadside at the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

The upstart carrier's ever-colorful CEO, John Legere, responded to AT&T's decision to sweeten the pot for T-Mobile customers to switch service providers, claiming that AT&T was bribing consumers to come back, "but they won't be fooled."

"Nothing has changed -- customers will still feel the same old pain that AT&T is famous for," Legere said in an e-mailed statement.

Legere hinted at … Read more

Temptation: AT&T offers T-Mobile users $450 to switch

Once upon a time, AT&T wanted to own T-Mobile. Now it wants to destroy its competitor.

AT&T will offer T-Mobile customers up to $450 per line to switch their service to its network, the company announced Friday. It will give customers $200 credit for every line they transfer from T-Mobile. That credit will be available only to those customers who switch and choose an AT&T Next plan and either activate a phone or buy a new one at full retail price.

In addition, AT&T said that it'll give customers a promotion … Read more