WitStar self-driving car aims to prove safety with goldfish

We can almost see the logic: if you had any fear a car was going to crash, would you build a fish tank into the rear armrest?

This is how the Guanzhou Auto WitStar concept, which debuted at the 2013 Guangzhou Auto Show last month, is demonstrating its safety. The glass pod has 10 goldfish inside, and if the autonomous car were to crash, the tank would break and the goldfish would die.

Of course, we don't expect that to happen at all. Although, according to Car News China, manufacturer Guangzhou Auto did have an autonomous driving system all figured out, with cameras and computers that reconstruct a 3D image of the surrounding environment to map a route (pretty standard for self-driving cars), the model on display seemed to have been largely crafted of foam. … Read more

Review: Air Drive allows you to move files and photos between your desktop & iPhone

Air Drive is a file management tool for your iPhone that allows you to connect through a desktop browser and move files or photos back and forth. Because of the limitations of iTunes for file management on an iOS device, this free app is a great tool that, while not as powerful as some other file managers, worked well in all of our tests.

Installation of Air Drive takes only a couple of minutes. Open the app and turn on the server with the switch of an option listed on the homepage and you can connect with the IP address … Read more

How to set up an external hard drive for use with OS X

When you first attach a new external hard drive to your Mac, it should mount and be ready to use; however, before relying on it, consider first taking a couple of precautionary steps to ensure that the drive continues to work as expected.

One of the first things to take into account is that the drive is likely preformatted to FAT32 instead of a more OS-specific format. Since FAT32 is readable and writable on both Windows and OS X systems, this is quickest way for a drive to work on each platform; however, it does have some limitations, including the … Read more

How to upgrade or replace your PS4's hard drive

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are both equipped with a 2.5-inch 500GB hard drive that spins at 5,400 revolutions per minute. Only the PlayStation 4's hard drive, however, can be replaced or upgraded.

Sony previously allowed gamers to upgrade their hard drives in the PlayStation 3, and with some games taking up more than 50GB of space, we are thankful the company kept the same philosophy with the PlayStation 4.

The process is relatively simple and should only take you a couple of minutes to complete.

Here's what you need to know:

The tools The … Read more

Microsoft ponders new names for SkyDrive

Microsoft is reportedly trying out potential new names for SkyDrive after losing a legal battle with Sky this past summer, with possible candidates rumored to include NewDrive, BingDrive, and FetchDrive.

Windows blogger Paul Thurrott claims the SkyDrive's new name is NewDrive. LiveSide has reported that the URL pointed to SkyDrive, but the link is now dead.

Before you get too excited, Microsoft has previously used "new" as a placeholder or internal code name: Hotmail was internally dubbed Newmail before it was publicly rechristened Back in July a UK court ruled that the … Read more

Black Friday deal week: Manic Monday

This is going to be a crazy week. Already over the weekend I've seen a Dell laser printer with Wi-Fi for $29.99 (already sold out), a 16GB iPad Air for $449 (also sold out), and so on. Stores are really taking this "early Black Friday" thing to heart, so the deals are coming fast and furious -- and, unsurprisingly, selling out quickly.

That's why I'm going to devote this week to as many sweet deals as I can find, starting with this one:

Cheap e-reader

I first spotted this yesterday, so I don't … Read more

Microsoft admits glitch with some Xbox One disc drives

If you hear a grinding noise when you insert a disc into your new Xbox One, you're not alone.

Following the launch of the new console on Friday, more Xbox One owners are reporting that their disc drives are malfunctioning. The problem? Inserting a disc into the drive triggers a grinding or clicking noise, with the unit unable to read the disc.

Some early buyers had already posted comments and YouTube videos late last week detailing the glitch. But with 1 million Xbox One consoles sold during the first 24 hours, the problem has spread, triggering a response from … Read more

Mercedes-Benz's Tesla-powered van

LOS ANGELES -- In a launch as quiet as the electric motor that powers its wheels, Mercedes-Benz has been readying its B-class Electric Drive for sales in the summer of 2014. During the 2013 Los Angeles auto show, I joined a small group of journalists given the chance to ride along in one.

Instead of a fleet of slick vehicles prepped for the press, Mercedes-Benz only brought two examples of the B-class Electric Drive to the show. These were research vehicles that Mercedes-Benz engineers had driven for thousands of miles on public roads to collect performance data.

The B-class is … Read more

How to automatically back up Instagram photos to SkyDrive

Backing up photos from your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone is easier than ever and doesn't even require you to use a computer. Services like Dropbox and SkyDrive can automatically back up your photos so you can access them from practically any device.

Instagram photos, however, aren't typically included in the automated backups. After carefully cropping your image and selecting the perfect filter, you might like to keep a backup of it as well. Here's how to automatically back up your Instagram photos to SkyDrive using an IFTTT recipe:

Create your own recipe

Step 1: Go to … Read more

Xbox One buyers beset by buggy disc drives

Some early Xbox One buyers are complaining that their disc drives don't work.

Commenting via the Neowin and NeoGAF forums as well as other sites, users say the console makes a clicking or grinding noise after a disc is inserted and then just stops right there or spits the disc out. Either way, the console is seemingly unable to read the disc.

A few Xbox One owners have posted videos to YouTube that display the problem. One user who who dubbed his post "Redmond, we might have a problem," served up links to videos from four different … Read more