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Review: Solve a mystery and escape from a creepy house with Can You Escape

Can You Escape packs colorful graphics and challenging gameplay into a mystery adventure game. While creepy settings and the occasional ghost make for an entertaining game, there are several aspects of the application that need attention.

Can You Escape installs two separate game icons on your home screen. The game also changes the home page of your Internet browser. In addition to these two annoyances, there are also pop-up notifications, which promote other applications from the developer, as well as pushed advertisements that often appear during the game, which are quite distracting. Upon startup, a small Flash animation displays a … Read more

Review: Video Downloader will download videos directly from Web sites to iOS

Video Downloader is a proprietary browser that allows you to find and download videos directly from almost any Web page you visit. There are certain limitations, the biggest of which is that it doesn't work on YouTube, but for most hosted videos, the app works well and the download times were generally very good in all of our tests. However, it does require you to have an iTunes account.

When you open Video Downloader, the browser defaults to a tutorial and FAQ page for the app. Here you can find answers to questions about how the app works, what … Read more

Review: Player for YouTube offers streamlined YouTube browsing

Player for YouTube is a third-party YouTube browser with log-in and upload features that, while well made, don't offer a lot more than the native YouTube app does. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are looking for a solid third-party app that doesn't have all of the pushy bells and whistles of the official Google app -- but it won't be a good fit for everyone.

When you open Player for YouTube for the first time, you'll be greeted with familiar categories showing top videos, trending videos, top favorites, etc. Oddly, though, … Read more

Review: Sleep Talk Recorder is an audio recorder bogged down by issues

Sleep Talk Recorder is designed to record you as you sleep so you can listen back and hear what you were saying. The idea is enticing, but the execution here is messy in a number of ways and can lead to issues, either during recording or before and afterwards. From an overabundance of ads to a convoluted menu screen and interface, there are better options if you really want to record yourself while sleeping.

The core functionality of Sleep Talk Recorder is actually very straightforward. Tap the record button and it will start recording. During our tests it did not … Read more

Review: cMemory will show memory usage and allow you to reset it by button

cMemory is an attractive, easy-to-use, and very fast memory management tool for your iOS device that can be immensely useful for developers and power users, alike. The app offers only two major functions, but both are incredibly useful in certain situations and a must have for those that frequently find their device slowing down or who need to benchmark operation of certain apps.

When you open cMemory, a slickly-designed home screen will pop up showing you a few stats about your memory use, including current memory available, current memory being used, and total memory on board. You can tap the … Read more

Cree's TW Series LED Bulb shines (hands-on)

Consumers looking for additional reasons to switch their lights over to LEDs will want to take a look at what Cree is offering with its new 13.5-watt, 60-watt replacement TW Series bulb, available exclusively at Home Depot for $19.97 (a 40-watt replacement TW Series LED is also available for $17.97).

Hailing its LEDs as "the biggest thing since the light bulb," Cree already has a certified winner under its belt with the original household LED, a 9.5-watt 60-watt replacement that recently earned Energy Star qualification, knocking its already attractive $10 price tag down below $… Read more

Review: Despicable Me Camera is loaded with minion stickers and nice editing goodies

Despicable Me Camera can decorate your photos with cute icons from the movie with the same name, as well as with plenty of funny quotes. It's a fun app for those who love the movie, but don't expect it to be a top-tier editing app.

This app lets you paste stickers of the iconic minions from the "Despicable Me" franchise onto any photo in your gallery. Though there are a few dozen examples of minions and catchphrases, not all characters from the movie show up for the fun. We couldn't find Gru and his adorable … Read more

Review: Creative Collage Maker creates gorgeous compilations of images

Creative Collage Maker breaks the mold of template apps to help you create collages that look just like the ones you can manually create with printed photos. Despite its annoying adds, it remains one of the most dynamic collage apps available on Android.

Instead of giving you a bunch of collage templates like other similar apps, Creative Collage Maker turns your photos into resizable Polaroids that you can organize in any way you want. The end result looks a lot like the handmade collages that teenagers make from magazines and display on their bedroom walls. You can choose from 20 … Read more

Review: Create password-encrypted notes using Password Pad Lite

With Password Pad Lite for Mac you can compose notes and password-protect them. A basic, streamlined app, it performs its functions well and lives up to its promises. But the free version offers only basic encryption.

Password Pad Lite for Mac sports an intuitive interface that makes the creation of a new note or the opening of an old one quick and convenient. The app functions like any conventional note-taking app, but in addition it prompts you to type a password to encrypt your note before saving it to any location on your computer. Basic text editing features are available, … Read more

Advancing the state of the art for in-ear headphones, at a lower price

When I first reviewed the 1964 Ears V6 custom in-ear headphones earlier this year I not only loved the sound, I got the distinct feeling the company tries harder to please its customers than other custom in-ear makers. For example, 1964 Ears V6-Stage headphones are sold with a longer warranty (two years) and lower prices than the flagship models from more established high-end headphone competitors. 1964 Ears doesn't make universal-fit in-ear headphones, all of their designs are custom-molded to your ears for the best possible fit and maximum isolation from external noise. The headphones are hand-crafted by 1964 Ears … Read more