How to delete multiple contacts in iCloud

Over time, the average address book gets cluttered with contacts you no longer need or want. Granted, it's not like they're taking up much space in your phone, but every so often you might want to do a little house-cleaning. If nothing else, a streamlined address book will make it easier to find the contacts you do want.

For iOS users, this poses a slight challenge. You can't just swipe to delete a contact they way you do an e-mail. Rather, you have to open the contact, tap Edit, then scroll all the way down and tap … Read more

See when recipients open your Gmail attachments with docTrackr

Some e-mail attachments are more sensitive than others, just as some e-mail recipients are more responsible than others. Chrome extension docTrackr lets you encrypt Gmail attachments, set permissions, and remotely destroy them. It also alerts you when a recipient opens or prints an attachment, so you can call shenanigans the next time your flighty friend claims not to have received an attachment.

When docTrackr installs, it adds a button next to the regular attachment button in Gmail's compose window. It also adds a button to the right of Chrome's address bar that provides a link to docTrackr's … Read more

How to install Adblock Plus on Safari

Ads are part of the Web, and something we are likely to never truly get away from. But that's not going to stop users from trying to rid browsing sessions from the (sometimes) annoying ads.

By installing plug-ins such as Adblock Plus (ABP), users are able to eliminate some of the more distracting ads on sites. Until recently Adblock Plus wasn't available for Apple's Safari browser. That changed earlier this month when Adblock Plus announced it was releasing a Safari extension in beta.

Installing the beta extension is simple and only takes a few seconds of your … Read more

Stop Netflix from automatically playing the next episode

Back in August 2012, Netflix announced a new feature called Post-Play. The thought behind the feature was to make it easier for those of us who binge on a steady stream of episodes from the same TV series.

With Post-Play, Netflix will automatically begin playing the next episode, without requiring any interaction from the user. Every two episodes you're asked to confirm you're still watching and haven't nodded off to sleep.

As with any feature, Post-Play isn't for everyone; but until recently, it was enabled by default with no way for Netflix users to turn it … Read more

Disable Chrome's Windows 8 mode

"Chrome for Windows 8, we need to talk. Listen, I like you. I think you're a great browser. In fact, you're my default browser. The thing is, I want to be able to see other windows."

I've been meaning to have that conversation with Chrome for Windows 8 for weeks now. Chrome's default setting in Windows 8 is to open as a Metro-style app if you have it set as your default browser, which takes you away from the desktop and into a Chrome-only environment. While the animation that moves you in and out … Read more

How to reduce data usage with Chrome for iOS

Google recently updated Chrome for iOS with the typical bug fixes and a couple of new features. One of the new features is the ability to cut back on the amount of data used by your iOS device.

The feature reroutes non-SSL or Incognito Web browsing through Google's servers to compress the pages, resulting in less data being transmitted to and from your iDevice.

In order to use the new feature, and hopefully cut down on data consumption by Chrome, you'll need to launch the current version of the app and navigate to the Settings page.

Once in … Read more

How to manipulate multiple tabs in Chrome or Firefox

If an Internet research session sends you down a rabbit hole, by the time you resurface you can be staring at dozens upon dozens of tabs open. To organize the messy results of your research, you may find it useful to manipulate groups of tabs. That is, move, close, pin, or bookmark multiple tabs in one fell swoop.

Chrome provides the ability to move and close multiple tabs natively, while Firefox extension Multiple Tab Handler provides this functionality and much more.

In Chrome, you can select multiple tabs by clicking on tabs while holding down the Ctrl key or select … Read more

Annotate local files with updated Awesome Screenshot

My preferred method for taking screenshots in Chrome was just updated with a new feature that extends its reach. I use Awesome Screenshot to capture parts of or entire pages in Chrome, a process which became more efficient last year when an autosave feature was added. Now, Awesome Screenshot lets you not only capture and annotate screenshots you took of Chrome, but it also lets you load local image files to annotate using Chrome.

To select a file, click on the Awesome Screenshot button to the right of Chrome's URL bar and choose "Select a local image," … Read more

The best way to save, share GIFs on iOS

One of my personal favorite features of iMessage is that it supports GIFs, the animated images that often lend themselves to pranks, or entertaining responses.

But the problem with iOS and GIFs is the way you have to save them to your device. iOS is capable of saving the animated images, only iOS isn't capable of displaying them in the Camera Roll as animated images. Instead you'll only find a single frame of the GIF displayed as the entire image. Quickly figuring out which images are GIFs and which aren't can be frustrating (especially if you have … Read more

Get a year of Backblaze cloud backup for $25

A wise man once told me there are two kinds of computer users: those who have lost data and those who will. In other words, it's not matter of if, but when.

For many folks the simplest solution is a cloud-based backup service that archives just your critical stuff: documents, music, photos, and the like. Set it, forget it, and enjoy some PC peace of mind.

Typically such a setup will run you $50-$60 per year. If you're not ready to commit to that kind of expense, here's a cheaper point of entry: You can get … Read more