4Media MP4 Converter for Mac review

4Media MP4 Converter for Mac handles media conversion to most formats and devices. This premium app comes with a free trial, drag-and-drop integration, and a neat way of queuing several output formats to a single video. Overall, it performs well, with no glitches, and the output videos look great.


Straightforward installation and UI: After following the easy steps in the installation wizard and entering your administrator password, 4Media MP4 Converter for Mac presents you with a clean interface that consists of a sidebar, toolbar, and status bar. All features are just one or two clicks away.

Output options: In … Read more

AOMEI Backupper review

AOMEI Backupper offers backup and restoration services with its easy-to-use application. The streamlined design and fast response of this program are excellent, but the lack of features offered in the free version of Backupper may be disappointing.


Quick performance: We tested the speed and precision of AOMEI Backupper and noted that backups were very fast; our 18GB partition drive was backed up in under 30 minutes. The restoration process took only a few seconds, and all files were preserved accurately.

Top-notch support: Very few free programs offer as much support as AOMEI Backupper. The video tutorials, FAQs, and how-to … Read more

Tornado -- American Red Cross review

If you live in a tornado-prone area, you might want Tornado -- American Red Cross on your Android phone or tablet. This informative free app helps users prepare for possible tornado outbreaks, issues alerts, and even finds shelters and emergency services if need be. It also teaches about tornadoes and even quizzes (and rewards) your knowledge.


Educational achievements: This app teaches the science of tornadoes, famous historic tornadoes, and other information. You can quiz yourself to win Achievements certifying your knowledge.

Emergency tools: Tapping the briefcase icon opened a full menu of Emergency Tools, including a Flashlight, strobe light, … Read more

Countdown Widget review

Countdown Widget adds to your screen one or more widgets that count down to the milestones you set. Rather than being a traditional application, it conforms to the generic Android drag-and-drop widget principle, having only a few straightforward settings.


Multiple widgets: Countdown Widget allows any number of widgets for multiple events. We managed to fit eight of them on a Samsung Galaxy S3 home screen.

Accomplishes its primary task: Setting up new milestones takes only a few seconds. Once the widgets are up and running, you can go about your business without losing track of upcoming major events.

No … Read more

Crackle - Movies and TV review

Crackle - Movies and TV gives you all the features of in a sleek, responsive mobile application. High-quality streaming and a large collection of programming is readily available, but a mediocre library of content may cause you some disappointment.


Fast streaming: We observed that Crackle takes approximately five seconds to load videos, and jumping along video timelines is nearly instant. The commercials typically last 15 seconds and usually occur ten times throughout one film and three times during shows, giving you plenty of uninterrupted viewing.

Painless presentation: Crackle's grid layout makes finding shows very easy due … Read more

Daily Bible review

Providing the complete Bible content, the Daily Bible for Android uses easy-to-navigate menus and features podcasts from famous evangelists. All content is accessible as text or audio and can be searched, bookmarked, or shared with ease.


Fast and effortless: The Daily Bible has clearly been designed for ease of access; you can instantly access daily verses, chapters, and podcasts, and search your preferred parts of the Bible and listen to them in audio format. Daily verses are automatically refreshed, while bookmarking for later use and switching to different Bible versions proves to be very easy.

Sharing features: You can … Read more

Beats Music review

Beats Music provides high-quality streaming and relevant music news in an eye-catching music player. Combining social networking and customizable music options, Beats adds another dimension to your typical mobile streaming service.


Attractive, basic interface: Beats Music uses classic swiping motion to navigate between tabs and offers an appealing design through its bold color scheme. The search results screen layout filters by song, album, artist, or playlist to provide an orderly list.

High-quality playback: Beats Music plays audio in two formats: standard and high quality. Both formats had excellent sound and streamed music with no delay.

Unique features: While many … Read more

DC Comics review

DC Comics satisfies the relentless demand for comic book content, being a title catalog, an online store, and a comic viewer at the same time. It's a gorgeous app that makes it easy for you to enjoy classics, as well as discover free titles.


Panel by panel guided view: We tested DC Comics on the limited screen estate of a Galaxy S3 and a larger Nexus 7; on both devices, the panel-by-panel viewing feature made our day by automatically focusing on individual panels and keeping the story flowing and the pages turning.

Gorgeous graphics: Comics look crisp, beautiful, … Read more

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster review

Featuring a comprehensive word database, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary searches words not only by text, but also by voice. It comes up with all the essential information you need for quick reference, including definitions, examples, word origins, and synonyms.


Favorites: This new feature introduced in this version allows you to store words you like for later use. You can quickly access the Favorites page, either from the favorites menu or by swiping left or right in the main results page.

Offline operation: When on the move, we were delighted with Merriam-Webster's offline functionality. We said goodbye to the tiresome … Read more for Android review

As the mobile version of one of the best online dictionary resources, for Android comes with a revamped interface specially designed for smartphones and tablets. The core features of definitions and spelling are supplemented by synonyms, tips on use for learners, and etymological information.


Excellent for quick learning: We found Dictionary 3.0 for Android an excellent quick reference tool. Although not reliable in noisy environments, voice recognition is a welcome feature as an alternative to cramped mobile device keyboards. All information is delivered in a clear and easy-to-scan format.

Good user flow: Once you type or … Read more