Exclusive: Dell spurns U.S. in launch of Android tablet in China

Dell will launch its highly anticipated 10-inch tablet in the Chinese market first, based on a emerging belief that the U.S. market isn't mature enough for a successful Android launch, Dell executives told CNET today.

Dell's Streak 10 Pro (see specifications below) will launch in China this summer and in the U.S. market probably sometime next year, John Thode, a Dell vice president and manager of Dell's mobility business, told CNET. The U.S. market simply doesn't offer a viable 10-inch tablet strategy for Dell, he said.

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New Nook Touch has hidden Web browser

When Barnes & Noble launched its new Nook e-reader a couple of weeks ago, we asked why it didn't include such features as a built-in Web browser or an e-mail app. After all, it is an Android-based device, so we assumed it could do a bit more if those Nook software engineers in Palo Alto, Calif., were directed to add new features.

Well, it turns out the new Nook, dubbed the Simple Touch Reader, sort of does have a built-in Web browser. Nathan over at The eBook Reader put together the video below to show off its capabilities.

Alas, it didn't work quite well for me as it did for him (I couldn't get most URLs to load, though I did get Twitter working). But if you have a new Nook, and want to give it a shot, just press the virtual "Search" button at the bottom of your Nook's screen and key a URL into the search bar when it comes up. … Read more

Schwab Android app adds mobile check deposits

After launching its official Android app (download) only two weeks ago, Charles Schwab Bank and Brokerage has already released an update with a much-needed feature: mobile check deposit. This adds some serious power to an app that already lets you transfer money between accounts, view balances, and track and trade stocks.

To deposit a check, select either your Schwab Bank or Schwab brokerage account, enter the deposit amount, take photos of both sides of the endorsed check, tap Submit, and you're all set. But be warned: checks cannot be wrinkled or folded, and pictures need to be clear, in-focus, … Read more

The 404 835: Where we're watching digital paint dry (podcast)

After an extended vacation, The 404 is back sans one Jeff Bakalar who's reportedly having a miserable time in Hollywood, Calif., for the E3 gaming expo. We've got Joey Kaminski filling in for him today, and there's so much to talk about! From Monday's Apple iCloud, iOS 5, and OS X Lion to the Sony PlayStation Vita and Nintendo's Wii U, The 404 has all of this week's tech bases covered.

The 404 Digest for Episode 835

Apple unveils iCloud, shows off features of Lion, iOS 5 How to stay synced with iCloud Sony PlayStation Vita hands-on at E3 E3 2011: Hands-on with Wii U tablet and games iOS 5 beta jailbroken in less than 24 hours

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Google Maps now provides live transit updates

If you've ever used public transportation, you know that buses and trains don't always run according to schedule. Things happen, and transit schedules can't always account for station delays, detours, or construction, leaving you more or less guessing what time you'll eventually arrive at your destination.

Well, starting today, Google Maps for mobile and desktop provides live transit updates in select cities, taking some of the annoying guesswork out of your commute. Instead of seeing what time your bus is supposed to arrive, you'll see what time your bus will actually arrive, meaning you'll … Read more

Smiley Pops is a new take on match three

Smiley Pops offers yet another take on the match three like-colored bubbles game concept. Open it up, and it may feel familiar, but take a closer look, and you'll notice that the bubbles are oriented in a unique way. Smiley Pops' bubbles are not stacked in perfect columns and rows the way they are in many other games. They're staggered, with one wedged between the two below it.

To play, swipe around three bubbles to rotate them. If the new arrangement results in at least three matching colors in a row, on the same line, they'll all … Read more

Outsource the task of remembering with Springpad

Outsource the task of remembering with Springpad, a free app for Android and iOS. Rival to the popular Evernote service, Springpad lets you jot notes, create lists, bookmark items, copy recipes, record voice memos, and so much more, right from your mobile device or desktop browser.

First, create a Springpad account, with which your Springpad mobile app will automatically sync. Once you're logged in on your mobile device, you'll find on your Home screen a My Stuff icon, which aggregates all of your notes, and a Friends Stuff icon, which takes you to shared content. The rest of … Read more

How to display Android events in your home time zone

Android Gingerbread phones can now display your home time zone for calendar events, even when traveling to another time zone. Here's how:

Step 1: Go into your Android calendar and hit the Menu Key, then tap Settings.

Step 2: Tap the box next to the "Use home time zone" setting to check mark it. Make sure that the "Home time zone" setting, just below, is set correctly to your home time zone.

That's it. Now when you're traveling, you can still see all of your events in your home time zone.

How to create custom app groups on the Droid X

The Gingerbread update to the Motorola Droid X added the ability to use app groups. Here's how to create custom app groups to help organize your growing collection of Android apps:

Step 1: Tap the App Launcher icon on your desktop to open up your master list of apps.

Step 2: Tap the "All apps" box in the upper left-hand corner to display the group list.

Step 3: Tap "New group" to create a custom app group.

Step 4: Type in the name of your new app group and tap the save icon.

Step 5: … Read more

TomTom bringing HD Traffic to iPhone, building Android app

TomTom's app for iPhone has been around for some time now and has been keeping pace with the feature set offered by TomTom's standalone navigation devices. TomTom's newest feature--HD Traffic, which debuted on the latest generation of TomTom devices--is now making its way to the TomTom app for iOS devices. We learned about TomTom's HD Traffic service back at CES 2011, but here's a quick refresher.

TomTom's traffic data service, HD Traffic, is already available in 18 countries for TomTom's portable navigation devices, or PNDs. The service uses data collected from third-party fleets, … Read more