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The Toshiba tablet for laptop lovers

If you're coming out with an Android tablet this summer, it's going to be challenging to stand out from the sea of 9- and 10-inch Honeycomb 3.1 slates. But Toshiba's going to give it a shot.

The Japanese company known mostly for its laptops is hoping to make inroads into the Android tablet market with its first attempt, called the Thrive. The Thrive is mostly what you'd expect: a 10.1-inch screen, the latest version of the Android operating system, Honeycomb 3.1, front-facing 2.1-megapixel camera and 5-megapixel rear-facing camera for photos and video … Read more

Blasting barrels of monkeys

Take aim and blast the monkey in a barrel in Blast Monkeys, an arcade puzzle game from Yobonja. Almost like a simplified 2D version of Super Monkey Ball, your objective in Blast Monkeys is to safely launch Moki the monkey through moving obstacles and floating bananas into a goal portal.

Gameplay Remember playing Donkey Kong Country's barrel-blasting segments? Those who grew up playing this 16-bit classic will recall the timing and precision it took to skillfully launch your monkey from barrel to barrel while avoiding rotating walls, obtrusive enemies, and pitfalls. Blast Monkeys reproduces this experience with a series … Read more

Pool Break Lite/Pro

Gameplay Pool Break features four main billiards modes: Pool, Snooker, Carrom, and Crokinole, each with their own variations (such as 8-ball in pool or Snooker 6-Reds) and table options. All of the modes feature options to either play solo, against the computer (appropriately named Droid), and network play. Pool Break Pro also includes manuals to explain the basics of each game for those new to the world of billiards.

Features Graphically, this game is gorgeous for an Android game. Pool Break simulates a full 3D environment with four scenes to choose from. Although the game runs extremely well, options are … Read more

Analyst: iPad forcing rival tablet makers to cut back

Facing unrelenting competition from Apple's iPad, many rival tablet makers will build fewer tablets than originally planned, according to a J.P. Morgan analyst.

In a research note released yesterday, analyst Mark Moskowitz said that non-Apple tablet makers have gotten an early "dose of reality" by failing to produce a high-volume tablet that comes close to matching the demand for the iPad.

As a result of the "weak showing" of products such as Motorola's Xoom, Research In Motion's PlayBook, and Samsung's Galaxy Tab, many tablet makers have cut back on their plans … Read more

Mission (Almost) Impossible: The Impossible Game review

The Impossible Game, based on Xbox Live's (XBL) popular indie game, has finally been ported to Android to test your reflexive tapping skills.

Gameplay In The Impossible Game, players control an orange box speeding through an obstacle course that consists of blocks and spikes. The goal is to reach the end without colliding into oncoming objects and falling into pits. Hurdle over incoming obstacles by tapping the screen to jump. Crashing into any of the objects results in starting over at the beginning of the level.

The Impossible Game doesn't aim to be the prettiest game on the … Read more

T-Mobile releases Samsung Exhibit 4G, Gravity Smart

Just a day after it announced release dates for the HTC Sensation 4G, T-Mobile is back for more Android fun with the new Exhibit 4G and Gravity Smart. Both smartphones carry a budget price tag and will be out in June.

The Exhibit 4G sports a slim candy bar design in violet or black. The touch screen takes up most of the real estate leaving space below for three touch controls and a physical OK button. You'll use a virtual keyboard with Swype for your typing needs and it all runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Inside you'll … Read more

Fatbooth digitally bulks you up

Fatbooth will make you look fat in pictures. Intrigued yet?

Using what can only be described as state of the art technology, Fatbooth detects a face in your photos, and adds to it a disproportionate amount of chin and cheek girth. Purely meant for entertainment, not embarrassment, the app performs its singular function perfectly. It runs smoothly, is easy to use, and produces an LOL moment almost every time. Fatbooth can also run its face detection and fattening magic on existing photos from your gallery. If you want to see the before picture, just shake your phone. To fatten that … Read more

World's Ultimate Brain tests your intellectual agility

Save for the cheesy name, World's Ultimate Brain is quite a well-put-together puzzle game for Android. It tests your brain's speed and agility across four different categories: Calculation, Memory, Visual Recognition, and Logic. Your simple job is to race the clock and answer as many questions correctly as possible. Once you finish, the app will calculate your score, and submit it to the worldwide leaderboard. If you're extra proud of your intellectual skills, you can even have it post your score to Facebook, Twitter, or (inexplicably) MySpace.

While World's Ultimate Brain is indeed fun, easy to … Read more

Camera360 is an all-around powerhouse shooter

As its name suggests, Camera360 is an all-around, effects-heavy camera app for your Android mobile device. Depending on how complicated you want to get, it could serve as a power-packed replacement for your device's stock camera app.

Camera360 rolls the functionality of several different camera apps into one. It lets you wrap frames or scenery around your photos, or add whimsical effects like Ghost, Infrared Thermal, or a Warhol-like Four-Color Poster. And, of course, there's also a long menu of filters to choose from, including two different HDR filters, Black & White, Retro, and Lomo styles among many … Read more

The 404 832: Where we finally get our own 404 page (podcast)

Good news, 404 listeners! We've made it easier to tell your friends about The 404 show. Just direct them to, because all CNET 404 error pages now contain a link to our page! In case you can't think of good filler, we recommend,, and

Listen in to today's show to find out which app is absolutely crucial to install on your Apple laptop, why the Android marketplace is now devoid of emulators, and what it means to shoot a basketball "in the paint."

The 404 Digest for Episode 832

We got ourselves a 404 page! Go to Console emulators removed from the Android Market. Install this program on your MacBook right now.

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