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Buzz Out Loud 843: Nine legal uses for BitTorrent

We asked. You answered. Our listeners provided not seven, not eight, but nine real legal legitimate uses for BitTorrent. Plus Apple's getting into an old-fashioned spat with IBM. Just like 1979 all over again. Plus Rafe says stop whining about Windows 7. Listen now: Download today's podcast Episode 843

National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow

Trojan virus steals bank info

Apple hires top IBM chip designer and blade server guru

More on … Read more

CNET TV: Top 5 worst downloads

The are good programs and bad programs, and then there are the horror shows. Every three months or so, we take a playful look at some of the least impressive software programs to come down the pike.

From Canadian Rock Radio to telepathic communication with aliens, there's a lot not to like about this oddball crew. Just in time for Halloween, CNET TV's Tom Merritt counts down the five scariest downloads of fall 2008.

Yahoo Video gains, YouTube crosses 5.3 billion streams

Post updated 11:45 AM PST

Beet.TV has the scoop on Nielsen Online's tracking of video streams for September 2008. Yahoo Video streams surged 56 percent and unique users grew 35 percent month over month.

The month of September was also good for Google's YouTube, which had 12 percent growth in streams. Fox Interactive, MSN/Windows Live and Nickelodeon all had negative growth from August to September 2008, according to Nielsen Online.

It's unclear why Yahoo Video saw such a dramatic increase compared to other sites in September. CNET News has call into the company and … Read more

Linux: Coming soon to a Windows laptop near you

The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin provides an interesting twist on the most cutting-edge Windows machines from Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and others: they're all running Linux.

No, he's not talking about dual-boot systems. (OK, kind of.) Instead he's talking about "fast boot," which an increasing number of computer manufacturers are delivering via Linux-based solutions from DeviceVM and others. Resource hound that it is, Microsoft apparently needs some help from Linux getting started from the once "cancerous" Linux.

Zemlin writes:

What does this mean for Linux? First it means that Linux is more central to … Read more

Skyfire now browsing north of the border

Updated on 10/21/08 with more detail.

Starting Friday, Americans won't be the only ones able to test drive the newly opened beta for Skyfire's mobile browser.

Now Canadians can, too, after one or two tweaks to Skyfire's registration process gives northern numbers the green light.

While Canada may be the first country outside of the U.S. with a chance to download the mobile browsing alternative, it won't be the only one for long--Skyfire won't announce particulars, but did say that it expects to expand its service to other countries soon. This is … Read more

Microsoft's other new platform: Live Framework

LOS ANGELES--While it was Windows Azure that got much of the attention, Microsoft also released another important platform at this week's Professional Developers Conference.

Microsoft's Live Framework is essentially the developer piece of Live Mesh. It's what lets developers use the mesh technology to add online components to their desktop applications, or conversely, to give online applications an offline component.

The software maker had said that this would be coming when it unveiled Live Mesh this spring, but its actual launch was somewhat overshadowed by the discussion of Windows Azure on Monday. The Live Framework is itself … Read more

Microsoft's Azure--I remain perplexed

I'm still trying to figure out if Microsoft's Azure announcements are meaningful beyond just providing a bit of color for the newly revealed cloud services.

Microsoft blogger Mary Jo Foley provides some good insight in her "Microsoft's Azure cloud platform: A guide for the perplexed," though the fact that she even had to write such a piece speaks to the lack of clear message coming from Microsoft.

The Microsoft approach (as expected) is heavily dependent on and influenced by Microsoft's own technology and practices. That's worked in the past, but cloud efforts to … Read more

CNET Live - Episode 78

We share some of our scariest tech stories involving the FBI, Rock Band, debit cards, and Windows 98.

Watch the show on CNET TV.

First Look

HP Mini 1000

Download of the week



Take a ride in a modern Zeppelin

Your video calls

Franklin's questions: Tethering a Treo to a Mac? Watch our video by Rich DeMuro and read this detailed step-by-step from PeachPit press.

Tim's questions: If I delete junk mail will the spam filter still work? Yes. Here's the wikipedia article on how Bayesian filters combat spam.

Your calls If you're having … Read more

CNET News Daily Podcast: Early impressions of Windows 7 security

CNET News security reporter Robert Vamosi has been running a pre-beta copy of Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7, and he joins the podcast to talk about what he discovered so far on the security front.

That, and the top headlines of the day, in Thursday's podcast. Listen now: Download today's podcast

Today's stories:

Third Chrome beta due in days, Google says

As losses return, Motorola delays its split

HP considers bundling Netbooks, wireless service

Netflix streaming comes to TiVo

The new gets all social and stuff

Windows 7 security: An overall improvement?

Apple offers details on recent MobileMe updateRead more

Buzz Out Loud 842: Forking Google

Google has joined the OpenID crowd, but just like Microsoft and Yahoo, you can't use the OpenID on Google, but you can use Google credentials other places. Unlike Microsoft and Yahoo though, Google has decided to tweak the OpenID implementation a little to make it better. That means that it's nonstandard and won't work for all standards-compliant OpenID servers. Bullies. We also admire the new DRM-free music store from clothing retailer, Hot Topic. Really.

Listen now: Download today's podcast Episode 842

TiVo to stream Netflix more