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General Motors launches GMC Showroom Mobile App

When you're not busy playing Angry Birds, you can check out the new GMC Showroom Mobile App from GM.

With the GMC app you can see the latest models in a virtual showroom and explore vehicle photos or videos to configure a GMC vehicle to your specifications.

The app is currently available for free for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch through the Apple App Store. It will also be available for the Android through the Android Market by the end of July, GM said in a press release.

With the app, customers will be able to check do … Read more

How to auto optimize Google Sites for mobile devices

Google Sites now has the ability to automatically optimize sites for viewing on mobile devices (iOS 3.0+ and Android 2.2+). We'll show you how to turn this feature on as well as how to preview the mobile view right from your desktop. Let's get started.

Turn on automatic mobile rendering Step 1: From your Google Sites page, click on the More actions button, then select Manage site.

Step 2: In the left column under Site settings, select General.

Step 3: Check the box next to Automatically adjust site to mobile phones, located near the bottom of … Read more

Sex doll tech moves to the dentist's chair

If you're freaked out either by humanoid robots or the thought of dental work, proceed with caution. If both make your skin crawl, you might want to reach for the nitrous oxide.

Showa Hanako, a robotic dental patient out of Japan we told you about last year, has been reborn as Showa Hanako 2. Now the android can not only open and close her mouth, move her tongue, shake her head, blink, cough, sneeze, choke, roll her eyes, and tell her dentist, "Ouch! It hurts!" She can look ultra-realistic doing it.

Jointly developed by Showa, Waseda, and Kogakuin universities and produced by Japanese robot maker Tmsuk, Showa Hanako 2 was created to be a training robot for dental students. But where her elder sister looked like a stiff plastic doll tethered to a dental chair, Showa Hanako 2 looks like a stiff real woman tethered to a dental chair. That's largely because where she used to be made of PVC plastic, she now features silicone skin, tongue, and mouth lining made by Orient Industry, a creator of sex dolls. Needless to say, Orient has a high stake in making realistic-looking and -feeling body parts. … Read more

Finding more smileys on your Android keyboard

Attaching smileys to instant messages, texts, and e-mail can be a fun and easy way to add character to your messages. Whether you're trying to convey extreme joy :D or sorrow :'(, there are some extra smileys built into your Android phone's keyboard that you may not know about. However, finding them is just a couple of finger presses away.

Step 1: Open the app you want to send a message from.

Step 2: Tap the screen where you want to start typing so the keyboard will pop up.

Step 3: Press and hold on the happy smiley face … Read more

Tag Heuer Link Android smartphone a mere $6,750

And you thought your iPhone was so cool. Tag Heuer, known for making lux watches, has released one of the cooler-looking smartphones we've ever seen. But don't get too excited--one Tag Heuer Link Android smartphone will set you back $6,750.

What's with the price? The Link Android, which runs on the old-generation Android 2.2 (Froyo), comes with a steel, 18-carat rose gold- or titanium-finished case. (It kind of looks like it belongs to a Jedi knight, right?) Trims come in calfskin, alligator, lizard, or carbon leather. (Fancy!)

It features a Gorilla Glass screen, a high-strength thin sheet of glass used as a protective cover with scratch resistance and durability, and offers up 256MB of RAM and 8GB on a memory card to save the pics you take with its 5-megapixel auto-focus HD camera. It can also house 11 hours of music playback. The phone goes on sale this month TAG Heuer retailers.

So OK, you're paying for the look and feel of this gadget, not the tech specs. Is it worth the price? You tell us!

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Ask Maggie: Can I really live without unlimited data?

Starting July 7, new Verizon Wireless customers can kiss unlimited data plans good-bye. But what do the pricing plan changes mean for existing customers? Can people really live without unlimited data?

It's been no secret that Verizon has planned to eliminate the unlimited data plan. The company's executives have been saying it for months. So it was no shock when last week word leaked of the company's new plans. The only real news was when it would happen. Since then, my inbox has been flooded with questions from desperate and confused smartphone customers asking me what they … Read more

How to sell an item on eBay using your Android device

If you've ever bought something from eBay, you know that it's painless (unless you get sniped at the very last second by some nameless fiend). Selling can take a more serious effort--but it can be nearly as painless as buying. The Android eBay app is a joy to use and might just send you searching through the attic for old stuff with barcodes, just to see if you can squeeze a few more bucks out of your old books or gadgets. Here's how to get started:

Install and run the eBay app.

Choose your preferred site, then … Read more

Android Atlas Weekly 55: Over 4.5 billion served (Podcast)

How is the Android Market like McDonalds? What's up with all of the missing Gingerbread updates? and What does Google Plus mean for ye Android faithful?

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Rumor: Samsung Nexus Prime to be first Ice Cream Sandwich phone

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G up for preorder

Yet another Facebook phone

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide is all about the camera more

HTC begins testing Gingerbread update for Desire

HTC announced today that testing has already begun on the HTC Desire's Gingerbread update. The news comes less than two weeks after HTC promised a stripped-down version of Android 2.3 would indeed arrive.

Readers may recall the recent dust-up when HTC claimed that due to size constraints it would be unable to deliver both Gingerbread and the HTC Sense user interface. The company quickly reversed its statement after a consumer outcry. It's not known for certain how this update will look nor what had to be shelved in order to get it to fit properly.

According to … Read more

Samsung Conquer 4G gets outed for Sprint

The next 4G handset from Sprint is likely to come in the form of a midrange Samsung device called the Conquer 4G. Phone Scoop's Eric Zeman noticed the Android-based device on Samsung's Web site yesterday complete with specifications and images.

This isn't the first time Samsung's Web master has jumped the gun, and sure enough all references to the Conquer 4G, aka the D600, were quickly removed (clicking on the link today takes you to a "page not found" message). Nevertheless, the cat is out of the bag and we have a pretty clear indication as to what lies ahead.

The Conquer 4G is expected to have a 1GHz processor, 3.5-inch display, 3.2-megapixel camera, and front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera. The Android 2.3-powered phone recently cleared the FCC, where it was listed as having support for Sprint's SMR 800MHz band. As Zeman reminds us, this means that the phone will be able to use voice services on the spectrum once Sprint transitions the push-to-talk iDEN off.

As neither Sprint nor Samsung has officially announced the Conquer 4G just yet, we have no suggested price or launch date. A glance at the image of the phone, however, shows a date of July 15. Maybe a sign of things to come? … Read more