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Twitter for Android updated

Twitter for Android stepped up its game today with a couple of new features that users probably wish it had incorporated a long time ago.

Now, users get the option to receive Push Notifications, which are essentially real-time, automatic updates. Previously, users had to set the app to refresh at timed intervals. Now they can go into account settings and enable Automatic Refresh to get instant Status Bar notifications for Direct Messages, @Mentions, and Tweets.

Also, the updated app now supports multiple account sign-in, making it easy to switch between your social media alter egos.

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Apple regaining momentum with developers, study says

Apple saw growing developer support in the second quarter, taking the momentum away from Google's Android platform.

That's according to a new study from start-up Flurry, which provides developers with application data and a recommendation-based advertising platform. The company compared data from its clients and found that a growing share of new projects were started for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad in the second quarter versus the first. Android's share of new projects, however, fell following a year of consistent growth.

While the open nature of Android, the large number of companies that use the … Read more

Hulu Plus lands on four more Android handsets

Hulu Plus is now available on four more Android-based smartphones, the video-streaming company announced yesterday.

The service is being offered on HTC's Evo 4G, ThunderBolt, MyTouch 4G, and G2. With those additions, Hulu Plus is now supported on 10 Android devices. The Nexus One, Nexus S, and Motorola Atrix were among the devices previously supported.

Although it was available on a host of mobile platforms, including iOS, Hulu Plus didn't arrive on Android until last month. Hulu said at the time that users could try it out for one month at no cost to see if they liked … Read more

Motorola Mobility an exclusive launch partner to Spotify

Spotify has its first groupie in Motorola Mobility.

On the heels of Spotify's official U.S. launch, Motorola said today it was the exclusive mobile device and tablet launch partner for the much-anticipated--and delayed--music streaming service. Motorola said it plans to offer its customers "coveted early access" to the service, and will launch a number of marketing campaigns in the coming weeks to promote the alliance.

Spotify will launch with an invite-only beta stage before opening the service to the public. Motorola customers who participate in specific marketing campaigns found on social media sites and at retail … Read more

CNET 100: Seth Rosenblatt's favorite Android apps

Editors' note: Until July 22, 10 CNET personalities are showcasing their 10 personal favorite Android apps as part of the CNET 100. With each post, you can read why they hold the apps so dear and you'll get the opportunity to vote for your own favorite title. Then after the series ends, we'll collect the full list of 100 apps and announce the 10 that you, our readers, love the most.

As a senior associate editor at CNET Downloads, Seth Rosenblatt dives deep into the world of software with a particular focus on browsers, Web applications, and security. … Read more

Android 3.2 rolling out on Xoom, Motorola says

Motorola is beginning to roll out Android Honeycomb 3.2 for its Xoom tablet. The Google update includes a couple of key enhancements that will also roll out to other Android tablets in the near future.

"Google has started rolling out Android 3.2, in phases, to Motorola Xoom users," a Motorola representative confirmed for CNET today.

The update will introduce a new viewing mode, referred to as "zoom to fill," and fully enable SD card slots. Motorola will be the first tablet vendor to get this update, according to Richard Shim, an analyst at DisplaySearch.… Read more

First Take: Sony S1 and S2 tablets

Sony has taken some heat for being late to the tablet party, but we cut it some slack the minute we glimpsed the S1 and S2 tablet prototypes back in April 2011. Both tablets promise a unique spin on what has so far been a series of cookie-cutter 10-inch Android tablets. Sony may be late, but at least it's bringing something special.

Though they won't hit shelves until the fall, we were lucky enough to get our hands on both tablets today. Sony is mum on pricing, but given Sony's history, we think it's fair to say these tablets will not be positioned as a cheap iPad alternative. To give each tablet sibling its fair time in the spotlight, here's our separate take on each of Sony's Honeycomb tablets. … Read more

Zaarly, a new kind of marketplace, hits Android

Zaarly, Craigslist's bizarro twin, yesterday released its native app for Android. If you're unfamiliar with the strangely named service, it's a bit like a digital bulletin board where you can post requests for goods or services (that you're willing to pay for) in hopes of finding a nearby user to oblige. It launched to the public this past May, and it's backed by some big-name tech investors including Twitter-darling Ashton Kutcher.

Here's how the app works. Log into Zaarly, post something you want, how much you're willing to pay for it, and when … Read more

Zaarly turns Craigslist on its head

Zaarly is essentially a reverse Craigslist app that lets you post requests for goods or services to nearby users in hopes of getting one (or more) of them to oblige.

Here's how it works. Log into Zaarly, post something you want, how much you're willing to pay for it, and when you need it by. Then, nearby users will respond if they've got the goods or they're willing to provide the services. Whether you're looking for furniture, someone to pull weeds in your backyard, or a pick-up truck to borrow for the evening, Zaarly seems … Read more

The 404 859: Where we embrace our inner geek (podcast)

It's Embrace Your Inner Geek Day...which applies to everyone else who doesn't have a daily tech podcast. To me, Jeff, and Wilson, it's Wednesday and today we're wondering how a picture of Jeff got onto The Huffington Post.

We're also whining about the Netflix hype that ignited a social-media fire, discovering how the genesis of Internet and raving have a symbiotic relationship, and introducing another user-submitted Tang That Tune!

The 404 Digest for Episode 859

Netflix price hike ignites social-media fire. Jeff makes unwitting debut on HuffPo. How the Internet transformed the American rave scene. Hey it's Embrace Your Inner Geek Day! Wilson laughing for 10 hrs (thanks Kokesh!)

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