Hackers go wild: An overview of recent incidents

A new burst of hacks has left companies and government organizations picking up the pieces.

Earlier today, The Hacker News reported it had received a message from hacking group Pakistan Cyber Army, claiming the PCA had hacked an Acer Europe server and stole sensitive information. The publication posted a screenshot of the data reportedly collected, which included the personal information of 40,000 customers, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and the names of products they had purchased.

According to The Hacker News, the PCA plans to release more data within the next 24 hours, and will follow … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1482: iCloud details, LulzSec strikes again, and USA rules at cupcakes (Podcast)

On today's show, we discover that Sony may have stored more than 1 million user emails and passwords in clear text, which LulzSec happily took advantage of. Also, the Gmail hack may have targeted White House employees who were using their Gmail accounts for official off-books government business. And iCloud might only stream iTunes purchases at launch which, if true, would be a massive bummer. We'll see. --Molly

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Hackers steal more customer info from Sony servers

A group of hackers said today that they have broken into several Sony Web sites and compromised the personal data of more Sony customers.

The group, which calls itself "Lulzsec," is the same group that posted fake news stories on PBS.com over the weekend.

They have been promising Sony attacks since this past weekend, a plan they called "the beginning of the end" for Sony. After being challenged to show what they found, the group today posted links on Twitter to samples of information they compromised on internal Sony networks and Web sites, including Sony … Read more

Tupac hackers to Sony: 'Beginning of the end'

A group that made headlines for hacking the PBS Web site earlier this week is apparently turning its attention to Sony.

The group known as LulzSec has been promising Sony attacks since this past weekend when it posted to its Twitter account that it is engaged in an operation it calls "Sownage," shorthand for Sony Ownage. The group stated at the time that it was working on hatching a plan that would be the "beginning of the end" for Sony. It has yet to reveal what it has planned. But yesterday the group said that the … Read more

Fox News ticker hacked with anti-Fox news?

Welcome to News Hacking Week, in which you must decide what is real and what is not. You aren't normally troubled by this because you commit yourself to one or other highly skewed news source.

However, having possibly not got over the fact that PBS didn't really report that Tupac was alive, well, and living in New Zealand, you must now decide whether Fox News ticker in New York was hacked with a slightly unusual form of fairness and balance.

Please watch the video I have embedded and decide whether you believe it to be real.

It seems … Read more

PBS, hacked, says Tupac is still alive

For a while, Tupac Shakur lived in Marin City, Calif. It so happens that I buy my coffee there every morning.

So I wandered down on this Memorial Day to tell Marie and Kurshina at Starbucks that the great rapper is still alive and has made a home in New Zealand.

They weren't buying it. "Nah, he's dead," said Kurshina.

It seems she might be right, for I had been relying on the very vulnerable source that is PBS, which offered that both Tupac and Biggie Smalls had settled for a life in a small town … Read more

Sony Thailand site used for phishing

Sony has been hacked, and one of its servers used to host a phishing site, according to Finnish company F-Secure.

The hack, which is not connected to Sony's problems with its PlayStation Network, has placed a phishing Web page on the Sony Thailand site, F-Secure chief research officer Mikko Hypponen told ZDNet UK today. F-Secure notified Sony, the company said in a blog post today.

"The phishers are looking for credit card details and log-ins," said Hypponen.

Read more of "Sony site used for phishing" at ZDNet UK.

The 404 823: Where those things have multiple uses (podcast)

Don't latch onto an unsecured wireless network on your Android device, because hackers have found an exploit that puts your personal information at risk. Is anyone else as tired of hacker mongering as we are?

In other pirating news, Netflix has finally beat out BitTorrent as the most trafficked site on the Internet, which proves that people are willing to pay for streaming content, if it's easily accessible.

We have a bunch of iPad 2 accessories to give away today from Hard Candy Cases and The Joy Factory. Enter to win a prize simply by following either company as well as The 404 on Twitter and tell us why you need a cover for your iPad 2. Also, be sure to mention us at the end of your tweet so everyone can see it! Good luck!

The 404 Digest for Episode 823

Kid tells Grandfather that Twitter is a search engine, and these are his searches. The insecurity of Android's open Wi-Fi protocol. CNET Report: Netflix swallowing peak Net traffic fast. Not so fast: Sony's PlayStation Network hacked again!

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Reporters' Roundtable: Inside the mind of the Maker Faire

The Maker Faire is a county fair for geeks. At the upcoming (Saturday and Sunday) Bay Area Faire, instead of jam competitions, there will be radio-controlled battleship shoot-outs. Instead of rows of people hawking snake-oil cleaning products, there are workshops teaching you and your kids how to make model rockets. If you're a nerd, Maker Faires are the events you wish you had when you were a kid.

The Maker Faire is put on by the technical publisher O'Reilly Media, and is in large part the brainchild of Dale Dougherty, who's our guest on this Roundtable. Dougherty is also the editor and publisher of Make Magazine, the magazine of projects you really should find the time to do.

This interview took place at the O'Reilly labs, where the team was preparing for Maker Faire and working on projects for Make Magazine. We talk about more than just these two projects, of course. There's an emerging technology do-it-yourself culture, a growing understanding that buyers of technology do not have to be slaves to it. Furthermore, the tough economy is pushing more people to do hands-on projects. People are learning about, inventing, and re-using technology in ways they never have before, and that's the topic of our discussion with Dougherty.

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Some of our discussion points… Read more

How to run the Netflix app on any Android device

Talk about good news/bad news. Last week, the long-awaited Netflix app for Android finally arrived--but only for five phones. If you own, say, an HTC Thunderbolt, Motorola Droid 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or other incompatible device, the waiting game goes on.

Or not, if you're tech-savvy enough to root (that is, jailbreak) your device and fiddle with some settings. Over at Reddit, a user by the name of natemckn explains how to make Netflix for Android work on unsupported devices.

The hack works by fooling the Netflix app into thinking your phone or tablet is one of … Read more