NEC monitor tracks your carbon emissions

A couple months back, I talked about Dell's new Eco-friendly monitors, the G2210 and G2410, which feature on-screen displays (OSDs) that allow you to see, in real time, how much energy your monitor is using depending on its current brightness level. In the original blog, I commented that I hoped more developers would follow Dell's lead, and it looks like NEC will be the first to try--perhaps even topping Dell.

On Tuesday, NEC announced the MultiSync E222W, a 22-inch LCD monitor with a host of ergonomic and Eco-conscious options.

The monitor includes 110 millimeter height adjustment, pivoting, swivel, and tilt. It also includes an Eco Mode that purportedly reduces power consumption and heat generation.

Also, according to NEC, its Intelligent Power Management and off timer will help conserve energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by switching to a low-power state or automatically powering down when the monitor is on but is not in use. This feature apparently circumvents OS-based power options.

Taking a page out of Dell's aforementioned unique OSD options, the MultiSync E222W will allow users to track their carbon footprint savings, with what NEC calls the display's carbon footprint meter.

According to NEC, the tool takes the concept used in the Dells one step further by actually calculating the reduction of green gas emissions, unlike Dell's tool, which only shows energy readings relative to the monitor's brightness.

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Apple update resolves iPhone DFU mode problem and Note Syncing

According to a report on, Apple's recent Mac OS X 10.5.7 update brings two welcome changes for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

DFU Mode Fix

Last fall, our sister site, MacFixit, reported that Mac OS X 10.5.6 causes iPhone jailbreak/unlock problems by making it impossible to enter DFU mode, a deeper version of Recovery Mode activated by holding Power and Home for 10 seconds, then releasing Power while holding Home for 10 more seconds. This feature, which is helpful in jailbreaking an iPhone or an iPod Touch, is also important for troubleshooting … Read more

119: Hydrogen is back. Can it catch up with Hybrids and EVs?

Obama talks GM, but leaves out the "B" word. Hydrogen is back this week; will it stay? And the new version of Microsoft SYNC is out; we'll tell you what it does and if your Ford can get it. Plus, a ride in a hotted-up Lexus.

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Hydrogen Road Tour 2009

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Antuan gets a first look at the Lexus IS C ragtop

HCCI engines explained

Ford releases details of 911 Assist

Ford Motor today released details on Sync's 911 Assist. The service will place a call directly to a local 911 operator in the event of an accident involving the activation of an air bag or an emergency fuel pump shutoff.

911 Assist, along with Vehicle Health Report, expands the features of Sync; both features are bundled together and now available as a software upgrade at dealerships for existing Sync owners and will come standard in the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Unlike other crash notification services, 911 Assist does not require the customer to sign up and pay for a … Read more

Back up your data easily

Everyone knows they should back up their data, but a surprisingly small percentage of people actually do. Unfortunately, when the big crash finally comes or you experience a hard-drive failure, that's usually the time you realize you should have been backing up all along. There are a number of programs that make it easier to regularly back up your hard drive, but in my experience, many require several steps to get the job done.

Nero's BackItUp and Burn ($39.99), released yesterday, attempts to make the whole process easier for everyone. Using an intuitive tabbed interface and simple … Read more

Webware 100 Editors' Choice: Evernote and Windows Live Sync (Rafe's favorites)

Sites: Evernote and Windows Live Sync Category: Editors' Choice, Rafe's favorites

These products are Webware editor's Rafe Needleman's somewhat secret productivity tools. Neither are well-known products, but both enable a person who does a lot of writing on more than one computer to stay productive.

Evernote is a note-taking application that has both downloadable software and a Web app. No matter which machine--PC, Mac, or iPhone--you use to take notes, you can see them almost immediately on any other of your machines that have the software. You can also get your notes on the Evernote Web service. … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 977: You can't point north on ecstasy

But you can point north if you wear a belt of a dozen or so magnets all the time. We'll explain. Also Palm Pre is coming for $200 and we have some rumored next-generation specs. Oh and about 300 car stories, 'cause you know. Cooley is on the show.

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Palm Pre to arrive June 6 for $200

Next-gen iPhone specs, launch date revealed?

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Ford releases Sync update, working with Pandora

Starting today, 2010 Ford Fusion, Ford Mustang, Mercury Milan, and Mercury MKZ owners can download an upgrade from the SyncMyRide Web site that will let their Sync radios receive traffic information.

The upgrade enables Sync to "deliver voice-in, voice-out traffic updates and navigation cues plus weather, stock and news reports similar in some ways to OnStar," according to an article appearing in Twice.

Although there is no screen, the upgrade offers many of the features available in the Sync system with Sirius Travel Link service, such as traffic updates along navigation routes and weather, stock, and news updates. … Read more

Hit and miss performance

RadarSync - Free Edition keeps your PC running on all cylinders by keeping you computer's software and drivers up to date. When we put it through the ringer, it worked quickly to perform an update scan. However, it took a considerable amount of time to download updates, and slowed down our computer's performance to the point we weren't able to continue working.

The main user interface is very straightforward, but we did find a few misspellings that lessened the program's overall professional appearance. First things first, we used the program to scan our computer for updates. … Read more