Samsung ships 3 million Galaxy S smartphones

Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones have reached another milestone.

The company said today it has now shipped 3 million Galaxy S smartphones. The figure comprises sales of the seven models of Galaxy S smartphones, including the Fascinate, Captivate, and Vibrant, currently available from all the major carriers. The announcement comes about three months after Samsung said it had shipped 1 million of the phones, which run on the Android operating system.

Samsung also noted today that it plans to upgrade the phones to Android 2.2 "in the near future." It wouldn't provide an exact time frame … Read more

Contemplating tablets beyond the iPad (Q&A)

The iPad is expected to encounter a crush of competition in 2011. A manager at Atmel, which supplies chips to tablet makers, talks about how he thinks things will shake out in the non-Apple tablet market in 2011.

Binay Bajaj, a product marketing manager at Atmel, which makes touch-screen controller chips for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the HTC Evo 4G and Motorola Droid phones (among other devices) talks about how tablets debuting in 2011 will come in a variety of sizes that move the tablet experience beyond today's 10-inch iPad. Atmel is slated to supply chips to a host … Read more

Speed Tests: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad (video)

Sure, it's fun to create charts and graphs and tell you how one popular product compares with another popular product (and we do and will continue to do that), but it's so much more fun to show you!

And by "fun" I mean a fracking nightmare! Seriously, recording a testing video is no easy feat (for me that is). These four-plus minutes of footage you see here were compiled from an hour and a half of (mostly useless) raw footage. Much of it included copious amounts of word-stumbling, followed by even more cursing. I learned a … Read more

How to reopen closed windows and tabs in Safari

Most browsers have an easily accessible history option where you can browse through and choose previously visited sites to open again. Not only are histories available, but some browsers including Safari have options for reopening the last closed window or even all the windows from the last session when the browser was run. In Safari these are available in the "History" menu.

Open the last closed window

This feature in Safari is exceptionally useful if you inadvertently close a window containing a page or pages you needed to view. Granted you can always go to the history list … Read more

Prizefight: iPad vs. Galaxy Tab

With the iPad tablet computer, Apple is poised to dominate yet another tech category (remember MP3 players) before the competition has a chance to react. For Apple's devotees, the iPad is nothing less than a slam dunk.

Samsung begs to differ. Its Galaxy Tab tablet is a clear threat to the iPad and a worthy consideration to anyone shopping around for a tablet. The Tab offers a smaller, more convenient size, Adobe Flash support, front and rear cameras, and the fastest growing mobile OS: Google's Android 2.2.

But can the Tab unseat the incumbent Apple iPad as … Read more

Should you wait to buy a tablet?

The hype around tablets is deafening this year--but is it really the right time to buy one? It's a good question (and a loaded one), so let's get to the bottom of it.

What features are you waiting for? Currently, the Apple iPad holds the majority stake in the tablet market, with a growing share coming from Android-based tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The features you can expect from this current crop of tablets include the core capabilities of e-mail, Web browsing, and multimedia playback, along with Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth wireless communication. Other features--such as gaming, over-the-air media downloads, printing, keyboard support, supported App stores, e-book reading, cameras, video chat, GPS navigation, and multitasking--are also available on today's crop of tablets.

From where I'm sitting, there's not much more we can ask of tablets.… Read more

Report: Samsung sells 600K Galaxy Tabs

Samsung Electronics said Sunday it had sold more than 600,000 Galaxy Tab tablets worldwide in the first month of sales, according to a report in the Korea Herald.

The 7-inch tablet was released about a month ago and is now available in United States, Japan, South Korea, and Italy, among other countries. In South Korea, about 30,000 units have been sold through SK Telecom since November 14 when it was launched there, the newspaper said.

The Galaxy Tab has gotten a lot of attention because it's seen as the first major Android-based rival to Apple's iPad. … Read more

Linky goodness

Linky is a free Firefox add-on that increases your power over hyperlinks. You can use it open all or some of the links on a given page, including images--even links on different tabs.

Linky installs normally; when we restarted Firefox, it was listed among our add-ons. We clicked Options, which called up a dialog with tabs for General and Advanced settings as well as an About tab with links to the developer's Web site. We selected several General options, such as the ability to open both new tabs and windows, show all images, and copy links to the Clipboard. … Read more

SAP chief info officer: Apps in works for RIM tablet

Business software maker SAP says it is working to adapt its market-leading enterprise resource management software to Research In Motion's PlayBook tablet and that mobile versions of its software will be ready to go by the gadget's launch date of early next year.

SAP Chief Information Officer Oliver Bussman told The Wall Street Journal that all of the company's ERP applications are being readied for the tablet.

"SAP is definitely supporting the RIM PlayBook," Bussman said.

That's good for RIM, which is hoping that loyalty on the part of its BlackBerry business customers will … Read more