Verizon offers pricey way to upgrade early

CNET Update rather take the contract:

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- Learn why Verizon's Edge early upgrade plan isn't worth the cost in the long run.

- See the shows on Netflix getting Emmy buzz.

- Measure up the HTC One Mini -- which really isn't that mini at all.

- Keep an eye on popular instant-messaging apps that work for multiple devices, including WeChat, KakaoTalk, Line and Path.

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Verizon unveils Edge, its own pricey early upgrade plan

It didn't take long for Verizon Wireless to jump into the early upgrade game.

A little more than a week after T-Mobile unveiled its Jump program and two days after AT&T debuted Next, Verizon on Thursday announced Edge, its own no-contract plan that enables customer to upgrade to a new phone after only six months.

Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo confirmed the Edge program on an investor conference call earlier Thursday before the carrier released the full details.

While Verizon maintains that Edge evolved out of a series of plan changes it made over the last … Read more

Verizon CFO confirms Edge, another early upgrade plan

Verizon Wireless is jumping on the early upgrade bandwagon too.

Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo confirmed an upcoming program, Edge, during a conference call on Thursday. He said there is a demand for early upgrade programs, but was light on the details of Edge.

Edge follows similar early-upgrade programs that were recently announced, with T-Mobile kicking things off with its Jump program last week, and AT&T following up with Next earlier this week.

The plans, while offering the option to upgrade after six months or a year, have been criticized as a costly option for customers. AT&… Read more

AT&T's Next plan doesn't add up

CNET Update does the math:

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- Learn why AT&T Next, a no-contract early-upgrade option, is a costly way to upgrade a phone, and you'll be better off sticking with a contract. Next is not the same as T-Mobile's Jump upgrade plan, which also works as insurance for phone damage.

- Claim a new Yahoo ID now, as Yahoo is recycling abandoned usernames.

- Watch for Foursquare's new ads that appear after a check-in.

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T-Mobile on AT&T Next: You're paying twice for that phone

The claws are out now.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere fired back at AT&T's new early upgrade plan, calling it "smoke and mirrors" and a "poor copycat," and warned that customers pay more and end up getting less than what T-Mobile's Jump plan has to offer.

"Their offer is terrible for consumers," Legere told CNET in an email on Tuesday.

Earlier Tuesday, AT&T introduced its AT&T Next plan, which lets people pay for their mobile devices in 20 monthly installments and allows them to upgrade each year. … Read more

AT&T gets in on no-contract, early upgrade plans too

AT&T isn't going to let T-Mobile steal all of the spotlight when it comes to big shake-ups to its plans.

The Dallas telecommunications provider unveiled AT&T Next, a new program for customers that allows them to pay for their own smartphones in monthly installments, and enables an annual upgrade to a smartphone or tablet.

AT&T Next represents the second move by a carrier following T-Mobile's introduction of its Jump early upgrade program last week. T-Mobile CEO John Legere spent a large chunk of his presentation talking about his vow to transform the … Read more

T-Mobile's Jump aims to get a rise out of wireless rivals

T-Mobile CEO John Legere hopes his competition starts chanting one of his oft-used catchphrases: "Oh s***."

Legere turned up the heat on his campaign against what he deemed the industry status quo, this time targeting the requirement to wait two years before upgrading to a new smartphone. Through the new Jump program, customers can upgrade their phones as frequently as twice a year.

"We're going to redefine a stupid, broken, and arrogant industry," he said during the company's press conference on Wednesday.

It's the latest move from a company that is attempting to … Read more

Get the skinny on T-Mobile's new Jump plan (FAQ)

T-Mobile is shaking up the wireless industry yet again with a new device upgrade program announced Wednesday that is supposed to make it easier for its customers to upgrade to new devices.

The company's CEO John Legere said during a press conference in New York City, where the new plan called Jump was unveiled, that it's all about giving customers what they want. He bashed competitors, such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which have recently extended their device upgrade cycles to 24 months, which is the length of a typical handset contract.

"Two years is … Read more

T-Mobile lures gadget addicts with new upgrade plan

CNET Update upgrades your life:

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- Don't wait two years to upgrade your phone with T-Mobile's new $10-a-month Jump program.

- Prepare for a shake-up in digital media now that Apple has been found guilty of conspiring to fix e-book prices.

- Discover new features in the Android Google Maps app.

- Spend Xbox Points now, just in case games cost more when Microsoft transitions to real money.

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T-Mobile could intro 'anytime upgrade' club today

T-Mobile could introduce an aggressive new phone-buying model on Wednesday that would let its no-contract customers upgrade to a new handset at subsidized pricing anytime they want, according to reports.

The upgrade program, which could be called Jump, would make it easier for people to pay a lower upgrade fee when replacing their current phones, rather than paying the full, retail price to switch.

CNET first learned of this concept in March, where CEO John Legere said it was still an idea that the carrier was tossing around.

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