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LG Lifeband Touch pictured, though plans unknown

LG Lifeband Touch.

— @evleaks (@evleaks) December 31, 2013

Avid leaker @evleaks is at it again. And this time, the Twitter user has turned an eye to LG.

@evleaks on Tuesday posted an image of what it claims is the LG Lifeband Touch. The tweet didn't include any more information on the Lifeband Touch, but it appears to be a wearable fitness tracker users can place around their wrists. There's also a green circle at the top of the device, which may justify the use of the "touch" branding.

LG has been rumored … Read more

Shazam iPhone app identifies music when phone is locked

While song identification software is nothing new, Shazam's new update for iPhone and iPod Touch seems to be stepping up the game.

Dubbed "Auto Shazam," the app's new feature, which debuted on Thursday, is able to continuously recognize popular music and TV around a user even though their phone may be locked. This means if someone is unable to whip out their phone to Shazam a song, the phone will still be able to record it.

"Flip the switch on the Shazam home screen to turn on Auto Shazam, and automatically recognize while you commute … Read more

Review: TouchPad Calculator makes long calculations easy, but lacks advanced operations

TouchPad Calculator carves through multiple math problems at once, giving you a better way to handle a given set of numbers. It lets you edit any part of a complicated problem thanks to its useful list view. While it may not have as many advanced features as handheld calculators made for mathletes, it should be more than enough for most people.

Instead of giving you the traditional narrow screen of a regular calculator, this application maps out every operation you give it on a handy list. That makes it easy to change a single element of a longer problem without … Read more

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas plus iOS 7 controller equals the future of iPhone gaming

There are finally universal game controllers that work with Lightning-equipped iPhones and iPods running iOS 7. Both the Moga Ace Power and Logitech PowerShell offer the potential to turn your device into a little handheld game dynamo by adding buttons. But, there's a problem: it's not easy to find games that support them.

There are supposed to be hundreds of iOS 7 controller-ready games out there in the App Store, but with 1 million apps to sift through, discovery isn't a piece of cake. Games need to be updated to work with these controllers. Luckily, many of the newer games are coming out of the gate controller-ready, and Rockstar's newly released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the king of the early heap. … Read more

Ubuntu Touch OS wins its first smartphone partner

PARIS -- Ubuntu Touch has its first customer, CNET has learned.

Canonical has just signed its first deal to supply a smartphone with its mobile operating system, Canonical founder and product strategy leader Mark Shuttleworth revealed in an interview here at the LeWeb conference. He wouldn't say which company has agreed to use the Linux-based OS, but said it will be offered on high-end phones in 2014.

"We have concluded our first set of agreements to ship Ubuntu on mobile phones," Shuttleworth said. "We've shifted gears from 'making a concept' to 'it's going to … Read more

Apple shows 74 percent of devices now run iOS 7

Despite some complaints about Apple's iOS 7 redesign, with its flat graphics and zooming animations, it appears the lion's share of users have now adopted the operating system.

Apple published an updated chart on its developer Web site for the iOS App Store, which shows that iOS 7 is now on 74 percent of all iOS devices. This means adoption of the operating system has grown 10 percent since numbers last reported in October.

The tech giant debuted iOS 7 in September, along with the launch of its new iPhone 5S and 5C. Just one month later, Apple … Read more

The 404 1,396: Where we're one step closer to Instabook (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- News from Instagram, or, what the hell is this block of wood?

- Stress-buster: Microsoft bra battles emotional overeating.

- Sony patents "smart wig": Toupee with sensors on the way?

- Spike Away vest keeps people out of your personal space.… Read more

Sub-$200 HP, Dell models most popular Black Friday laptops

Bargain-basement models from Hewlett-Packard and Dell topped the list of the most popular Black Friday laptops, according to a research note from a market researcher that tracks laptops at retail.

Dell's 15-inch 15RV-1952BLK, priced at $177 on Black Friday, topped the list, according to Gap Intelligence, which based its ranking on the number of "likes" each promotion received on deal-tracking website

"Dell made the largest gains of any manufacturer, nearly doubling its number of notebook ad hits from last year (17 vs. 9)," analyst Deron Kershaw said in a statement.

HP's HP'… Read more

Flipagram helps create videos using your photos

Currently sitting atop the top free app spot in the App Store is an app called Flipagram. The concept behind the app is to help you create what amounts to a slideshow using nothing more than your iOS device. The app -- a universal binary -- works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Upon launching the app you can connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to it, or rely on photos stored in your Camera Roll to curate your short video.

You can place as many photos, or "Moments" as the app refers to them in your … Read more

Review: Formula Cartoon Touch 'N' Go is an accessible kart racer

Formula Cartoon Touch 'N' Go is a kart racer featuring popular characters from shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, but it's not as robust or even as hard to play as bigger-name console racers from Nintendo or Sony. The result is a very accessible game that may not be something you play often, but will entertain young players for short bursts of time.

The game starts immediately after installation and gives a very short tutorial showing you how to pick a kart, power up the cart, and earn new coins. You can then choose a racetrack and start … Read more