AT&T offers free Samsung tablet to Samsung phone buyers

Buyers of certain Samsung smartphones can now get a free Samsung tablet courtesy of AT&T.

As of Wednesday, October 30, AT&T will dole out a free 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet to anyone who buys a Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy Note 3, or Galaxy Note 2. The deal is good for people who opt for the carrier's usual two-year agreement or choose AT&T's Next installment plan. It also requires that customers add the Galaxy Tab 3 to an existing AT&T Mobile Share plan for an extra $… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids arrives in US November 10

Samsung on Monday confirmed that the child-friendly Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will soon be available for purchase in the United States.

The 7-inch Android powered tablet is a brightly colored, youthful spin on the current generation of Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

Hardware specifications are identical to the standard Galaxy Tab 3. Where things differ, however, are in the color and software features that come preinstalled on the Kids edition.

Kids Mode, for instance, provides an entirely different user interface and boasts apps and games for both entertainment and education. Titles include classics such as Fruit Ninja, Where's My Perry?, and … Read more

Mac OS X Mavericks packs in features, but isn't a sea change

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks is now available, bringing iOS features into the fold along with other additions, including iBooks, Apple Maps, Finder Tabs, and a number of other time-saving enhancements. As a free download from the Mac App Store, Mavericks gives you better security, new features for all the core apps, and tons of handy additions that make it a no-brainer to upgrade.

With Windows 8.1 hitting last week, Apple's Mavericks provides a stark contrast to the vision of Microsoft's operating system. Microsoft's stated intent was to break into the mobile space by creating … Read more

Review: Capo 3


Simple UI: Most utilities are available from the main screen, with little need to jump menus and screens. This helps users maintain focus on their project while enabling access to tools that they need. The ability to increase and decrease spectrogram intensity on the fly via hot key also helps.

Useful features: Capo displays guitar chord diagrams as the song plays, which can be edited on the fly. The quick access to tempo and pitch change on the bottom-left corner helps you break down music at your own pace. Advanced users can take advantage of region selection tools, thanks … Read more

Review: TabKeys for Mac lets you create Safari hot keys with ease

TabKeys for Mac enhances your Web-browsing experience by allowing you access to Safari features through hot keys. Not only is it easy to use, but it also comes with a powerful one-click menu and impressive features. If you use Safari a lot, this extension is definitely worth installing.

After installing TabKeys for Mac you can access the extension through the button that appears to the left of Safari's URL field. Click the button and you get access to a basic but very functional menu that lets you set hot keys for navigating tabs and moving between Web pages, change … Read more

Next-gen Samsung Galaxy Tab could dual-boot Windows RT

The 2014 line of Samsung Galaxy Tabs could dual-boot Android and Windows RT, according to a new report.

Microsoft allegedly asked both Samsung and Huawei to consider loading the OS onto Android tablets and smartphones as a dual-boot option.

Samsung has reportedly begun development on a 12-inch tablet with a very high-definition display; those who claim to have spent time with the device say it works quite well.

The news comes quickly on the heels that HTC may also be considering integrating Windows Phone into future smartphones alongside Android. Microsoft, obviously desperate to expand its mobile market share, is said … Read more

Sprint sells 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 for $50. For real

Tablet deals like this one don't come along often. In an effort to sign on new tablet customers, Sprint will sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 for $49.99 with a new, two year service agreement and tablet data plan.

You'll be able to pick up the white version of the $50 slate starting Friday, October 11 (a black color will pop up closer to the holidays). In addition to its Android 4.2.2 base, the Tab 3 7.0 comes with Sprint's 4G LTE (where it's turned on), a 1024x600 WSVGA resolution … Read more

Tab overload slowing you down? Speed up your browsing with TGS for Chrome

Tab browsing is an amazing tool for multitaskers and ADHD-prone Web surfers everywhere. But one of the most annoying things about using Google Chrome's tab feature is the massive amount of resources it sucks up. Even though we love the idea of multiple tabs, chances are we aren't looking at every one of them at the same time. And because Chrome opens every new tab as a separate process, your system is left with very little memory for anything else. The Great Suspender, a Chrome extension, aims to solve this problem by putting on hold the tabs you … Read more

Extension lets you switch Firefox tabs with mouse gestures

You are either a keyboard shortcut person or a mouse/touch-pad person. If the latter describes you, I have a Firefox extension that may be of some interest. TabFlip lets you switch tabs with a flick of the mouse.

After installing TabFlip, you can immediately get to the flicking or, as the developer calls it, flipping action -- no restart is required. To switch tabs, hold down the right mouse button and give the mouse a flick horizontally. Flicking to the right moves you to tabs to the right, while flicking to the left does the reverse.

The same action … Read more

How to add tabs to Finder in OS X with XtraFinder

Browsing files in Mac OS X's Finder isn't always convenient, which is why Apple has seen fit to add tabs to Finder in the upcoming release of OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Browsing files with tabs is easier and more convenient for heavy file operations because you don't need to open multiple Finder windows.

XtraFinder is an OS X app that replaces Finder and adds tabs. There are other Finder alternatives that support tabs, but XtraFinder is available for free. After installing XtraFinder, launch the app and enable tab support in preferences.

You can also create custom … Read more