T-Mobile's Macklemore concert gets its own crashers, and it's not AT&T

The T-Mobile-sponsored Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert got party crashers of its own on Thursday, with student demonstrators attempting to drum up attention for the treatment of the carrier's employees.

University of Southern California students with the United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) group were inside the venue with signs calling for the two rappers to break up with T-Mobile and CEO John Legere.

Outside, there were half a dozen demonstrators holding balloons and a sign that said, "John Legere is full of hot air."

Legere, who isn't afraid to mince words and has been known to crash parties himself, … Read more

Which wireless carriers will follow T-Mobile's lead?

There's no question that T-Mobile's UnCarrier strategy has shaken up the wireless market. But how long will it take for Verizon Wireless to respond to the pressure?

This is the question I answer in this edition of Ask Maggie. There's a good reason why Verizon has consistently had lower churn rates and higher customer addition rates than its competitors. But the tide may be turning for Big Red, as more and more customers are enticed by T-Mobile's lower prices and seemingly customer-friendly policies.

Verizon feels the heat from T-Mobile

Dear Maggie, I have been a Verizon … Read more

Uncarrier T-Mobile wants to be your un-bank too

What's the next stop for T-Mobile's Uncarrier train? It's the world of mobile banking.

T-Mobile's latest program is Mobile Money, a low-cost way for consumers who don't have a bank account to store, access their money, and pay bills through their phone and a Visa-backed T-Mobile debit card.

T-Mobile is the latest in a wave of companies following the money and attempting to create a digital wallet for its customers, a group that includes larger players such as Google and Visa. T-Mobile is part of Isis, a joint venture with AT&T and Verizon … Read more

Verizon buys Intel's TV business to boost Fios

CNET Update talks Verizon and Intel, Amazon, and HP.

In this episode of CNET Update:

- Verizon buys Intel's Internet-based TV business.

- Amazon may ship items before you even order them.

- HP brings back Windows 7.

- Beats Music service launches for iPhone and Android.

- Apple may unveil the iPhone 6 in June in two larger screen sizes.

- Apple can now fix your cracked iPhone 5C screen in the store.

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Send a breakup letter to your carrier, courtesy of T-Mobile

There's no question John Legere and team have done a tremendous job with helping to change and reshape the wireless industry as we once knew it. During CES, T-Mobile announced as part of it's Uncarrier movement, Uncarrier Part 4 to be exact, that it would start paying early termination fees for customers currently under contract with another carrier.

A brilliant marketing campaign has followed, with T-Mobile offering to help you "break up" with your carrier. If you're on Twitter and follow Legere, then you have seen the amount of photos he retweets from various customers … Read more

How long can Verizon stay above the wireless pricing fray?

Even Verizon is starting to feel the heat.

Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo acknowledged on Tuesday during a conference call with investors that the company is "seeing a certain segment of our base is responding to competitive offers," adding that the company would "respond accordingly."

The comments underscore the increasing industry pressure hitting all of the carriers, largely driven by an aggressive T-Mobile. Verizon Wireless -- which touts industry-leading customer loyalty, a powerful brand, and marketing prowess -- was seen as the carrier best suited to deal with the competitive environment, but even it doesn'… Read more

Verizon posts Q4 profit of $7.9B, adds 1.7M connections

Verizon Communications has swung to a fourth-quarter profit as it continued to add wireless customers at a healthy clip.

The New York company on Tuesday posted a net income of $7.9 billion, or $1.76 a share, compared with a year-earlier loss of $1.9 billion, or $1.48 a share. Because of the shared ownership of Verizon Wireless with Vodafone, the actual net income attributable to Verizon is $5.07 billion.

Its current results include an after-tax gain from an adjustment to its benefit and pension plans, without which the company earned 66 cents a share.

Its revenue, … Read more

AT&T jumps on early upgrade bandwagon, but only for existing customers

AT&T is hopping on the early upgrade bandwagon too, but there's a catch.

The Dallas telecommunications provider said on Monday that customers who were on a two-year agreement on or before Jan. 18 are eligible to move to AT&T Next, which would allow them to upgrade to a new phone. The customers, however, aren't able to move to AT&T Next until after six months into their contract. Customers who signed up for a two-year agreement on Jan. 19 and after, meanwhile, will have to wait 20 months before upgrading through AT&… Read more

Verizon introduces cheaper Share Everything plan for $60, 250MB

Verizon's Share Everything family data plan is getting a little more affordable.

The carrier said that starting Tuesday, Verizon customers will be able to sign up for a $60 Share Everything plan, $20 less than the current cheapest plan. Customers will only get half as much data -- 250 megabytes vs. the $80, 500 MB plan.

Verizon said that this offer will only be available for a limited time.

The lower end plan is ideal for basic phone customers who don't use a lot of data, as many normal customers would chew through 250 MB in a few … Read more

Obama calls for NSA reforms but defends agency

CNET Update talks the NSA, Google, and Samsung.

In this episode of CNET Update:

- President Obama calls for NSA reforms on phone records.

- Google develops smart contact lenses for diabetics.

- The first Tizen phone is canceled in Japan.

- HTC reportedly preps a bigger HTC One.

- Nintendo slashes Wii U sales projections.

- YouTube previews Super Bowl ads.

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