Get Hotspot Shield Elite for half off

When it comes to VPN services, no name is as well recognized as AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield. Now for three days only, you can get an entire year of Hotspot Shield Elite for only $14.99 -- half off the original price.

Why use a VPN service?

VPN allows you to browse the Web anonymously without being tracked, protects you from hackers on public Wi-Fi networks, and gives you access to any blocked Web site/content anywhere in the world.

Elite features:

Gives you access to blocked and censored Web sites and apps anywhere in the world. Makes you anonymous … Read more

Comodo Mobile Security Free AV review

Comodo Mobile Security Free AV brings tons of security features to your smartphone, providing excellent protection against malware and theft, but suffers from an unpolished, old-fashioned interface and requires root access for more advanced features. Still, considering that this app is freeware, it remains a good download.


Feature-rich: Comodo Mobile Security Free AV offers more features than many paid security apps, including a virus scanner, app management and backup, anti-theft protection, traffic monitoring, and backup, all of which work well. We also like the depth of customization of many of the features.

Good performance: Whether we're talking about … Read more

CM Security review

CM Security lives up to its promise, impressing with its blazing-fast scanning, complete real-time protection, minimalistic design, and excellent performance. The most recent version of this highly popular app introduces a valuable Privacy Advisor, which tells you what privileges other apps are using, helping you to discover potential security vulnerabilities more quickly.


Superb functionality: CM Security brings you effective protection against malware infections through a super-fast scanner that took only five seconds to scan our device's internal memory and only 29 seconds to scan a 16GB SD card. The app also comes with complete real-time protection, including safe … Read more

Soft4Boost Secure Eraser review

An effective and compact app, Soft4Boost Secure Eraser overwrites unwanted files from your computer so thoroughly that they cannot be accessed again. If you are looking for a reliable method to completely destroy files and folders, this is the app for you.


Potent: Soft4Boost Secure Eraser works in a similar way to taking a pen and scribbling out something on paper; the deleting process overwrites information, so that any attempt of reconstruction is no longer possible. We tested the app by deleting a few files and folders, and everything was deleted quickly and completely.

Customizable: The program lets you … Read more

Antiy AVL Pro Antivirus & Security review

As the enhanced version of the award-winning AVL malware scanner for Android, Antiy AVL Pro Antivirus & Security introduces a potent but unstable App Scanner and a comprehensive App Analyzer that offers a deeper level of scanning than mainstream security apps, but lacks essential features like automatic startup and Web protection. In spite of its title, this beta-stage app is free.


State-of-the-art app scanner: Antiy AVL Pro Antivirus & Security scans app packages on multiple levels, providing all-inclusive APK/DEX binary/Opcode/Heuristic analysis for any app on your device, as well as the ability to uninstall apps and … Read more

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android review

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android delivers complete protection against malware and device or data theft or loss, including features such as cloud storage backups and privacy scanner for Facebook, which other security apps don't have. However, since the free version lacks many essential features, if you really want to protect your device with this app you have to buy a license.


Thorough protection: Apart from its effective virus scanner, which in our tests handled over 3,000 files in about a minute and a half, Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android offers accessible safe surfing and parental … Read more

Sophos Security And Antivirus review

Though it's freeware, Sophos Security And Antivirus packs up all the security features you need for your smartphone in an appealing interface, offering the same level of protection that many paid apps do. This is a great security suite.


Feature-packed: Sophos Security And Antivirus has it all, from a speedy scanner that can handle 3,436 files in around one minute, to a handy Privacy Advisor for quick app management, to Loss & Theft and Spam Protection, two features which are not offered for free but sold by many popular security apps. What's more, the app features … Read more

Panda Security & Antivirus review

Panda Security & Antivirus does deliver good protection, as it promises, offering a Quick and a Full scanner as well as real-time monitoring and several other useful device management tools. But because of its slow scanning and landscape mode interface it may not appeal to everyone. What's more, it doesn't make it clear that it's a seven-day trial until after you've installed it.


Reliable and effective: Both the manual scanning and the real-time app and download monitoring work well, identifying threats and removing them without slowing down your system or nagging you with constant notifications.… Read more

Mobile Security & Antivirus review

ESET's Mobile Security & Antivirus feels like a polished security app all around, but the free version lacks essential functions like scheduled scans, auto database updates, and device monitoring, making it an incomplete security app. If you really want complete protection, you have to buy a costly license.


Fast scanning: In our tests on a Nexus 7 tablet, Mobile Security & Antivirus scanned 53 apps in 17 seconds and performed a deep scan of 49,902 files in an impressive 53 seconds. While the speed of the scanning depends a lot on your processor, it's safe to … Read more

Lookout Mobile Security review

Lookout Mobile Security provides complete data and anti-theft protection, being a one-stop security solution for your smartphone or tablet, but to use Web protection and other essential features you have to upgrade to the paid version. Other than that and the fact that the app tends to eat quite a lot of resources, this is one of the most polished and reliable Android security apps.


Sleek, intuitive interface: Lookout Mobile Security's streamlined obsidian interface makes scanning, backing up contacts, and locating a device quick and effortless. What's more, the developer has judiciously integrated Premium features like Safe … Read more