Review: Ever Password stores password and other sensitive information

Ever Password for Mac allows you to easily manage an unlimited number of passwords and log-in details directly from your desktop. It works not only on Mac, but also on iOS, provided that you install companion software on your iPhone or iPad.

Ever Password for Mac features a vault-like screen through which you can easily view and edit personal information like bank account or car info. The menu bar options are minimal, and there is no Help file either. With just a click on the plus icon, you can add new items to any of the categories in the vault, … Read more

Review: Create password-encrypted notes using Password Pad Lite

With Password Pad Lite for Mac you can compose notes and password-protect them. A basic, streamlined app, it performs its functions well and lives up to its promises. But the free version offers only basic encryption.

Password Pad Lite for Mac sports an intuitive interface that makes the creation of a new note or the opening of an old one quick and convenient. The app functions like any conventional note-taking app, but in addition it prompts you to type a password to encrypt your note before saving it to any location on your computer. Basic text editing features are available, … Read more

YouTube's new tools bury bad comments

CNET Update keeps comments classy:

In this episode of Update:

- Lower your exposure to YouTube commenter scum as Google implements new moderation tools.

- Avoid your data getting into the wrong hands with the new remote password lock on Android Device Manager.

- Hear how iTunes Radio is growing fast and creeping up on Pandora's user numbers.

- Get a faster wireless connection with Apple's new iMac all-in-one desktop models.

- Keep waiting for BlackBerry Messenger apps for Android and iOS.


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The 404 1,339: Where we give the iPhone 5S a finger (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- iPhone 5S hands-on: September 20 release date, three colors, new specs.

- iPhone 5C hands-on: $99 price on contract, three colors, small spec upgrade.

- iPhone 5S comes with Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

- iOS 7 changes are overwhelmingly cosmetic (hands-on).

- New iPhones: Early reactions from around the Web.… Read more

Google security exec: 'Passwords are dead'

New startups looking for ways to keep their users secure should know one thing, a top Google security executive said Tuesday: "Passwords are dead."

Speaking on a TechCrunch Disrupt panel called "Spies Like Us," Heather Adkins, Google's manager of information security, told moderator Greg Ferenstein that in the future, the "game is over for" any startup that relies on passwords as its chief method to secure users and their data.

Adkins, speaking alongside Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers managing partner Ted Schlein and author James Bamford, said that looking ahead, "our relationship … Read more

Review: Keeper Password & Data Vault is a robust password protection tool

Keeper Password & Data Vault provides a number of powerful tools to protect account access information, passwords, and more on your iPhone or iPad. With syncing capabilities, advanced remote access, and a great tutorial when first starting the app, Keeper Password & Data Vault is a solid app that mostly justifies its price when upgraded.

When you first open Keeper Password & Data Vault you must select a master password. While the app allows you to choose a number-only, six-digit pin, we recommend using the alphanumeric option, which you can activate by tapping the button onscreen. From there, the app … Read more

Chrome password security issue stirs debate

Another person with access to your computer can see your Google Chrome saved passwords through a simple series of steps. Should you be worried?

The security flaw was highlighted in a blog posted Tuesday by software developer Elliot Kember. In his blog, Kember described how your saved passwords in Chrome can be revealed in plain text, a process that any Chrome user can replicate.

In Chrome, click on the Settings icon, and then click on the Settings command from the pop-menu. In the Settings screen, click on the link to Show Advanced Settings. In the Passwords and Forms section, confirm … Read more

Review: Password Safe - iPassSafe Free Version is streamlined and efficient

Password Safe - iPassSafe Free Version is a finely-made, easy-to-navigate vault for your passwords, credit cards, bank account numbers, and anything else you need to keep confidential on the go. While the security to protect this information isn't significantly more sophisticated than the pin on your iPhone, it does add a nice extra layer of protection and the interface to add and access stored information is very easy to use.

Upon setup, you will enter the starting code to start adding new numbers and passwords. We recommend you change your pin number before entering any of your data. The … Read more

Secure or delete saved passwords in Firefox

Managing passwords in Firefox is relatively easy, but doesn't afford you the same flexibility you'll find in Google Chrome. When you mistype a password in Chrome, you can easily open the password manager and adjust the typo. However, in Firefox, you only have the option to delete the saved password, and start anew.

One perk that you will find with Firefox is a master password to protect your sensitive data. Although this is just a small hurdle for someone who is determined to get your information, it's better than the zero security options you'll find for … Read more

Can FileVault be bypassed with OS X password reset routines?

FileVault is OS X's built-in data encryption technology, and when enabled, as with an unencrypted OS X volume you simply enter your account credentials to get into your system. However, given Apple supplies password resetting utilities that can change an administrative password even without being logged in, you might be concerned this will allow a bad guy to simply reset your password, bypass FileVault, and get to your encrypted files.

MacFixIt reader Fred recently wrote in with such a concern:

If I have FileVault enabled on my Mac, what prevents someone from restarting with Command-R held down, and then … Read more