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Review: Create a secure password to share on Password Pair for Mac

Password Pair for Mac's joint generation features make it useful for any Mac users collaborating in secure environments. While basic, its interface is easy to use and users will be creating passwords quickly.

After installing easily, Password Pair for Mac starts up into a small window. While there are no advanced design features, the functions and operations are clear and easy to see. There are three options, cancelling the program, initiating a password generation, or receiving a partial one that was previously created. After clicking the initiate option, the program asks the user to enter a password length, with … Read more

Options for securing password files in OS X

Password managers like Apple's Keychain or the third-party 1Password utility are exceptionally useful options for managing the numerous credentials we establish and use on a day to day basis with our computers. With these tools set up, you can easily check an option to save your username and password in an encrypted form, to be retrieved whenever you access the respective service.

Despite these tools, some people may still wish to keep a list of usernames and passwords they use in an accessible list, such as a text document or other more simplistic form, even if it's just … Read more

Review: Create and manage Web accounts without compromise using MaskMe

On Monday, Abine announced a new privacy add-on called MaskMe. MaskMe promises to protect your personal information by creating custom aliases that "mask" your log-in information.

"In today's world of big data and NSA surveillance, consumers are realizing that any personal information they give away can be exploited," said Bill Kerrigan, Abine CEO. "The real lesson is to stop giving out your personal data in the first place. That used to be difficult for consumers, who didn't have a choice if they wanted to use online services."

The full service includes masking … Read more

Amid Apple developer site outage, users report unauthorized password resets

Reports on social-networking and microblogging sites may signal security trouble for Apple.

Apple's Dev Center, the member's only area for paid developers, has been down for about two days, for no given reason. Stating, "we'll be back soon," Apple said Thursday that the site was "undergoing maintenance for an extended period."

Apple's developer entrance site, however, remains up and working fine.

Friday rolled on, and the site's outage continued. iOS and OS X developers began to get cranky, particularly during a time in which iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks are … Read more

How to reset an OS X account password with an Apple ID

There are several ways to reset an account password in OS X. The primary method is to use the Users & Groups system preferences, under which you can use the "Change Password" option for your account (called "Reset Password" for other accounts), but you can also use the hidden "resetpassword" tool in the OS X Recovery drive; or if you are savvy with the Terminal, boot your system to Single-User mode and use the "passwd" or "dscl" commands to give a specified account a new password.

While all of these … Read more

Review: Secure your passwords in your own Password Bank Vault

Password Bank Vault is a free tool that stores your passwords securely with 128-bit encryption. You can store, enter, change, edit, and manage all your passwords in Password Bank Vault, yet access it all with one easy-to-remember Master Password. Password Bank Vault also generates passwords, imports and exports lists in CSV format, and backs up and restores saved data.

Password Bank Vault opened with a log-on screen resembling a bank vault's combination dial. There's a space to enter a Master Password, or you can start with the provided default password and then create a Master Password. The customizable … Read more

Review: Norton Identity Safe is an exceptional security tool for your iOS device

Norton Identity Safe is one of the most advanced and easy-to-use password management tools on the App Store to date, enabling you to track, manage, and keep safe your passwords while on the go. With a smartly designed interface, cloud storage of your passwords, and encryption to ensure they all remain safe wherever you go, this is a very useful app, especially for people who travel or use third-party computers frequently.

To use Norton Identity Safe, you'll need multiple passwords. First, you'll need a Norton account, which you may already have if you use Norton Antivirus or any … Read more

Review: aWallet Password Manager safe-keeps all of your important information

aWallet Password Manager effectively creates an impenetrable storage area that houses all of your most sensitive passwords and banking information. This application protects your information in two ways. Web site passwords, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers are stored in an encrypted hidden file that can only be accessed through the application, itself. The second way that the files are protected is the immediate deletion of the file following multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in to the application.

The program combines an easy-to-use interface with the latest in encryption technology. The installation takes a few minutes and is very … Read more

Ubisoft hacked; users' e-mails and passwords exposed

Anyone that has an account with video game developer Ubisoft is being advised to change their password immediately. The game maker announced Tuesday that its user account database was breached by hackers who gained access to user names, e-mail addresses, and encrypted passwords.

"We recently discovered that one of our Web sites was exploited to gain unauthorized access to some of our online systems," Ubisoft wrote in a statement. "During this process, we learned that data had been illegally accessed from our account database."

The game maker emphasized that the company doesn't store personal payment … Read more

Text input management may affect authentication

When using your Mac there may be times when you might need to input a password or two, either for a local service like authenticating a system settings change, or a Web-based one such as logging into a banking Web site. While these services ought to accept your passwords just fine, if you have a third-party text management program installed, you might run into troubles with how some passwords are handled.

For example, such errors may show in which passwords are accepted just fine in system authentication prompts, but when you supply passwords in the OS X Terminal, they may … Read more